Directory of Papers
LD 600 - 799

LD 600, SP0192
An Act To Improve Revenue Sharing
LD 601, SP0193
Resolve, To Direct the Bureau of General Services To Develop a Purchasing Pool for Political Subdivisions of the State and School Administrative Units
LD 602, SP0194
An Act To Clarify Confidentiality in Child Protective Proceedings
LD 603, SP0195
An Act To Support the Capital Riverfront Improvement District
LD 604, SP0196
An Act To Clarify the Confirmation Process of the Director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency
LD 605, SP0197
An Act To Improve the Super Pack License
LD 606, SP0198
An Act To Protect Licensed Pawnbrokers
LD 607, SP0199
An Act To Improve Electrical Safety
LD 608, SP0200
An Act To Extend the Statute of Limitations for Certain Medical Malpractice Cases
LD 609, SP0201
Resolve, To Preserve and Support Community Treatment Options for Children's Behavioral Health Needs
LD 610, SP0202
An Act To Reform the Taxation of Malt Liquor and Wine
LD 611, HP0460
An Act To Generate Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development and Employment among Women and Rural Residents through Training and Technical Support
LD 612, HP0461
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Capital Improvements for the Maine Community College System
LD 613, HP0462
An Act To Protect Children from Sexual Predators
LD 614, HP0463
An Act To Modify the Essential Programs and Services Formula To Aid Rural School Districts
LD 615, HP0464
An Act To Authorize the Use of the Department of Health and Human Services Staff as Hearing Officers
LD 616, HP0465
An Act To Allow the Transfer of an Antlerless Deer Permit to a Child with a Disability
LD 617, HP0466
An Act To Promote Moose Hunting
LD 618, HP0467
An Act To Increase the Amount Retained by Agents Who Issue Hunting and Fishing Licenses BY REQUEST
LD 619, HP0468
An Act To Require All State Employees To Carry State Health Insurance
LD 620, HP0469
An Act Relating to Liquor Samples
LD 621, HP0470
Resolve, To Establish a Lobster Trap Tag Transfer Program
LD 622, HP0471
Resolve, To Study the Need for and Placement of a Child Care Center in or near the State House Complex
LD 623, HP0472
An Act To Change the Standard State Tax Deduction for Married People Filing Jointly to $10,000
LD 624, HP0473
An Act To Increase the Maine Resident Homestead Property Tax Exemption Amount to $25,000
LD 625, HP0474
Resolve, To Establish a Commission To Study the Feasibility of the State's Acquiring the Golden Road
LD 626, HP0475
An Act To Require Warning Lights at All Railroad Crossings BY REQUEST
LD 627, HP0476
An Act To Ensure Uniform Emergency Medical Dispatch Services in Maine
LD 628, HP0477
An Act To Permit Modification of Department-initiated Paternity Judgments Concerning Parental Rights
LD 629, HP0478
Resolve, To Create the Sebago Lake Village State Park
LD 630, HP0479
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation To Strengthen Safety Inspection Requirements Governing Industrial Elevators
LD 631, HP0480
An Act To Strengthen OUI Laws As They Pertain to Drugs
LD 632, HP0481
An Act To Reduce Maine's Property Tax Burden by Funding County Jails BY REQUEST
LD 633, HP0482
An Act To Improve Funding for the State Snowmobile Trail System
LD 634, HP0483
An Act To Encourage Landowners To Allow Hunting
LD 635, HP0484
An Act To Amend the Banking Laws Regarding Industrial Loan Company Reciprocity across State Lines
LD 636, HP0485
An Act To Create Optional Public Financing of Legislative Leadership Elections
LD 637, HP0486
An Act To Limit Mercury Exposure
LD 638, HP0487
An Act To Require Joint Planning and Development Board Review for Proposed Developments That Abut Municipal Boundaries
LD 639, HP0488
An Act To Clarify the Application of the Real Estate Transfer Tax in Regards to Section 1031 Exchanges
LD 640, HP0489
An Act To Assess Farm Buildings at Current Use Value
LD 641, HP0490
An Act To Amend the Nonresident Income Tax Filing Requirements
LD 642, HP0491
An Act to Clarify Certain Laws Concerning Posted Speed Limit
LD 643, HP0492
An Act To Clarify Certain Equipment Provisions for Motor Vehicles
LD 644, HP0493
An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 645, HP0494
An Act To Promote Municipal Energy Conservation
LD 646, HP0495
An Act To Support and Expand Regional Teacher Development Centers and Early College Readiness Programs
LD 647, HP0496
An Act To Encourage Economic Development
LD 648, HP0497
An Act To Maintain the Amount of State Land That Is Open for Hunting
LD 649, HP0498
Resolve, To Ensure Pet Safety during Emergencies
LD 650, HP0499
An Act To Equalize MaineCare Reimbursements to Hospitals
LD 651, HP0500
An Act To Support Small, Local and Efficient Hospitals
LD 652, HP0501
Resolve, To Ensure Appropriate Personal Needs Allowances for Persons Residing in Long-term Care Facilities
LD 653, HP0502
An Act Regarding Proof of a Violation of the Laws against Hunting on Sunday
LD 654, HP0503
An Act To Make License Requirements and Rules Consistent for Young Anglers
LD 655, HP0504
An Act To Change the Firearms Season on Deer
LD 656, HP0505
Resolve, To Focus State Agency Efforts in Economic Development on Entrepreneurial Sustainability and Growth
LD 657, HP0506
An Act To Provide Funding for Transitional Employment Training Opportunities for Persons with Mental Illness
LD 658, HP0507
An Act To Protect the Health of Infants
LD 659, HP0508
An Act To Establish a Mediation Process for Landlord-tenant Disputes
LD 660, HP0509
An Act To Change the Qualifications for the Chair of the Maine Unemployment Insurance Commission
LD 661, HP0510
An Act To Maintain Retirement Health Benefits for State Retirees
LD 662, HP0511
Resolve, To Assist Veterans in Need of Shelter
LD 663, HP0512
An Act To Update Absentee Ballot Procedures
LD 664, HP0513
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That Members of the House and Senate Be Assigned Seats That Correlate with Each Member's District for the Purpose of Enhancing Communications and Reducing the Perception of Partisan Gridlock
LD 665, HP0514
An Act Regarding the Calculation of Tree Growth Reimbursements to Municipalities
LD 666, HP0515
An Act To Amend Maine's Abandoned Vehicle Laws
LD 667, HP0516
An Act To Modify the Motor Vehicle Insurance Cancellation Notification Law
LD 668, SP0205
An Act To Reallocate Revenues from the Real Estate Transfer Tax
LD 669, SP0206
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Transportation To Make Improvements to U.S. Route 2-A
LD 670, SP0207
An Act To Promote Economic Growth through Entrepreneurship, the Creative Economy and Rural Economic Development
LD 671, SP0208
An Act To Amend the Laws Dealing with the Posting of Gas Prices
LD 672, SP0209
Resolve, To Study the Scientific Research Support Capability of the Maine State Museum
LD 673, SP0210
An Act To Address the Issue of Drive-offs from Service Stations
LD 674, SP0211
An Act To Restore Funding to the Maine Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee
LD 675, SP0212
An Act To Eliminate the Interest on Security Deposits for Mobile Homes
LD 676, SP0213
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Task Force To Study Maine's Homeland Security Needs
LD 677, SP0214
Resolve, Directing the Development of a Building Code and Building Rehabilitation Code Implementation Plan
LD 678, SP0215
An Act Regarding Eminent Domain Authority and Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity Requirements for the Construction of Transmission Lines
LD 679, SP0216
An Act To Clarify Portions of the Laws Governing InforME
LD 680, SP0217
An Act To Increase Funding for the Spaying and Neutering of Companion Animals
LD 681, SP0218
An Act Concerning the Examination of Persons in Protective Custody
LD 682, SP0219
An Act To Allow Schools in the State To Self-insure for Fire, Property and Theft Insurance
LD 683, SP0220
An Act To Limit the Activities of Political Candidates at Polling Places to Voting
LD 684, SP0221
An Act To Permit Medical Providers an Opportunity To Express Regret for a Medical Error
LD 685, SP0222
An Act To Amend the Maine Human Rights Act
LD 686, HP0517
An Act To Ensure Truth in Music Advertising
LD 687, HP0518
An Act To Clarify That a Financial Institution Must Recognize a Writ of Execution To Satisfy a Creditor's Claims to Business Accounts Held by That Financial Institution
LD 688, HP0519
An Act To Establish a Universal Health Care Program
LD 689, HP0520
An Act To Facilitate MaineCare Reimbursement in Workers' Compensation Cases
LD 690, HP0521
An Act Regarding the Sales Tax
LD 691, HP0522
An Act To Reduce Lobster and Crab Fishing License Fees for Persons 70 Years of Age or Older
LD 692, HP0523
An Act To Eradicate Invasive Aquatic Plants and Nuisance Species
LD 693, HP0524
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Authorize the Legislature To Allow Municipalities To Exempt from Property Tax a Portion of the Value of Homesteads
LD 694, HP0525
An Act Regarding Fines for Overweight Trucks
LD 695, HP0526
An Act Concerning Applications Processed by the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission
LD 696, HP0527
An Act To Require Credentials for Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Volunteers
LD 697, HP0528
An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Department of Corrections Facilities
LD 698, HP0529
An Act To Increase the Seal Fee for Registration of a Harvested Animal BY REQUEST
LD 699, HP0530
Resolve, Establishing the Commission To Improve Certain Aspects of the Citizen Initiative Process
LD 700, HP0531
An Act To Limit Expenditures by Political Action Committees
LD 701, HP0532
An Act To Authorize the Operation of Slot Machines on Indian Island in Old Town
LD 702, HP0533
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Establish Foundations To Support Education
LD 703, HP0534
An Act To Repeal the Tax on Private Nonmedical Institutions
LD 704, HP0535
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter III, Section 97, Private Non-medical Institution Services, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 705, HP0536
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 329: Rules Governing Milk and Milk Products, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources
LD 706, SP0223
An Act To Support New Drivers
LD 707, SP0224
An Act To Fund the Fractionation Development Center
LD 708, SP0225
An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning the Emancipation of Minors BY REQUEST
LD 709, SP0226
An Act To Amend the Accord and Satisfaction Laws To Add Juveniles BY REQUEST
LD 710, SP0227
An Act To Promote Rural Broadband Access
LD 711, SP0228
An Act Regarding Notice That Must Be Provided by a Psychiatric Facility Concerning Certain Patients
LD 712, SP0229
An Act To Continue To Allow Public Retiree Organizations Access to the Maine State Retirement System's List of All State Retirees
LD 713, SP0230
An Act To Create the Insurance Fraud Division within the Bureau of Insurance
LD 714, SP0231
An Act To Promote Efficiency in the District Court
LD 715, SP0232
An Act To Disclose Legislative Spending
LD 716, HP0537
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 324: ConnectME Tax Reimbursements, a Major Substantive Rule of Maine Revenue Services
LD 717, HP0538
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 1: General Provisions and Chapter 10: Land Use Districts and Standards, Major Substantive Rules of the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission
LD 718, HP0539
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Stimulate the Midcoast Economy
LD 719, HP0540
An Act To Encourage Manufacturing by Expanding Pine Tree Development Zones
LD 720, HP0541
An Act To Clarify What Constitutes a Schedule W Drug
LD 721, HP0542
An Act To Restore Support for HIV and AIDS Treatment and Prevention
LD 722, HP0543
An Act To Create the Acquired Brain Injury Fund
LD 723, HP0544
Resolve, To Promote Chronic Disease Prevention and Care
LD 724, HP0545
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Health and Human Services To Provide Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Benefits to Certain Guardians of Minors
LD 725, HP0546
An Act To Ensure Retail Tobacco License Compliance
LD 726, HP0547
An Act To Provide Services for Adults with Diagnoses of Mental Retardation and Other Developmental Disabilities
LD 727, HP0548
An Act To Expand the Definition of Health Care Facility under the Maine Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority Act
LD 728, HP0549
An Act To Enhance the Wise Use and Sound Management of Maine's Wildlife Resources
LD 729, HP0550
An Act To Compensate Employees Required To Be "On-call" by Their Employers
LD 730, HP0551
Resolve, Authorizing Matthew Haskell To Sue the State
LD 731, HP0552
An Act To Preserve the Integrity of Elections by Removing the Requirement for a Challenge Affidavit
LD 732, HP0553
An Act To Improve the Candidate Nomination and Replacement Process
LD 733, HP0554
An Act Concerning Deductibles for Underground Oil Storage Facilities and Tanks
LD 734, HP0555
An Act To Improve Public Understanding in Rulemaking
LD 735, HP0556
An Act To Provide an Income Tax Exemption for Active Duty Military Pay and Disability Military Pay
LD 736, HP0557
An Act To Require Notification before Withdrawal of Land from Classification under the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law for Failure To File Certain Statements
LD 737, HP0558
An Act To Promote Forest Management Planning and Certification
LD 738, HP0559
An Act To Assist the Community Affected by the Closure of the Cutler Naval Base
LD 739, HP0560
Resolve, Directing the Department of Economic and Community Development To Review and Report on Whether a State Tax Increment Financing Structure Should Be Established To Support Economic Development in Washington County
LD 740, HP0561
An Act To Promote the Safety of Deaf or Hard-of-hearing Drivers
LD 741, HP0562
An Act Regarding When an Overweight Truck May Be Required To Unload
LD 742, HP0563
An Act Concerning Wholesale Power Purchases by Consumer-owned Transmission and Distribution Utilities
LD 743, HP0564
An Act To Allow Transmission and Distribution Utilities To Generate and Sell Power
LD 744, HP0565
An Act To Stabilize and Expand Funding for the Graduate School of Biomedical Science at the University of Maine
LD 745, HP0566
An Act To Expand the Maine Economic Improvement Fund
LD 746, HP0567
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Finance the Acquisition of Land and Water Access and To Access Matching Contributions
LD 747, HP0568
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Municipal Investment Trust Fund
LD 748, HP0569
An Act To Expand the Recycling of Beverage Containers BY REQUEST
LD 749, HP0570
An Act To Dedicate Unclaimed Beverage Deposits to Beverage Container Recycling Development BY REQUEST
LD 750, HP0571
An Act To Support Efforts To Attract and Retain Young People in the State's Workforce
LD 751, HP0572
An Act To Modernize Maine's Accountancy Laws
LD 752, HP0573
An Act To Streamline Licensure for Sign Language Interpreters
LD 753, HP0574
Resolve, To Invest in Children and Families through Family Resource Centers
LD 754, HP0575
An Act To Allow Physician Assistants To Sign Death Certificates
LD 755, HP0576
Resolve, To Create the Commission To Develop a Strategic Priorities Plan for Maine's Young Children
LD 756, HP0577
An Act To Enhance and Clarify the Small Claims System BY REQUEST
LD 757, HP0578
An Act To Improve the Ability of Superintendents To Act in the Best Interests of Students
LD 758, HP0579
An Act To Protect Household Pets and Other Animals from Poisoning
LD 759, HP0580
An Act To Increase the Percentage of Renewable Power in Systems of Very Large Investor-owned Transmission and Distribution Utilities
LD 760, HP0581
An Act To Reduce the Excise Tax on Certain Commercial Vehicles
LD 761, HP0582
An Act To Enable Municipalities To Establish Municipal Land Banks Funded by Local Option Real Estate Transfer Taxes
LD 762, HP0583
An Act To Enhance a Community's Capacity To Support Affordable Housing
LD 763, HP0584
An Act To Allow Early Retirement for Captains in the Maine State Ferry Service
LD 764, HP0585
An Act To Clarify Standards for Issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
LD 765, HP0586
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of ConnectME Authority, Chapter 101, a Major Substantive Rule of the Governor's Office
LD 766, SP0233
An Act To Permit Operation of a Modified Show Vehicle on a Public Way
LD 767, SP0234
Resolve, Directing the Bureau of Revenue Services To Make Information Available Concerning the Amount of Revenue Received from the Companion Animal Sterilization Fund Tax Return Checkoff
LD 768, SP0235
An Act To Ensure That Pine Tree Development Zone Benefits Are Not Extended to Businesses That Compete with Existing Maine Businesses
LD 769, HP0587
An Act To Establish the Missing Senior Citizen Alert Program
LD 770, HP0588
An Act To Clarify Application of the Medical Marijuana Law BY REQUEST
LD 771, HP0589
An Act To Allow a Hunter To Retrieve a Dog from Posted Property
LD 772, HP0590
An Act To Track and Record All Fishing-related Rules Changes
LD 773, HP0591
An Act To Preserve Dirigo Choice
LD 774, HP0592
An Act To Coordinate the Implementation of the In-stream Flow and Water Level Rules among the Department of Environmental Protection, the Drinking Water Program of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Public Utilities Commission
LD 775, HP0593
An Act To Create a Special License Plate To Support Breast Cancer Support Services
LD 776, HP0594
An Act To Establish the Operating Budget for the Maine State Retirement System for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2008
LD 777, SP0237
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Affordable Rental Housing
LD 778, SP0238
An Act To Enhance the Qualifications for a Concealed Firearms Permit
LD 779, HP0595
An Act To Remove Clergy as Signatories on Marriage Licenses
LD 780, HP0596
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development To Convene a Working Group To Advance the Redevelopment of Mill Buildings
LD 781, HP0597
An Act Making Unified Highway Fund and Other Funds Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2008 and June 30, 2009
LD 782, HP0598
An Act To Establish a New Method of Determining the State Budget
LD 783, HP0599
An Act To Clarify That Senior Lifetime Hunting Licenses Include the Right To Hunt Turkey
LD 784, HP0600
An Act To Enhance the Natural Resources Protection Laws
LD 785, HP0601
An Act To Promote Green Power Use at State Buildings
LD 786, HP0602
An Act To Establish the Maine Land Bank and Community Preservation Program
LD 787, HP0603
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Change the Assessment of Lands Used for Long-term Ownership
LD 788, HP0604
An Act To Dedicate 20 Percent of the Sales Tax on Motor Vehicles to the Highway Fund
LD 789, HP0605
Resolve, Directing the Bureau of Revenue Services To Convene a Study Group on the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
LD 790, SP0239
An Act To Strengthen Rural Community Investment
LD 791, SP0240
An Act To Ensure Equitable Geographic Representation on the State Board of Education
LD 792, SP0241
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Health and Human Services To Review and Report on Efforts Concerning Postpartum Mental Health Education
LD 793, SP0242
An Act To Provide Essential Library Resources to All Maine Communities
LD 794, SP0243
An Act To Provide Representation by a Mechanic or Installer on the Manufactured Housing Board
LD 795, SP0244
An Act Regarding the Solar Energy Rebate Program
LD 796, SP0245
An Act To Create the Endangered or Threatened Marine Species Fund
LD 797, SP0246
An Act To Clarify the Exemption of Federal, State and Local Public Assistance Benefits under State Bankruptcy Law
LD 798, SP0247
An Act To Standardize Inshore Dragging Seasons for Scallops and Sea Cucumbers
LD 799, SP0248
An Act To Prohibit the Use of Motorized Watercraft on Lily Pond in Deer Isle

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