Directory of Papers
LD 400 - 599

LD 400, HP0316
An Act To Provide Funding to the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources for Veterinarians for Farm Animals
LD 401, HP0317
An Act To Protect the Integrity of Funeral Processions
LD 402, HP0318
An Act To Clarify the Application of the Real Estate Transfer Tax with Regard to Partial Sales of Corporations That Own Real Estate
LD 403, HP0319
An Act To Encourage Municipalities To Abate Coastal Pollution
LD 404, HP0320
An Act To Limit Regional Adjustments to Teacher Salaries
LD 405, HP0321
An Act Regarding MaineCare Pharmacy Professional Fees
LD 406, HP0322
An Act To Prohibit Aerial Spraying of Pesticides near Buildings, Roads and Bodies of Water
LD 407, HP0323
An Act To Allow the Use of Flashing Red Lights by State Emergency Management Agency Directors
LD 408, HP0324
An Act To Make the Prison Industry Program More Effective
LD 409, HP0325
Resolve, To Study Alternative Fuel Use by Schools and Public Buildings
LD 410, HP0326
An Act To Repeal the Certification and Authorization Fees for School Personnel
LD 411, HP0327
An Act To Establish a Pilot Program for Return of Unused Prescription Drugs by Mail
LD 412, HP0328
An Act To Clarify the Application of Prevailing Wage Requirements
LD 413, HP0329
Resolve, Regarding the Reentry of Electric Utilities into the Energy Supply Business
LD 414, HP0330
An Act To Decrease Cervical Cancer in Maine Girls
LD 415, HP0331
An Act To Enhance Consumer Awareness of Insurance Sales Activity
LD 416, HP0332
An Act To Protect Seniors and the Public from Unfair Health Insurance Sales Practices
LD 417, HP0333
An Act To Authorize the Issuance of a Highway Fund Bond Issue for Maine's Roads and Bridges
LD 418, HP0334
An Act To Require the Collection of DNA from Persons Who Committed Felonies Prior to 1996 Who Then Reoffend by Committing Offenses for Which They Would Not Otherwise Have To Submit to a DNA Test
LD 419, HP0335
An Act To Restrict the Use of Credit Scoring for Insurance Purposes
LD 420, HP0336
An Act Providing for Regulation of the Cable Television Industry by the Public Utilities Commission
LD 421, HP0337
An Act To Improve Deer Management and Hunting
LD 422, HP0338
An Act To Increase the State Income Tax Exemption for Retired Employees in the Maine State Retirement System and Other Pension Systems to the Same Level as That of Retirees under the Social Security System
LD 423, HP0339
An Act To Ensure the Safety of the Public and of Victims of Sexual Assault
LD 424, HP0340
An Act To Protect Children from Dangerous Drugs, Harmful Chemicals and Drug-related Violence
LD 425, HP0341
An Act Regarding the Accounting Procedure for Certain State Programs
LD 426, HP0342
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Repairs to Traditional Meetinghouses
LD 427, HP0343
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Recreational Facilities
LD 428, HP0344
An Act To Conserve Energy in Maine Households
LD 429, HP0345
An Act To Improve Access to HIV Testing in Health Care Settings
LD 430, HP0346
An Act To Enable Unorganized Territory Townships To Become a Municipality
LD 431, HP0347
An Act To Enable the Dirigo Health Program To Be Self-administered
LD 432, SP0133
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Maintain, Improve and Develop Trails
LD 433, SP0134
An Act To Amend the Bond Requirements for Estates of Decedents
LD 434, SP0135
An Act To Allow a Voter To Preserve the Confidentiality of That Voter's Presence at the Polls
LD 435, SP0136
An Act To Require Utilities and Competitive Service Providers To Pay Interest on Overestimates of Electric
LD 436, SP0137
An Act To Postpone the Expiration of the Required Nonhospital Expenditures Component in the Capital Investment Fund
LD 437, SP0138
Resolve, Concerning the Reporting of Oil Spills
LD 438, SP0139
Resolve, To Improve Driver Education Programs
LD 439, SP0140
An Act To Reform the Dirigo Health Program
LD 440, SP0141
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Revitalize Communities and Expand Maine's Innovative Economy through the New Century Program
LD 441, SP0142
An Act To Restructure the Board of Commissioners of the Maine State Housing Authority To Closely Match Local
LD 442, SP0143
An Act To Amend the Laws Pertaining to Advertisements on Motor Vehicles Used in Driver Education
LD 443, SP0144
An Act To Require the Department of Environmental Protection To Meet the Federal Requirements on Regional Haze Visibility Impairment
LD 444, SP0145
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Review the Maine Pollutant Discharge Elimination System/Waste Discharge License Program Fee System
LD 445, SP0146
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Municipal Investment Trust Fund
LD 446, SP0147
An Act To Improve the Use of Information Regarding Sex Offenders to Better Ensure Public Safety and Awareness
LD 447, SP0148
Resolve, To Improve the Registration Process for Commercial Motor Vehicles
LD 448, SP0149
An Act To Improve Equity in School Funding
LD 449, HP0348
Resolve, To Support Creative Economy Businesses
LD 450, HP0349
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Maine's Working Waterfronts
LD 451, HP0350
An Act To Support the Creative Economy Effort
LD 452, HP0351
An Act To Encourage the Reuse of Plastic Containers BY REQUEST
LD 453, HP0352
An Act To Enhance the Choices for Children and Parents from Areas without Public Secondary Schools
LD 454, HP0353
An Act To Amend Truancy Laws Regarding Parent Involvement
LD 455, HP0354
An Act To Protect the All-terrain Vehicle Trail System
LD 456, HP0355
An Act To Protect Holders of Small Bank Accounts
LD 457, HP0356
An Act To Require Nonprofit Employers To Disclose All Benefits Available, Including Unemployment Insurance, to Employees and Prospective Employees
LD 458, HP0357
An Act To Prevent Persons Convicted of Child Molestation from Being Buried in a Maine Veterans' Cemetery
LD 459, HP0358
An Act To Reduce the Excise Tax on New Vehicles
LD 460, HP0359
An Act To Amend the Municipal Excise Tax Reimbursement Fund Law
LD 461, HP0360
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Human Trafficking Task Force
LD 462, HP0361
An Act Authorizing the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts To Confer the Degree of Doctor of Visual Arts
LD 463, SP0150
An Act To Create the Marine Research Matching Fund
LD 464, SP0151
An Act To Reform Public Education by Encouraging Regional Approaches
LD 465, SP0152
An Act To Prohibit School Administrative Units from Advocating in Political Activity
LD 466, SP0153
An Act To Provide County Commissioners with an Enforcement Mechanism with Regard to Parking Ordinances
LD 467, SP0154
An Act Regarding the Protection and Advocacy Agency Advisory Council
LD 468, SP0155
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Compulsory School Attendance
LD 469, SP0156
An Act To Disseminate "Lessons Learned" from Medical Injury Claims
LD 470, SP0157
An Act To Add Ten Days to the School Year
LD 471, SP0158
An Act To Clarify the Status of Lots Greater than 40 Acres on Plans Recorded for Unorganized Territory Land before September 21, 2001
LD 472, SP0159
An Act To Clarify Land Planning in the Unorganized and Deorganized Townships of the State
LD 473, SP0160
An Act To Clarify Land Use Regulation in Unorganized and Deorganized Townships
LD 474, SP0161
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Transportation To Rename State Bridge Number 5278 the Ryan Quirion Guthrie
LD 475, SP0162
An Act To Prevent Additional Housing Charges for Persons Requiring In-home Care
LD 476, SP0163
An Act To Establish a Reinsurance Fund To Expand Health Insurance Coverage for Individuals and Small Groups
LD 477, SP0164
An Act To Deter Parental Alienation
LD 478, HP0362
An Act Regarding the Certification of the Required Driving Time for a License for Certain Persons under 21 Years of Age
LD 479, HP0363
An Act Regarding Licensure Testing by the Oil and Solid Fuel Board
LD 480, HP0364
Resolve, To Reduce Paperwork Retention Required by the Maine State Housing Authority
LD 481, HP0365
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Review and Assess Distance Learning Opportunities for High School Students
LD 482, HP0366
Resolve, To Conduct an Objective and Independent Review of Essential Programs and Services
LD 483, HP0367
An Act To Require That Public Schools Start after Labor Day
LD 484, HP0368
An Act To Adjust the School Funding Formula with Regard to Unorganized Territories
LD 485, HP0369
An Act To Provide Free Turkey Hunting Permits to Maine Residents 80 Years of Age or Older
LD 486, HP0370
An Act To Establish an Apprenticeship Hunter License Program
LD 487, HP0371
An Act Regarding Children in the Child Welfare System
LD 488, HP0372
An Act To Amend the Child Support Laws BY REQUEST
LD 489, HP0373
Resolve, To Increase the Authority of the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General
LD 490, HP0374
An Act To Clarify Reporting of Contributions and Expenditures by Persons Involving a Ballot Question
LD 491, HP0375
An Act To Set Limits on Political Action Committee Contributions
LD 492, HP0376
An Act To Clarify Who Receives Money from Fines for Violations of Maine's Soft-shelled Clam Laws
LD 493, HP0377
Resolve, To Require the Department of Environmental Protection To Provide Engineering and Permitting Assistance To Clean Up Toothaker Pond
LD 494, HP0378
An Act To Repeal the Motor Vehicle Inspection Laws
LD 495, HP0379
Resolve, To Develop an Appropriate Commemorative License Plate Decal for Combat Service
LD 496, HP0380
An Act To Exempt Emergency Vehicles from Tolls on the Maine Turnpike
LD 497, HP0381
An Act To Allow Funeral Processions To Use Certain Lights
LD 498, HP0382
An Act To Limit the Charges for a Lost Cell Phone
LD 499, HP0383
An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2007, June 30, 2008 and June 30, 2009
LD 500, SP0165
An Act To Amend the Definition of Health Care Facility To Include Hospice Facilities
LD 501, HP0384
An Act To Provide Relief to the Commuters on Casco Bay Islands
LD 502, HP0385
An Act To Ensure That Maine Residents Have Reliable Winter Heating Assistance
LD 503, HP0386
An Act Regarding the Authority of the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Issue Licenses to Beagle Clubs To Trap Snowshoe Hares
LD 504, HP0387
An Act To Require the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Reserve 250 Moose Permits for Residents Who Have Never Received One
LD 505, HP0388
An Act To Clarify the Status of a Case following the Establishment of Permanent Guardianship
LD 506, HP0389
An Act To Rescind the Statute of Limitations on the Ability To File a Civil Suit in Cases Dealing with Unlawful Sexual Contact
LD 507, HP0390
An Act To Require the Accommodation of Religious Practices in Correctional Facilities
LD 508, HP0391
An Act Concerning Citizens' Initiatives and Public Disclosure of Influence
LD 509, HP0392
An Act To Amend Laws Pertaining to Entry into the Lobster Fishery
LD 510, HP0393
An Act To Amend the Membership of the Advisory Council on Tax-deferred Arrangements
LD 511, HP0394
Resolve, To Study the Feasibility of Locating a Border Crossing in the St. David Area
LD 512, SP0167
An Act To Change the Name of the Maine State Retirement System
LD 513, SP0168
An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 514, SP0169
An Act To Protect Community Safety by Amending Maine's Bail Code
LD 515, SP0170
An Act To Amend Laws Relating to Persons Serving as Permanency Guardians or Receiving Permanency Guardianship
LD 516, SP0171
An Act To Make More Affordable the Surcharge on the Sale of Dogs and Cats That Have Not Been Neutered
LD 517, HP0395
Resolve, To Promote Public Safety by Establishing a Multiple-OUI Registry
LD 518, HP0396
An Act To Protect Children in Public Schools by Notifying All School Personnel of Sex Offenders Residing, Working or Attending School in the School District
LD 519, HP0397
Resolve, Regarding Supplemental Services under the National Family Caregiver Support Program
LD 520, HP0398
An Act To Ensure Access to MaineCare Services
LD 521, HP0399
An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Juveniles
LD 522, HP0400
An Act To Require the Posting of Proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance at Construction Sites
LD 523, HP0401
An Act To Provide for Enforcement of Land Use Limitations Relating to Cemeteries
LD 524, HP0402
An Act To Establish the Fee for Commercial Inspections for Farm Trucks
LD 525, HP0403
Resolve, To Stimulate Tourism Development Projects
LD 526, HP0404
An Act To Increase Eligibility for the Dirigo Health Program
LD 527, HP0405
An Act To Expand Property Tax Benefits for Retired Citizens
LD 528, HP0406
An Act To Make BETR Better
LD 529, HP0407
An Act To Encourage Newly Retired Veterans To Reside in Maine
LD 530, HP0408
An Act To Encourage Open Space through Current Use Taxation of Open Space Land Set Aside for Long-term Protection from Development
LD 531, HP0409
An Act To Improve the Method of Taxing Natural Gas for Highway Use
LD 532, HP0410
Resolve, To Create a Plan for the Downeast Airport Authority
LD 533, HP0411
An Act To Establish "Clean Air - No Idling" Zones
LD 534, HP0412
Resolve, Directing the Maine Turnpike Authority To Study the Relocation of the York Toll Booth
LD 535, HP0413
An Act To Create a Retired Firefighter Registration Plate
LD 536, HP0414
An Act To Promote Efficiency in the Use of the Communications Equipment Fund
LD 537, HP0415
An Act to Protect the Machiasport Clam Flats along the Machias River from Effluent Contamination
LD 538, HP0416
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Promote Increased Research and Development Collaboration between the Environmental and Energy Technology Sector and the University of Maine System
LD 539, HP0417
An Act To Ban Personal Watercraft on East Carry Pond, Middle Carry Pond and West Carry Pond
LD 540, HP0418
An Act To Authorize a Court To Appoint Counsel in Protection from Abuse Hearings
LD 541, HP0419
An Act To Encourage the Owners of Sole Proprietorships To Hire More Employees
LD 542, HP0420
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Environmental Protection To Locate and Remediate a Gasoline Spill Contaminating a Private Well BY REQUEST
LD 543, HP0421
Resolve, To Direct a Review of Issues Concerning the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law
LD 544, HP0422
An Act To Provide Maine Land Conservation Tax Incentives
LD 545, HP0423
Resolve, To Name the Bridge on Route 201 in Jackman over the Moose River the Veterans Memorial Bridge
LD 546, HP0424
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Amend Its Rules Regarding Noise Abatement Costs
LD 547, HP0425
An Act To Create Fairness in E-9-1-1 Funding
LD 548, HP0426
An Act To Prevent Abuse of Pet Ownership Rights
LD 549, HP0427
An Act To Fund the Purchase of Maine State Retirement System Time by Certain Veterans
LD 550, HP0428
An Act To Allow the Independent Practice of Dental Hygiene
LD 551, HP0429
An Act To Create the Maine Health Card Program
LD 552, HP0430
An Act To Provide for Punitive Damages against Sex Offenders
LD 553, HP0431
An Act To Allow for Corporate Ownership of Dental Practices
LD 554, HP0432
An Act To Amend the Shellfish Laws
LD 555, HP0433
An Act To Protect Children from Lead Exposure by Requiring Sufficient Notice of Renovations
LD 556, HP0434
Resolve, To Achieve Cost Savings of 7% in State Government
LD 557, HP0435
An Act To Increase the Penalty for Late Filings by Lobbyists BY REQUEST
LD 558, HP0436
An Act To Create Fairness in the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax by Implementing the Recommendations of the Secretary of State's Task Force on Registration Fees
LD 559, HP0437
An Act Regarding the Valuation of Land within Buffer Areas Established under the Natural Resources Protection Laws
LD 560, SP0172
An Act To Integrate the Approval of Early Childhood Education Plans for Children 4 Years of Age into Basic School Approval for Elementary Schools
LD 561, SP0173
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Transportation To Establish a Rest Area on U.S. Route 9 between Calais and Brewer
LD 562, SP0174
An Act To Adopt a Flat Corporate Income Tax
LD 563, SP0175
An Act To Move the Primary Election from June to September
LD 564, SP0176
Resolve, To Streamline the Regulation of Agricultural Composters
LD 565, SP0177
An Act To Remove the Sunset on the Exemption of Internet Services from Auctioneer Licensure Requirements
LD 566, SP0178
An Act To Increase the Property Tax Exemption for Certain Veterans and Surviving Spouses
LD 567, SP0179
An Act To Expand Tax Incentives for Conservation Easements
LD 568, SP0180
An Act To Conform HIV Testing to the Recommendations of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
LD 569, SP0181
An Act To Reduce Maine's Income Tax Rates by 50 Percent
LD 570, SP0182
An Act To Authorize a Local Option Sales Tax To Reduce Property Taxes
LD 571, HP0438
An Act To Protect Beef Producers
LD 572, HP0439
An Act To Fund the Western Maine Career Centers
LD 573, HP0440
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Western Maine Creative Arts Center
LD 574, HP0441
An Act To Increase Funding for the State's Immunization Program
LD 575, HP0442
An Act To Expand Jurisdictions of Municipal Housing Authorities
LD 576, HP0443
Resolve, To Examine Issues Related to Distracted Driving
LD 577, HP0444
An Act Concerning the Transport of Inmates in the Custody of the Sheriff
LD 578, HP0445
An Act To Help Maine People Be Informed Medical Consumers
LD 579, HP0446
Resolve, To Extend Fall Fishing Opportunities
LD 580, HP0447
An Act To Provide for Punitive Damages against Drunk Drivers
LD 581, HP0448
An Act To Amend the Laws Pertaining to Improvident Transfers
LD 582, HP0449
An Act To Create Fairness in Maine's Property Taxes
LD 583, HP0450
An Act To Permit Medical and Social Service Professionals To Report Animal Cruelty
LD 584, HP0451
An Act Concerning Animal Control Officers as Reporters of Abuse
LD 585, HP0452
An Act To Establish Instant Run-off Voting for Gubernatorial Races
LD 586, HP0453
An Act To Simplify Notification Procedures for Water Quality Changes
LD 587, HP0454
An Act To Protect and Improve Lake Water Quality by Reducing Phosphorus in Lawn Care Fertilizer
LD 588, HP0455
An Act To Allow Civil Penalties for Trespass while Engaging in Activities Regulated by Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
LD 589, HP0456
An Act To Repeal Certain Health Savings Account Provisions
LD 590, HP0457
An Act To Amend Certain Requirements Applicable to Insurance Producers
LD 591, HP0458
An Act Regarding Occupational Safety and Health Training for Workers on State-funded Construction Projects
LD 592, SP0183
An Act To Waive Tolls on the Maine Turnpike for People Who Are Traveling for Treatment of Catastrophic Illnesses
LD 593, SP0184
Resolve, To Establish a Second Public Safety Answering Point for Kennebec County
LD 594, SP0185
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Facilitate Laboratory and Education Facility Construction for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute
LD 595, SP0186
An Act To Define "Livable Wage"
LD 596, SP0187
An Act To Repeal the Laws Governing Long-term Foster Care
LD 597, SP0189
Resolve, To Regulate Blasting Operators
LD 598, SP0190
Resolve, To Allow Municipalities To Purchase Burn Permit Software
LD 599, SP0191
An Act To Facilitate the Creation of Airport Authorities

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