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LD 600 - 799

LD 600, HP0419
An Act To Include Archery Hunting Licenses among the Complimentary Licenses Issued to a Member of a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe, Nation or Band
LD 601, HP0420
An Act To Require That Certain Changes in Conservation Law Not Be Made by Rule
LD 602, HP0421
An Act Regarding the Regulation of Consumer Finance Companies
LD 603, HP0422
An Act To Repeal an Insurance Reporting Requirement
LD 604, HP0423
An Act Regarding Commercial Elver Fishing Licenses Issued by the Penobscot Nation
LD 605, HP0424
An Act To Allow a Minor in the Police Explorer Program To Assist with Traffic Control at Civic Events
LD 606, HP0425
An Act To Amend the Law Concerning Landlord and Tenant Relationships
LD 607, HP0426
An Act To Make an Employee Who Sells Alcoholic Beverages or Tobacco to a Minor Responsible for Paying the Fine
LD 608, HP0427
An Act To Assist Maine Businesses Paying Taxes on Spirits
LD 609, HP0428
An Act To Increase Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Maine Public Schools
LD 610, HP0429
Resolve, To Amend the Rule Regarding Certain Mandatory Charity Care Policies To Be Consistent with MaineCare and the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
LD 611, HP0430
An Act To Adjust Maine's Minimum Wage Annually Based on Cost-of-living Changes
LD 612, HP0431
An Act To Protect Owners of Property in Foreclosure from Accumulation of Debts When Mortgagees Refuse To Complete the Foreclosure Process
LD 613, HP0432
Resolve, Directing the Bureau of General Services To Erect a Memorial in Memory of Those Who Died at the Former Augusta Mental Health Institute
LD 614, HP0433
An Act To Adjust Fuel Taxes To Improve Sustainability
LD 615, HP0434
An Act To Protect School Administrative Units from a Sudden Decrease in Funding due to Reduced Enrollments
LD 616, HP0435
An Act To Amend the Expedited Permitting Area for Wind Energy Development under the Jurisdiction of the Maine Land Use Planning Commission
LD 617, HP0436
An Act To Protect the State's Native and Wild Brook Trout and Discourage Illegal Fish Introduction
LD 618, HP0437
An Act To Eliminate Restrictions on Affiliated Outfitters in Laws Governing Whitewater Rafting
LD 619, HP0438
An Act To Prohibit the Sharing of Personal Information by State Agencies
LD 620, HP0439
An Act To Expand the Authorized Operation of All-terrain Vehicles on Roads
LD 621, HP0440
An Act To Change the Tolling on the Maine Turnpike
LD 622, HP0441
An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning Reciprocal Disciplinary Actions in Harness Racing and Pulling Events
LD 623, HP0442
An Act To Promote the Attainment of Higher Education Degrees
LD 624, HP0443
An Act To Encourage Local Business Involvement in Local Schools
LD 625, SP0215
An Act To Exempt Certain Businesses from Being Considered Campgrounds
LD 626, SP0216
An Act To Remove the Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentence in Certain Cases
LD 627, SP0217
An Act Relating to Orally Administered Cancer Therapy
LD 628, SP0218
An Act To Clarify Uninsured Vehicle Coverage for Multiple Claimants
LD 629, SP0219
An Act To Restore Eligibility and Funding for Drug Programs for the Elderly and Disabled
LD 630, SP0220
An Act To Reserve Ten Percent of Campsites at State Parks for Maine Residents
LD 631, SP0221
An Act To Change the Taxes on Fuel Purchased for Use Other Than on the Highways
LD 632, SP0222
An Act To Improve Enforcement Mechanisms to the Elver Industry and To Make Technical Changes to Maine's Marine Resources Laws
LD 633, SP0223
An Act To Grant the Commissioner of Health and Human Services and the Commissioner's Designees the Independent Authority To Issue Adjudicatory Subpoenas
LD 634, SP0224
An Act Regarding Permits for Final Disposition of Dead Human Bodies
LD 635, SP0225
Resolve, Authorizing the Estate of Mitchell A. Kessler To Bring Suit against the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 636, SP0226
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Invest in the Maine Community College System
LD 637, SP0227
An Act To Prohibit Consideration of Preexisting Conditions in Short-term Disability Insurance
LD 638, SP0228
An Act To Require That School Budget Referenda Be Held on the Same Day as Primary Elections
LD 639, SP0229
An Act To Require Payment Quotes in Service Contracts for the Harvesting and Hauling of Wood
LD 640, SP0230
An Act Regarding Legal Representation in Certain Eviction Actions
LD 641, SP0231
An Act To Exempt Farmers from Certain Oversight in Shoreland Areas
LD 642, SP0232
An Act To Exempt All-terrain Vehicle Trail Management from Storm Water Management Requirements
LD 643, SP0233
An Act To Create a Tax Incentive Program To Improve the Maine Lobster Industry
LD 644, SP0234
An Act To Strengthen the State's Wholesale Liquor Business
LD 645, SP0236
An Act To Allow the Adjustment of the Assessment Rate for the Rural Medical Access Program
LD 646, SP0237
An Act To Remove the 100-megawatt Limit on Renewable Sources of Energy
LD 647, SP0238
An Act To Establish the Mobile Crime Laboratory Fund
LD 648, SP0239
An Act To Make Records of External Review Proceedings Overseen by the Bureau of Insurance Confidential
LD 649, SP0240
An Act To Facilitate Consumer Taste Testings
LD 650, SP0241
Resolve, To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Seek a Federal Waiver of Certain Requirements Regarding Contracting for Transportation Services under MaineCare
LD 651, SP0242
An Act To Amend the Captive Insurance Laws
LD 652, HP0444
Resolve, To Establish the Advisory Committee To Update Rules Regulating Commercial Whitewater Rafting
LD 653, HP0445
An Act To Remove an Unnecessary Provision in the Maine Insurance Code
LD 654, HP0446
An Act To Raise the Speed Limit on Interstate 295
LD 655, HP0447
An Act To Amend or Repeal Outdated or Underutilized Laws Related to Transportation
LD 656, HP0448
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Economic and Community Development To Develop Incentives for Industries in the State To Increase Employment of Maine Residents
LD 657, HP0449
Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Review, Clarify and Update Its Rules Pertaining to the Maple Syrup Industry
LD 658, HP0450
An Act To Change the Grade Standards of the Maine Maple Syrup Industry
LD 659, HP0451
An Act To Reimburse Philip Wolley for Litigation Expenses Incurred in Connection with His Termination and Reinstatement as a State Employee
LD 660, HP0452
An Act To Enhance Self-defense by Removing Restrictions on the Carrying and Use of Weapons
LD 661, HP0453
An Act To Prohibit Sale or Possession of Synthetic Cannabinoids
LD 662, HP0454
An Act Regarding Sexually Explicit Text Messaging by Minors
LD 663, HP0455
An Act To Change the Time Restriction on the Use of Fireworks
LD 664, HP0456
An Act To Increase the Penalties for Crimes Involving Illegal or Prescription Drugs
LD 665, HP0457
An Act To Facilitate the Transition to a Standards-based Educational System
LD 666, HP0458
An Act To Limit the Amount a School Administrative Unit May Spend without Voter Approval
LD 667, HP0459
An Act To Increase Funding to Schools
LD 668, HP0460
An Act To Make Agriculture Studies a Part of the Maine Curriculum
LD 669, HP0461
An Act Requiring School Administrative Units To Adopt School Volunteer Policies
LD 670, HP0462
An Act To Encourage the Use of Career Interest and Aptitude Tests in Higher Education
LD 671, HP0463
An Act To Protect Charter Schools by Requiring Them To Be Operated as Nonprofit Organizations
LD 672, HP0464
An Act Relating to Exemption from Immunization for Schoolchildren
LD 673, HP0465
An Act To Ensure the Least Restrictive Learning Environment in Public Schools for Students with Food Allergies
LD 674, HP0466
An Act To Clarify the Natural Resources Protection Act
LD 675, HP0467
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Veazie Sewer District To Expand Its Boundaries
LD 676, HP0468
Resolve, To Direct the Public Utilities Commission To Review Telecommunications Services in Northern Oxford County
LD 677, HP0469
An Act Concerning Postsecondary Tuition Waivers for Children of Veterans
LD 678, HP0470
An Act To Allow Random Drug Testing for Recipients of Certain Public Benefits
LD 679, HP0471
Resolve, Regarding the Management of Maine's Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon Resources
LD 680, HP0472
An Act To Nullify the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010
LD 681, HP0473
An Act To Improve Oversight of Insurance Rates and Ensure Consistency with Federal Law
LD 682, HP0474
An Act To Require Health Insurers To Provide Coverage for Nutritional Wellness and Illness Prevention Measures and Products
LD 683, HP0475
An Act To Assist Homeowners with Wood Stoves in Obtaining Property Insurance
LD 684, HP0476
An Act To Make Bylaws and Minutes of Board Meetings of Publicly Funded Hospitals Subject to the Freedom of Access Act
LD 685, HP0477
An Act To Require Investigation and Prosecution of Assaults by Law Enforcement Officers against Unarmed Individuals
LD 686, HP0478
Resolve, To Increase Funding for Indigent Legal Aid Provided to Wabanaki Tribal Members
LD 687, HP0479
An Act To Amend the Law Concerning Protection from Abuse Orders To Include Pets
LD 688, HP0480
An Act Concerning Adverse Possession
LD 689, HP0481
An Act To Clarify Compensation for the Panel of Mediators
LD 690, HP0482
An Act To Ensure Efficiency in the Unemployment Insurance System
LD 691, HP0483
An Act To Prohibit Enforcement of Federal Laws Regulating Commerce in Violation of the Constitution of the United States
LD 692, HP0484
An Act To Provide Funding for Education by Restoring the 8.5 Percent Income Tax Rate for High-income Taxpayers
LD 693, HP0485
An Act To Provide Solar Energy Tax Credits to Maine Homeowners
LD 694, SP0243
An Act To Clarify Solid Waste Policy
LD 695, SP0244
An Act To Amend the Site Location of Development Laws
LD 696, SP0245
An Act To Include Raising Equines in the Definition of Agriculture for the Purpose of the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 697, SP0246
An Act To Increase Maine's Energy Competitiveness
LD 698, SP0247
An Act To Provide an Exemption from Fuel and Sales Taxes to Persons Engaged in Snowmobile Trail Grooming
LD 699, SP0248
An Act To Allow Public Schools To Offer Classes Limited to Students of a Single Gender
LD 700, SP0249
An Act To Require Elevators To Be Accessible for Ambulance Stretchers
LD 701, SP0250
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Probation and Remove References to the Intensive Supervision Program of the Department of Corrections
LD 702, SP0251
An Act To Strengthen the Law Prohibiting Black Market Wagering on Harness Horse Races
LD 703, SP0252
An Act To Make Post-conviction Possession of Animals a Criminal Offense
LD 704, SP0253
An Act To Improve the Availability of Coupons in the State
LD 705, SP0254
An Act To Amend the Junior Hunting License Requirements
LD 706, SP0255
An Act To Amend the Workers' Compensation Self-insurance Laws
LD 707, SP0256
An Act To Provide Assistance to Maine's Dairy Farms
LD 708, SP0257
An Act To Reduce Emergency Rescue Costs
LD 709, SP0258
An Act To Require Students To Receive Instruction in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the Use of an Automated External Defibrillator prior to Graduation
LD 710, SP0259
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Health and Human Services To Adopt an Alternative MaineCare Nonemergency Transportation System to the Current Risk-based Prepaid Ambulatory Health Plan
LD 711, SP0260
An Act To Facilitate Patient Education
LD 712, SP0261
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Place Signs on Interstate 295 Directing Motorists to the Town of Harpswell
LD 713, SP0262
An Act To Return Local Revenue Sharing to Full Funding
LD 714, HP0486
An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing the Rule-making Authority of the Maine Forest Service
LD 715, HP0487
An Act To Improve Access to Career and Technical Schools
LD 716, HP0488
An Act Regarding Prescription Medications for Children under the MaineCare Program
LD 717, HP0489
An Act To Provide Free Fishing Licenses to Certain Children in the Custody of the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 718, HP0490
An Act To Protect Maine Food Consumers' Right To Know about Genetically Engineered Food and Seed Stock
LD 719, HP0491
An Act To Ensure Access to Information in the Property Tax Abatement and Appeals Process
LD 720, HP0492
An Act To Eliminate Sales Tax Exemptions for Snowmobiles and All-terrain Vehicles Purchased by Nonresidents for Use in the State
LD 721, HP0493
An Act To Provide Transparency in Public-private Partnerships for Transportation Projects
LD 722, HP0495
Resolve, To Establish a Task Force To Review Section 8 Housing Construction Standards
LD 723, HP0496
An Act To Ensure the Proper Treatment of Bullying Situations in Schools
LD 724, HP0497
An Act To Require Firearms Used in the Commission of Certain Acts To Be Civilly Forfeited to the State and Destroyed
LD 725, SP0263
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Judicial Compensation Commission
LD 726, SP0264
An Act To Adopt the Uniform Parentage Act
LD 727, SP0265
An Act Establishing Health Care Practitioner Transparency Requirements
LD 728, SP0266
An Act To Amend the Laws Dealing with the Taxing of Extended Warranty Claims for Trucks
LD 729, SP0267
An Act To Allow Charter Schools To Request Waivers from Certain Requirements
LD 730, SP0268
An Act To Protect Maine's Loons by Banning Lead Sinkers and Jigs
LD 731, SP0269
An Act To Increase the Number of Elver Harvesting Licenses and Preserve the Fishery through Conservation
LD 732, SP0270
An Act To Impose a Holding Period during Which a Dealer in Secondhand Precious Metals Must Retain Property
LD 733, SP0271
An Act To Improve the Child Support Collection Process
LD 734, SP0272
An Act Relating to the Sales Tax Exemption on Depreciable Equipment Used in Commercial Wood Harvesting
LD 735, SP0273
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Add a Flame Retardant to the Lists of Chemicals of Concern and of High Concern
LD 736, SP0274
An Act To Establish the Review Board of Appeals To Review the Denial of Hunting and Fishing Licenses
LD 737, SP0275
An Act To Promote Workforce Development and Training in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Trades
LD 738, SP0276
An Act To Promote the Northern Maine Economy and Support Maine's Sporting Camp Tradition
LD 739, SP0277
Resolve, To Establish a Task Force To Study Economic Development in Rural Areas
LD 740, SP0278
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That the Attorney General Be Elected by Popular Vote
LD 741, SP0279
An Act To Promote Fairness in the Sales Tax Exemption for Vehicles Used in Interstate Commerce
LD 742, SP0280
An Act To Amend the Regional School Unit Budget Validation Process
LD 743, SP0281
An Act To Extend and Improve the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program
LD 744, SP0282
An Act To Extend the Statute of Limitations on Certain Civil Professional Negligence Suits
LD 745, SP0283
An Act To Promote Sustainable Food Policies
LD 746, SP0284
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Provide an Exception to the 60-day Limit on Out-of-state Services under the MaineCare Section 21 Waiver Program
LD 747, HP0498
An Act To Protect Doctors Who Prescribe a Complementary Course of Treatment and To Provide Insurance Coverage for That Treatment
LD 748, HP0499
An Act Regarding the Passage of River Herring on the St. Croix River
LD 749, HP0500
An Act To Prohibit the Taking or Possession of a Natural Resource That Is on the Land of Another
LD 750, HP0501
An Act To Make the Completion of an Internship a Requirement for High School Graduation
LD 751, HP0502
An Act To Limit the Effect of Standardized Tests on Teacher Evaluations
LD 752, HP0503
An Act To Restore the Resource Development Centers to Full Operation
LD 753, HP0504
An Act To Prohibit the Sale of High-caffeine Energy Drinks to Persons under 18 Years of Age
LD 754, HP0505
An Act To Encourage Transparency in the Disclosing of the Ingredients in Vaccinations for Children
LD 755, HP0506
An Act To Require Estimates of Patient Costs Prior to Treatment
LD 756, HP0507
An Act Regarding Subrogation of Medical Payments Coverage
LD 757, HP0508
An Act To Amend the Hunting Laws as They Pertain to the Training of Dogs
LD 758, HP0509
An Act To Protect Boats, Moorings and Docks in the Inland Waters of the State
LD 759, HP0510
An Act To Hold Harmless a Municipality For Volunteer or Unpaid Labor
LD 760, HP0511
An Act Regarding Informed Consent to an Abortion
LD 761, HP0512
An Act To Clarify the Agricultural Exemption to the Workers' Compensation Laws
LD 762, HP0513
An Act To Facilitate Collection of Property Taxes on Personal Property
LD 763, HP0514
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation and the Maine Turnpike Authority To Conduct a Study Regarding the Need for a Passenger Transit Service Linking Municipalities from Portland North to Lewiston and Auburn
LD 764, HP0515
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Conduct a Traffic Study To Consider Whether To Open Water Street in Augusta to 2-way Traffic
LD 765, HP0516
An Act To Amend the Law Regarding Motorcycle Registration Expiration Dates
LD 766, HP0517
An Act To Define "Brand" under the Liquor Laws
LD 767, HP0518
An Act To Limit Contributions to Candidates for Maine Offices to Maine Residents
LD 768, HP0519
An Act To Increase Access to Voter Lists
LD 769, HP0520
An Act To Create Fairness in Political Party Enrollment Deadlines
LD 770, HP0521
An Act Regarding Corporate and Other Entity Campaign Advertising Disclosure and Accountability
LD 771, HP0522
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Reciprocity for Concealed Handguns Permits
LD 772, HP0523
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Task Force on Franco-Americans Regarding the Reporting of Franco-American Ethnicity Data
LD 773, HP0524
Resolve, To Enhance the Study of Franco-American History in Schools
LD 774, HP0525
Resolve, Regarding a Fire and Police Protocols Pilot Program for E-9-1-1 Call Processing
LD 775, HP0526
An Act To Require a Nonresident To Hire a Maine Guide To Hunt Sea Ducks
LD 776, HP0527
An Act To Amend the Laws Related to Rate and Form Filings
LD 777, HP0528
An Act To Protect Working Mothers Who Breast-feed
LD 778, HP0529
An Act To Develop Principles To Guide Fisheries Management Decisions
LD 779, HP0530
An Act To Require a Public Notification and Hearing Process before Any Toll Increase by the Maine Turnpike Authority and Establish a Formal Grievance Process
LD 780, HP0531
An Act To Reduce Conflicts of Interest in the Motor Vehicle Inspection Program
LD 781, HP0532
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund the Construction of a New State Archives Facility
LD 782, HP0533
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Nursing Education To Enhance Economic Development
LD 783, HP0534
An Act To Change the Voting Requirements for the Withdrawal of a Municipality from a Regional School Unit
LD 784, HP0535
An Act To Impose Penalties for Residential Mortgage Loan Fraud and False Representation Concerning Title
LD 785, HP0536
An Act To Ensure the Periodic Review and Revision of Statutory Provisions
LD 786, HP0537
An Act To Ensure the Voluntary Membership of Public Employees in Unions
LD 787, HP0538
An Act To Encourage Municipal Infrastructure Improvement
LD 788, HP0539
An Act To Provide Vehicle Owners and Repair Facilities Access to Vehicle Diagnostic and Repair Information and Equipment
LD 789, HP0540
An Act To Lessen the Impact of High Feed and Fuel Costs on Maine Dairy Farmers
LD 790, HP0541
An Act To Repeal the Bonding Authority of the Maine Governmental Facilities Authority
LD 791, HP0542
An Act To Increase Transparency and Improve Equity in Appeals to Superintendents' Agreements
LD 792, HP0543
An Act To Ensure That Essential Programs and Services Targeted Funding Follows the Secondary Student
LD 793, HP0544
An Act Clarifying the Department of Environmental Protection's Authority Relating to Compensation for Development Activity under the Natural Resources Protection Act
LD 794, HP0545
An Act To Amend Setback Requirements and Standards Related to Species Migration under the Laws Regulating Development near Vernal Pools
LD 795, HP0546
An Act To Amend the Net Energy Billing Program To Allow Participation by Certain Municipal Entities
LD 796, HP0547
Resolve, To Enhance Economic Development by Encouraging Businesses Adjacent to Electric Power Generators To Obtain Power Directly
LD 797, HP0548
An Act To Strengthen Basic Telephone Service
LD 798, HP0549
An Act To Permit Night Hunting of Coyotes on Sunday
LD 799, HP0550
Resolve, To Allow Use of Live Bait for Fishing in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and Fish River Waterway

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