Directory of Papers
LD 200 - 399

LD 200, HP0171
Resolve, To Direct the Study of Providing Additional Background Information to the Probate Court
LD 201, HP0172
An Act To Increase the State's Share of Retired Teachers' Health Insurance
LD 202, HP0173
An Act To Allow the Municipal Clerk To Inspect Municipal Election Ballots
LD 203, HP0174
An Act Concerning Student Voter Registration
LD 204, HP0175
Resolve, To Combine Payroll and Human Resources for All State Agencies into One Central Agency
LD 205, HP0176
An Act To Require Regulatory Impact Estimates on Private Property
LD 206, HP0177
An Act To Provide an Inflation Adjustment to the Income Tax Exemption for Private, Public and Military Pensions
LD 207, HP0178
An Act To Reduce the Meals and Lodging Tax
LD 208, HP0179
Resolve, Directing the Department of Economic and Community Development To Analyze and Evaluate the Effect of Tax Increment Financing for Retail Businesses on Economic Development
LD 209, HP0180
An Act To Require That a Person Be a Maine Resident in Order To Be Issued a Maine Driver's License
LD 210, HP0181
An Act Relating to the Use of Dealer Plates
LD 211, HP0182
An Act To Allow a Truck Driver To Haul a Trailer on a Highway If That Driver Has a Point-to-point Permit
LD 212, HP0183
An Act Regarding Penalties for Logbook Violations
LD 213, HP0184
An Act To Establish an Airport Managers Training Program
LD 214, HP0185
An Act To Improve Access to the Government Chart of Accounts
LD 215, HP0186
An Act To Make Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government and To Change Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2007
LD 216, HP0187
Resolve, To Establish the Council on Financial Literacy and Create a Financial Literacy Matching Grant Program
LD 217, HP0188
An Act Regarding Penalties for Payments Made to the State That Are Rejected by a Financial Institution
LD 218, HP0189
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Encourage Municipal High-speed Internet Access
LD 219, HP0190
An Act To Use Forfeited Bail Money for the Victims of an Offender
LD 220, HP0191
An Act To Clarify and Expand Maine Criminal Laws Related to Sexual Assault
LD 221, HP0192
Resolve, Requiring the Maine Community College System To Return Real Property and Buildings to the City of Eastport
LD 222, HP0193
An Act To Ensure the Integrity of School Crisis Response Plans
LD 223, HP0194
An Act To Amend the Maine Tort Claims Act
LD 224, HP0195
An Act To Provide for Minimum Wage and Overtime Coverage for Certain Domestic Workers
LD 225, HP0196
An Act To Provide Flexibility in Health Insurance for Spouses under the State Employee Health Insurance Plan
LD 226, HP0197
An Act To Enhance the Concept of Representative Democracy by Ensuring Basic Compensation for Elected Representatives
LD 227, HP0198
An Act To Allow the Reimbursement of Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes in Certain Cases
LD 228, HP0199
An Act To Establish a Special Veterans License Plate for Motorcycles
LD 229, HP0200
An Act To Facilitate the Establishment of Tribal Electric Utility Districts
LD 230, SP0068
An Act To Clarify the Scope of Conservation Programs with Respect to Electricity Use
LD 231, SP0069
An Act To Modify the Laws Regarding Garnishment of Wages
LD 232, SP0070
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Transportation to Establish the Elton R. Brooks Memorial Rest Area and Boat Launching Facility
LD 233, SP0071
An Act To Provide Funds for Voice-activated Telephones
LD 234, SP0072
An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning the Assessment of Rates for Workers' Compensation
LD 235, SP0073
An Act To Allow a Person To Be Issued More than One Set of Disabled Veteran Registration Plates
LD 236, SP0074
An Act To Exempt from the Income Tax Military Pay of Maine Residents Who Are Members of the Armed Services Stationed outside of the State Earned while on Active Duty
LD 237, SP0075
An Act To Amend the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law
LD 238, SP0076
An Act To Require Maine To Submit DNA Samples of Sex Offenders to the National DNA Registry
LD 239, HP0201
An Act To Provide a Felony Penalty for Assault on a Firefighter
LD 240, SP0077
An Act To Establish a Discounted Cable Rate for Senior Citizens and Assisted Living Facilities
LD 241, SP0078
An Act To Allow the Secretary of State To Issue a Work-restricted License to First-time License Holders Not Yet 21 Years of Age with Less than 2 Years of Driving Time
LD 242, SP0079
An Act To Establish a "Do Not Fax" List
LD 243, SP0080
An Act To Establish Cancer Awareness Week and Lung Cancer Awareness Day
LD 244, SP0081
An Act To Provide Additional Funding for the Office of Substance Abuse
LD 245, SP0082
Resolve, To Direct the Secretary of State To Study Issues Related to Dealer Plates
LD 246, SP0083
An Act To Protect the Solemnity and Dignity of a Funeral or Memorial Service in Maine
LD 247, SP0084
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fight Global Warming through Energy Conservation
LD 248, SP0085
Resolve, Honoring Women Veterans of Maine
LD 249, SP0086
An Act To Establish May 25th as Missing Persons Day
LD 250, SP0087
An Act To Change Snowmobile Registration Requirements
LD 251, SP0088
An Act To Authorize the Bureau of Warden Service To Provide Assistance to Other Entities
LD 252, SP0089
An Act To Establish Emergency Response to Illegal Introductions of Invasive Fish Species
LD 253, SP0090
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Joint Select Committee on Research, Economic Development and the Innovation Economy
LD 254, HP0210
An Act To Restrict Takings under Eminent Domain
LD 255, HP0211
An Act Concerning Litigation Brought by the Attorney General To Enforce Provisions of the Forest Practices Laws
LD 256, HP0212
An Act To Assist Maine Military Families
LD 257, HP0213
An Act To Allow Expense Reimbursement for the Commercial Fishing Safety Council
LD 258, HP0214
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Setbacks under the Natural Resource Protection Laws
LD 259, HP0215
An Act To Clarify the Composition of the Advisory Council on Tax-deferred Arrangements
LD 260, HP0216
An Act To Provide an Income Tax Deduction for Teachers To Account for the Purchase of Supplies
LD 261, HP0217
Resolve, To Review the Procedures by Which a Municipality Assesses Property
LD 262, HP0218
An Act To Amend the Credit for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties
LD 263, HP0219
An Act To Reduce the Property Tax Burden
LD 264, HP0220
An Act To Amend the Temporary Registration Plate Law
LD 265, HP0221
An Act To Allow a Weight Tolerance for Vehicle Auxiliary Power Units
LD 266, HP0222
An Act To Fully Fund the Project To Replace the Route 302 Bridge in Naples
LD 267, HP0223
An Act To Ensure Proper Funding of the Public Utilities Commission
LD 268, HP0224
An Act Regarding the Long-term Contracting Authority of the Public Utilities Commission
LD 269, HP0203
An Act To Retire the Mortgage of York County Community College
LD 270, HP0204
Resolve, Establishing the Task Force To Eliminate Outdated or Unnecessary Laws and Rules To Stimulate Job Creation
LD 271, HP0205
An Act To Permit Andover College To Issue Degrees under New Ownership
LD 272, HP0206
An Act To Create Charter Programs within Existing Schools
LD 273, HP0207
An Act To Help Save the Homes of Some Persons Who Enter Nursing Facilities
LD 274, HP0208
An Act To Promote Mandatory Assignments and Training for Assistant Game Wardens
LD 275, HP0209
An Act To Protect Child Victims of Sexual Abuse
LD 276, SP0091
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require the Legislature To Freeze the Valuation of Maine Primary Residence Land
LD 277, SP0092
An Act To Require Mapping of Conservation Easements and Public Lands
LD 278, SP0093
Resolve, To Assess the Feasibility and Efficiency of Combining All Health Insurance Funds Supported by the State
LD 279, SP0094
An Act To Improve the Responsiveness of Guardians Ad Litem
LD 280, SP0095
An Act To Make a Conviction for a 6th Operating under the Influence Charge a Class B Crime
LD 281, HP0225
An Act Regarding Notification of Intent To Sell a Mobile Home Park
LD 282, HP0226
An Act To Provide Dental Care for Pregnant Women and New Mothers Receiving MaineCare Benefits
LD 283, HP0227
An Act To Require Direct Payment to Child Care Centers
LD 284, HP0228
An Act To Permit Archery Hunters the Opportunity To Take an Additional Deer
LD 285, HP0229
An Act To Designate Additional Wild Trout Waters for Recognition and Protection
LD 286, HP0230
An Act To Protect Veterinarians Providing Animal Welfare Services for the State
LD 287, HP0231
An Act To Limit Campaigning at Polling Places
LD 288, HP0232
An Act To Increase the State Share of the Homestead Exemption to 70%
LD 289, HP0233
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Labor To Convene a Task Force To Evaluate and Recommend Revisions to the Definition of Service Dog
LD 290, HP0234
An Act To Encourage the Use of Solar Energy
LD 291, HP0235
An Act To Expand Workforce Development Programs
LD 292, HP0236
An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Help Construct a Recreation Center for the City of Presque Isle
LD 293, HP0237
An Act To Address the Evaluations of Certain School Employees
LD 294, HP0238
An Act Concerning Posting the Registry of Convicted Sex Offenders
LD 295, HP0239
An Act To Increase the Fines for Littering
LD 296, HP0240
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Indemnification Agreements
LD 297, HP0241
Resolve, Authorizing Elizabeth O'Connor To Rejoin the Maine State Retirement System
LD 298, HP0242
An Act To Assist Higher Education Debt Reduction
LD 299, HP0243
An Act To Aid Municipalities Concerning Plowing Efficiency
LD 300, HP0244
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Restrict the Voting Privileges of Certain Incarcerated Felons
LD 301, HP0245
An Act Relating to Alternate Directors for Public Waste Disposal Corporations
LD 302, HP0246
An Act To Create an Alternative Fuel Vehicle Income Tax Credit and an Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate
LD 303, HP0247
An Act To Strengthen the Whistleblowers' Protection Act BY REQUEST
LD 304, HP0248
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Capital Projects for the Maine Community College System and the University of Maine System
LD 305, HP0249
Resolve, To Investigate the Possibility of Expanding Cellular Telephone Service in Certain Rural Areas
LD 306, HP0250
An Act To Provide Medically Necessary Speech Therapy Services
LD 307, HP0251
An Act To Enhance Land Use Opportunities for Landowners
LD 308, HP0252
An Act To Establish the Fully Informed Jury Act BY REQUEST
LD 309, HP0253
An Act To Change the Laws Concerning Games of Chance
LD 310, HP0254
An Act To Ensure the Integrity of Maine's Electoral Process by Requiring Physical Ballots
LD 311, HP0255
An Act To Create a Nonresident Lobster and Crab Landing Permit
LD 312, HP0256
An Act To Allow Plantations To Enact an Animal Control Ordinance
LD 313, HP0257
An Act To Extend the Property Tax Exemption for Veterans to Persons Living in Cooperative Housing
LD 314, SP0096
An Act To Restore Funding for the Reading Recovery Program
LD 315, SP0097
An Act Authorizing a General Fund Bond Issue To Improve the Quality and Safety of Science and Teaching Laboratories, General Classrooms and Libraries at Maine's Public
LD 316, SP0098
An Act To Reduce Bomb Threats at Public Institutions and Businesses
LD 317, SP0099
An Act To Increase the Availability of Public Education Services from Child Development Services
LD 318, SP0100
An Act To Provide Funds for the Coordination and Promotion of the 400th Anniversary of the Popham Colony
LD 319, SP0102
An Act To Make Allocations from Maine Turnpike Authority Funds for the Maine Turnpike Authority for the Calendar Year Ending December 31, 2008
LD 320, SP0103
An Act To Allow the Widening of a Portion of the Maine Turnpike
LD 321, SP0104
An Act To Increase the Bonding Capacity of the Maine Turnpike Authority
LD 322, SP0105
Resolve, To Ensure More Comprehensive Investigation and Prosecution of Computer Crimes
LD 323, HP0258
An Act Permitting Substitute Teachers To Opt Out of the Maine State Retirement System
LD 324, HP0259
Resolve, To Require the Department of Marine Resources To Report on Results of Anadromous Fish Restoration on the Kennebec River System
LD 325, HP0260
An Act To Clarify the Tax-exempt Status of Ornamental Horticulture
LD 326, HP0261
An Act To Enhance Implementation of the Significant Wildlife Habitat Rules
LD 327, HP0262
An Act To Make Supplemental Allocations from the Highway Fund and Other Funds for the Expenditures of State Government and To Change Certain Provisions of State Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2007
LD 328, SP0106
Resolve, To Require an Engineering Study To Determine the Cost of Extending Rail Service from Portland to Fryeburg
LD 329, HP0263
An Act To Provide Equity in County Jail Maximum Sentences
LD 330, HP0264
An Act To Protect the Integrity of Security Deposits
LD 331, HP0265
An Act To Incorporate the Federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act into the Maine Consumer Credit Code
LD 332, HP0266
An Act To Update References to Federal Laws in the Maine Uniform Securities Act and To Make Other Technical Corrections to the Act
LD 333, HP0269
An Act To Reward Cooperation in Comprehensive Planning
LD 334, HP0268
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 182: Formula for Distribution of Funds to Child Development Services Regional Sites
LD 335, SP0107
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Research and Development To Stimulate Maine's Innovation Economy
LD 336, SP0108
An Act To Reauthorize the Community Preservation Advisory Committee
LD 337, SP0110
An Act To Exempt Certain Shipping Fees from the Sales Tax
LD 338, SP0111
An Act Regarding the Labor Market Adjustment for Teacher Salary Costs under Essential Programs and Services Funding
LD 339, SP0112
Resolve, To Ensure Proper Levels of Care for the Elderly and the Disabled
LD 340, HP0270
An Act To Require the Replacement of Trees Cut in Shoreland Areas
LD 341, HP0271
An Act To Amend the Probate Code To Affect Claims against an Estate
LD 342, HP0272
An Act To Contract Out the State Single Audit
LD 343, HP0273
An Act Regarding School Transportation
LD 344, HP0274
An Act To Modify the Membership of the Franklin County Budget Advisory Committee
LD 345, HP0275
An Act To Clarify Recent Changes to the Laws Regulating Land Use Ordinances
LD 346, HP0276
An Act To Increase State Funding of Public Education
LD 347, HP0277
An Act To Improve Landowner Relations
LD 348, HP0278
An Act To Limit Contributions to Political Action Committees
LD 349, HP0279
Resolve, To Provide Funding for Small Wind Power Generators
LD 350, HP0280
An Act To Protect Citizens from Physical Injury Due to Obstructed Driveways
LD 351, HP0281
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Designate Safe Zones To Protect Children from Sex Offenders
LD 352, HP0282
An Act To Provide an Appeal Process Regarding Rate Increases of Certain Quasi-municipal Districts and Corporations
LD 353, HP0283
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require a 2/3 Vote of Each House of the Legislature To Enact or Increase a Tax or License Fee
LD 354, HP0284
An Act Regarding the Reporting Requirements of Conservators
LD 355, HP0285
Resolve, To Establish a Committee To Examine Issues Relating to the Administration and Distribution of Municipal Revenue Sharing
LD 356, HP0286
An Act Concerning Certain Hunting License Fees and Antlerless Deer Permits
LD 357, HP0287
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Land for Maine's Future Program
LD 358, HP0288
An Act To Create the Maine Fishery Infrastructure Tax Credit Program
LD 359, HP0289
An Act To Link Sewer Extension Funding to Comprehensive Planning
LD 360, HP0290
An Act To Identify the Methodology Used To Develop a Fiscal Note
LD 361, HP0291
An Act To Create a Waiting Period for Firearms
LD 362, HP0292
An Act To Effect the Seizure and Disposal of Contraband Fireworks
LD 363, HP0293
An Act To Improve Juvenile Justice
LD 364, HP0294
An Act To Stop Misleading Drug Advertisements
LD 365, HP0295
Resolve, To Promote Community Integration for Individuals with Brain Injuries
LD 366, HP0296
An Act To Make Additions and Deletions to the List of State Endangered and Threatened Species
LD 367, HP0297
An Act To Protect Emergency Room Personnel from Civil Liability
LD 368, HP0298
An Act To Encourage Employers To Defray the Cost of College for the Children of Their Employees
LD 369, HP0299
An Act To Require High-speed Internet Access for All Maine Residents
LD 370, SP0114
Resolve, To Reduce the Number of School Administrative Units and Gain Administrative Efficiencies
LD 371, SP0115
An Act To Protect Young Consumers
LD 372, SP0116
An Act To Strengthen the Crime of Gross Sexual Assault as It Pertains to Persons Who Furnish Drugs to Victims
LD 373, SP0117
An Act To Change the Membership of the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission To Add Seats for the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians and the State
LD 374, SP0118
An Act To Provide Funding for the Maine-Canada Trade Ombudsman
LD 375, SP0119
An Act To Amend the Family Medical Leave Laws
LD 376, SP0120
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Capitalize the Maine Marine Research Fund
LD 377, SP0121
An Act To Fund a Joint Appointment for a Groundfish Ecologist
LD 378, SP0122
An Act To Ensure That County Jails Maintain the Same Formulary for Mental Health Medications as the Maine State Prison
LD 379, SP0123
An Act To Expand the Fall Wild Turkey Hunting Season
LD 380, SP0124
An Act To Protect the Public from Dangerous Dogs
LD 381, SP0125
An Act To Require That Vehicles Transporting Poultry Fecal Matter Be Covered
LD 382, SP0129
An Act To Correct an Inconsistency in Unemployment Insurance Tax Law
LD 383, SP0130
An Act To Amend the Landlord-tenant Laws
LD 384, HP0300
An Act To Further Protect Water Quality in Coastal Waters
LD 385, HP0301
An Act To Require Stable Gasoline Pricing
LD 386, HP0302
An Act To Provide for Prescription Monitoring and Protection of Personal Patient Information
LD 387, HP0303
An Act To Improve the Driver Education and Evaluation Programs
LD 388, HP0304
An Act Concerning Insurance for Churches and Nonprofit Organizations
LD 389, HP0305
An Act To Allow the District Court To Enter Parental Rights and Responsibilities Orders in Child Protection Proceedings
LD 390, HP0306
An Act To Allow the District Court To Adjudicate Parentage in Child Protective Custody Cases
LD 391, HP0307
Resolve, To Study Adoption Laws and Practices
LD 392, HP0308
An Act To Establish Penalties for Violation of the Severance Pay Law
LD 393, HP0309
Resolve, Establishing a Commission To Develop Methods for the State To Promote the Generation of Electrical Power in an Environmentally Sound Manner and Independent of Foreign Fuel Imports
LD 394, HP0310
An Act To Provide a Tax Benefit to Businesses That Invest in Quality Child Care
LD 395, HP0311
An Act To Use National Standards To Determine Maine's Relative Tax Burden for Purposes of Budget Caps
LD 396, HP0312
An Act To Provide Additional Funding for the Maine Clean Election Act
LD 397, HP0313
An Act To Limit Liability for the Performance of Community Service
LD 398, HP0314
An Act To Require Transmission Lines To Be Placed Underground near Certain Facilities
LD 399, HP0315
An Act To Require Impact Statements from Potential Purchasers of Public Utilities and Those Who Apply To Extract Natural Resources

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