Directory of Papers
LD 800 - 999

LD 800, SP0249
An Act To Enhance the Maine State Grant Program
LD 801, SP0250
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Infrastructure Improvements for Canton Village and To Provide Funding for the CareerCenter in Rumford
LD 802, SP0251
An Act To Ensure the Income Tax for Pensions Is Applied Fairly by Eliminating Reductions of Social Security and Railroad Benefits
LD 803, SP0252
An Act To Stimulate the Economy in the St. John Valley
LD 804, SP0253
An Act To Ensure Responsible Government Spending, Investment and Educational Efficiency
LD 805, IB0001
An Act To Authorize a Tribal Commercial Track and Slot Machines in Washington County
LD 806, HP0606
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Maine Biomedical Research Fund to Create Jobs and Strengthen Maine's Economy
LD 807, HP0607
An Act To Prevent Overcharging for Prescription Drug Copayments
LD 808, HP0608
Resolve, To Establish the Study Group To Examine Strategies for Integrating Nutritional Wellness and Prevention Measures into Maine's Health Care System
LD 809, HP0609
An Act To Amend the Adverse Possession Law
LD 810, HP0610
An Act To Improve Solid Waste Management
LD 811, HP0611
An Act To Exempt Dietary Supplements from the Sales Tax
LD 812, HP0612
Resolve, To Direct the Secretary of State To Examine Driver's License Laws
LD 813, HP0613
An Act To Provide an Energy Allowance to At-home Patients Using Ventilators
LD 814, SP0257
An Act To Incorporate Binding Arbitration for Monetary Issues in Collective Bargaining for All State Employees
LD 815, SP0258
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Establishment of Residency for Convicted Sex Offenders after Release from Prison
LD 816, SP0259
An Act To Improve the Historic Preservation Tax Credit
LD 817, HP0614
An Act To Support the Maine Keeping Seniors Home Program
LD 818, HP0615
An Act To Provide Support for the Volunteer Medical Ride Network
LD 819, HP0616
An Act To Provide Supplemental Funding for Mileage Reimbursement for Volunteers for Meals on Wheels Programs
LD 820, HP0617
An Act To Amend the Funeral Service Licensing Laws
LD 821, HP0618
Resolve, To Make University of Maine System Tuition Affordable
LD 822, HP0619
An Act To Eliminate Fees for Resident Junior Hunters
LD 823, HP0620
Resolve, To Create an Effective Deer Habitat Enhancement and Coyote Control Program
LD 824, HP0621
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Extend the Coyote Night Hunting Season
LD 825, HP0622
An Act To Allow Special Olympics Maine To Conduct an Open Bass Fishing Tournament
LD 826, HP0623
An Act To Protect Inland Waters and Property Owners
LD 827, HP0624
An Act To Allow Certain Special Education Teachers To Acquire Time from the Maine State Retirement System
LD 828, HP0625
An Act To Change the Process for Applying for Reimbursement of Fuel Taxes
LD 829, HP0626
An Act To Create a Back-to-school Sales Tax-free Weekend Each Year
LD 830, HP0627
An Act To Permit the Use of Pictorial Graphics and Photographs on Changeable Signs
LD 831, HP0630
An Act Regarding Ticket Refunds
LD 832, HP0631
Resolve, Directing the Department of Public Safety To Convene a Working Group To Review the Functioning of College and University Law Enforcement Departments
LD 833, HP0632
An Act To Support the Maine Patent Program
LD 834, HP0633
Resolve, To Create a Study Commission To Review and Report on the Possibility of Making All Public School Teachers in Maine Employees of the State
LD 835, HP0634
An Act To Encourage School Administrative Units To Collaborate with Other School Administrative Units
LD 836, HP0635
An Act To Enhance Special Education
LD 837, HP0636
An Act To Prevent Infant Exposure to Harmful Hormone-disrupting Substances
LD 838, HP0637
An Act Protecting the Confidentiality of Prescription Information
LD 839, HP0638
An Act To Establish a Prescription Drug Academic Detailing Program
LD 840, HP0639
An Act To Update the Authority of the Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company To Better Serve the Needs of Maine Employers
LD 841, HP0640
An Act To Extend Health Insurance Coverage for Dependent Children up to 25 Years of Age
LD 842, HP0641
An Act To Require Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatments
LD 843, HP0642
An Act To Provide Immunity from Tort Claims against the State of New Hampshire Department of Transportation when Performing Maintenance Operations within the State of Maine
LD 844, HP0643
An Act To Change the Name of the Division of Labor Market Information Services to the Center for Workforce Research and Information
LD 845, HP0644
An Act To Tie the Percentage of Health Insurance Benefits for Retired Teachers to That of Retired Legislators
LD 846, HP0645
Resolve, Directing the Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Liquor Licensing and Compliance To Study the Retail Placement and Marketing of Spirits, Beer and Wine with Regard to Minors
LD 847, HP0646
An Act To Support the Commercial Groundfish Industry
LD 848, HP0647
An Act To Encourage Greater Public Input into the State Environmental Licensing Process
LD 849, HP0648
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Eligibility for the Maine Residents Property Tax Program
LD 850, HP0649
An Act To Reduce Taxes
LD 851, SP0261
An Act To Facilitate the Upgrading and Preservation of Existing Building Structures
LD 852, SP0262
An Act To Adjust the Levels of the State's Dairy Stabilization Program
LD 853, SP0263
An Act To Encourage Efficiency in School Administration
LD 854, SP0264
An Act To Extend Term Limits for the House of Representatives
LD 855, SP0265
An Act To Require the Maine State Housing Authority To Perform a Comprehensive Resource and Needs Assessment for Housing for Special Needs Populations That Are Not Homeless
LD 856, SP0266
An Act To Reduce Drunk Driving
LD 857, SP0267
Resolve, To Create A Medical Malpractice Study Group
LD 858, SP0268
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the University of Maine for Research and Development
LD 859, SP0269
An Act To Restrict the Smoking Exemption for Tobacco Specialty Stores
LD 860, SP0270
An Act To Amend Certain Laws Affecting Transportation
LD 861, HP0650
An Act To Require a Commercial Applicator's License To Use Pesticides in Licensed Food and Eating Establishments
LD 862, HP0651
An Act To Improve Health Care for Maine Children through the Expansion of School-based Health Care Centers
LD 863, HP0652
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Acquiring Land and Water Access through the Land for Maine's Future Program
LD 864, HP0653
An Act To Protect Local Police Departments
LD 865, HP0654
An Act To Increase the Number of Disabled Veterans That Are Eligible for Complimentary Lifetime Licenses and To Create the Search and Rescue Fund
LD 866, HP0655
An Act To Amend the Wrongful Death Laws
LD 867, HP0656
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of a Joint Task Force on Fraudulent Uniform Commercial Code Filings as Adopted by the National Association of Secretaries of State and the International Association of Commercial Administrators
LD 868, HP0657
An Act To Amend the Civil Foreclosure Laws
LD 869, HP0658
Resolve, Directing the Maine State Retirement System To Recalculate the Retirement Benefits of D'Lila Terracin
LD 870, HP0659
An Act To Enhance Education Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Children
LD 871, HP0660
An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to the Treatment of Maine State Retirement System Contributions for Terminated
LD 872, HP0661
An Act To Exempt Military Pensions and Survivors' Benefit Payments from State Income Tax
LD 873, HP0662
An Act To Require Economic Analysis and Public Comment for Road Construction Projects
LD 874, HP0663
An Act To Provide Funding for the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program
LD 875, HP0665
An Act To Continue the Protection of Marine Waters and Organisms from the Risks Posed by the Applications of Pesticides
LD 876, HP0666
Resolve, To Study Maine's Agricultural Creative Economy Sector
LD 877, HP0667
An Act Regarding the Homestead Exemption as It Applies to Certain Housing Cooperatives
LD 878, HP0668
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Harrison Water District
LD 879, SP0272
An Act To Authorize a Local Option Homestead Exemption BY REQUEST
LD 880, SP0273
An Act To Increase the Amount of Money a Resident in a Nursing Home May Spend on Personal Expenses
LD 881, SP0274
An Act To Create a Tax Break for Families That Make Less Than $25,000 Annually
LD 882, SP0275
An Act To Create a 10-year Statute of Limitations for Certain Environmental Violations
LD 883, SP0281
An Act To Allow a Self-pay Patient To Choose between Generic and Brand-name Medications
LD 884, HP0669
An Act To Provide Funding to Postsecondary Marine Training Programs
LD 885, HP0670
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Study the Costs of Providing Certain Services in the Unorganized Territories
LD 886, HP0671
An Act To Clarify Certain Laws Related to Fire Safety
LD 887, HP0672
An Act To Reduce Watercraft Noise Levels on Lakes
LD 888, HP0673
An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Personal Watercraft"
LD 889, HP0674
An Act To Allow Apartment Building Owners To Prevent Damage to Property in the Installation of Over-the-air Reception Devices
LD 890, HP0675
An Act To Allow the Awarding of Prize Money from Gambling Machines Run by Nonprofit Organizations
LD 891, HP0676
An Act To Allow and Regulate Additional Pari-mutuel Wagering at Commercial Tracks
LD 892, HP0677
An Act To Authorize Nonprofit Organizations To Conduct Tournament Games
LD 893, HP0678
An Act To Exempt from Excise Tax Maine Military Personnel Who Are Serving Their Tours of Duty in Maine
LD 894, HP0679
An Act To Establish a 6-month Registration Period for Farm Truck License Plates
LD 895, SP0283
An Act Concerning Blasting near Residential Areas
LD 896, SP0284
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Sites
LD 897, SP0285
An Act Relating to Trains and Train Service in the State
LD 898, SP0286
An Act To Increase Educational Opportunities in the Kennebec Valley Region
LD 899, SP0287
Resolve, To Establish a Committee To Examine the Impacts of the 1993 Amendments to General Assistance Program Eligibility
LD 900, SP0288
An Act To Reduce the Capital Gains Tax
LD 901, SP0289
An Act To Require Legislative Review before a Road's Designation or Classification May Be Changed
LD 902, SP0290
An Act To Amend the Maine Health Data Organization Laws
LD 903, SP0291
An Act To Assist Maine Military Families
LD 904, SP0292
An Act To Make Technical and Supervisory Amendments to the Banking Laws
LD 905, HP0680
An Act To Amend the Maine Administrative Procedure Act To Strengthen Safeguards for Small Businesses
LD 906, HP0681
An Act To Clarify Municipal Responsibility in Providing Emergency Service during a Declared Emergency
LD 907, HP0682
An Act To Ensure the Safety of Facilities Dispensing Flammable Liquids
LD 908, HP0683
An Act To Ensure Safety at Motor Vehicle Events
LD 909, HP0684
An Act To Support Central Maine Community College
LD 910, HP0685
An Act To Permit Public Schools in the Lower Kennebec River Area To Regionalize To Achieve Efficiency and Improve Quality
LD 911, HP0686
Resolve, To Promote Health Care Insurance for Volunteer Public Safety Personnel through the Dirigo Health Program
LD 912, HP0687
An Act To Return Affordable Health Insurance to the State
LD 913, HP0688
An Act To Amend State Employees' Bargaining Agents' Election Contributions
LD 914, HP0689
An Act To Extend the Hours for Sale and Delivery of Alcohol
LD 915, HP0690
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Bingo
LD 916, HP0691
An Act To Permit the Sale of Certain Used Mercury-added Products
LD 917, HP0692
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Reduce the Size of the Legislature to 132 Members
LD 918, HP0693
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development To Convene a Working Group To Explore Regionalization
LD 919, HP0694
An Act To Clarify the Sales Tax and Service Provider Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Ambulance Services
LD 920, HP0695
An Act To Repeal the Maine Use Tax
LD 921, HP0696
An Act To Allow a Landowner To Erect Installations in or near a State or State Aid Highway
LD 922, HP0697
An Act To Permit a Noncommercial Agricultural Designation for Certain License Plates
LD 923, HP0698
An Act To Prohibit the Surgical Removal of Vocal Cords in Dogs
LD 924, HP0699
An Act To Preserve Agricultural Fairs in Rural Maine
LD 925, HP0700
An Act To Provide Funds To Support Residential Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities
LD 926, HP0701
An Act To Support the Marine Law Institute
LD 927, HP0702
An Act To Amend the Lodging Place Licensing Requirements to Support Small Businesses
LD 928, HP0703
An Act To Make Higher Education More Efficient and More Economical
LD 929, HP0704
An Act To Promote Legal Services in Rural Maine
LD 930, HP0705
An Act To Regionalize Supervision of Students in the Unorganized Territory
LD 931, HP0706
Resolve, To Examine Eligibility for MaineCare Long-term Care Services
LD 932, HP0707
Resolve, To Study Incentives To Encourage All-terrain Vehicle Registrants To Join Local All-terrain Vehicle Clubs
LD 933, HP0708
An Act To Authorize the Certification of Workplace Safety Programs Offered by Workers' Compensation Insurers
LD 934, HP0709
An Act To Establish Working Hours and Wages for Teenagers
LD 935, HP0710
An Act To Continue To Ensure the Long-term Capacity of Municipal Landfills
LD 936, HP0711
An Act To Protect the Housing Opportunities for Maine Fund
LD 937, HP0712
An Act To Exempt Qualifying Snowmobile Trail Grooming Equipment from State Sales Tax
LD 938, HP0713
An Act To Delay the Effective Date of Changes to Motor Vehicle Inspection Rules
LD 939, HP0714
An Act To Permit Front-wheel Drive Vehicles To Have Front Studded Snow Tires Only
LD 940, HP0715
Resolve, To Protect the Future of the Sebago Lake Water Supply
LD 941, HP0716
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Long Pond Water District
LD 942, SP0293
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Educational Facilities and Research and Development Facilities for the University of New England
LD 943, SP0294
Resolve, To Create a Look-back Rule for Residential Care Facilities
LD 944, SP0295
An Act To Reduce Regulatory Costs for Maine Businesses
LD 945, SP0296
An Act To Require the State's Share of Local Aid to Education To Be Used for Property Tax Relief
LD 946, SP0297
An Act To Prevent Smoke Detector Tampering
LD 947, SP0298
Resolve, To Prepare Students for Success in the Twenty-first Century
LD 948, SP0299
An Act To Provide Relief to Maine Residents from Postsecondary Tuition Costs
LD 949, SP0300
An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning Public Fighting
LD 950, SP0301
An Act To Amend the Endangering the Welfare of a Child Laws
LD 951, SP0302
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Credit Card Companies
LD 952, SP0303
An Act To Reduce the Income Tax
LD 953, SP0304
An Act To Provide for Nonpartisan Elections for Sheriffs
LD 954, SP0305
An Act To Reduce the Sales Tax on Business Energy
LD 955, SP0306
An Act To Amend the Employment Practices Law Regarding Substance Abuse Testing of Temporary Workers
LD 956, SP0307
An Act To Increase Compliance with Truck Weight Limits
LD 957, HP0717
An Act To Enact a Five-point Welfare Reform Plan
LD 958, HP0718
An Act To Protect Maine Citizens' Credit
LD 959, HP0719
An Act To Require Insurers To Use Savings from Dirigo Health To Reduce Premiums
LD 960, HP0720
An Act To Base Value in Eminent Domain Takings of Businesses on Going Concern Value
LD 961, HP0721
An Act To Authorize an Alternative Calculation of the Property Growth Factor for Industrial Municipalities
LD 962, HP0722
An Act To Reform and Lower Maine Taxes
LD 963, HP0723
An Act To Prohibit Construction Companies from Using Certain Heavy Equipment in Residential Neighborhoods
LD 964, HP0724
An Act To Establish a Special License Plate To Honor Maine Residents Serving Our Country
LD 965, HP0725
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 328: Rules Governing the Licensing and Inspection of Farm Cheese, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources
LD 966, HP0726
An Act To Make Part 1 of the Maine Criminal Code Gender-neutral
LD 967, HP0727
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 007: Implementation of the Essential Programs and Services Funding Model, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education
LD 968, HP0728
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 587: In-stream Flow and Lake and Pond Water Levels, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Environmental Protection
LD 969, HP0729
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 316, Long Term Contracting and Resource Adequacy, a Major Substantive Rule of the Public Utilities Commission
LD 970, HP0730
An Act to Repeal Delayed Estate Recovery
LD 971, HP0731
An Act To Amend Certain Animal Health Laws
LD 972, HP0732
An Act To Delay the Fiscal Sustainability of the Highway Fund
LD 973, HP0733
An Act To Require the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention To Publish Abortion Statistics
LD 974, HP0734
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Education To Review the Personnel Preparation and Professional Development Opportunities for Special Purpose School Teachers
LD 975, HP0735
Resolve, To Provide Reimbursement for Residential Care Facilities for Rising Heating Costs and Cost-of-living Adjustments
LD 976, HP0736
An Act To Encourage Cost Efficiency in Administration of and Contribution to Tax Burden Reduction by School Districts
LD 977, HP0737
Resolve, To Address the Funding Needs of Air and Ground Emergency and Critical Care Emergency Medical Services
LD 978, HP0738
An Act To Amend the Process for Making Certain Changes to State-owned Land
LD 979, HP0739
An Act To Adjust the Calculation of the Essential Programs and Services Pupil Count to Accurately Reflect Population Change
LD 980, HP0740
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Burial or Cremation of Certain Persons
LD 981, HP0741
An Act Concerning the Supervision of Nursing Support Staff
LD 982, HP0742
An Act To Encourage Youth Hunting
LD 983, HP0743
An Act To More Clearly Define Maple Syrup
LD 984, HP0744
Resolve, To Evaluate MaineCare Finances
LD 985, HP0745
An Act To Include Family Life Skills in the System of Learning Results
LD 986, HP0746
An Act To Establish an Agriculture Education Registration Plate
LD 987, HP0747
An Act To Provide Gambling Addiction Counseling Services through the Office of Substance Abuse
LD 988, HP0748
An Act To Improve the Protection from Abuse Laws
LD 989, HP0749
An Act To Extend Parental Support Obligations for College Students
LD 990, HP0750
An Act To Assist Children Who Are Not Receiving Court-ordered Child Support Payments
LD 991, HP0751
An Act To Clarify the Security Requirements for Self-insurers
LD 992, SP0309
Resolve, To Increase Highway Safety by Establishing a Dangerous Driver Hotline
LD 993, SP0310
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Winterport Water District
LD 994, SP0311
An Act To Make Minor Changes to the Gambling Control Board Laws
LD 995, SP0312
An Act To Reduce the Expense of Health Care Treatment and Protect the Health of Maine Citizens by Providing Early Screening, Detection and Prevention of Cancer
LD 996, SP0313
An Act To Support Medical Practice Protocols in Patient Care
LD 997, SP0314
An Act Imposing Increased Responsibility for Registered Owners of Motor Vehicles
LD 998, SP0315
An Act To Further Facilitate the Regionalization of Emergency Communications Dispatching Services
LD 999, SP0316
An Act To Improve Transportation for Veterans

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