Directory of Papers
LD 1400 - 1599

LD 1400, SP0488
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Taxation of Partnerships
LD 1401, SP0489
An Act Prohibiting Delivery of Unsolicited Credit Cards
LD 1402, HP0985
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Enhance Funding for Stem Cell Research in Maine
LD 1403, HP0986
An Act To Provide Parity in the Laws Regarding Licensing of Electricians
LD 1404, HP0987
Resolve, Directing the Establishment of a Building Contractor's License and Education Requirements for Code Enforcement Officers BY REQUEST
LD 1405, HP0988
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Lawful Possession of Certain Scheduled Drugs
LD 1406, HP0989
An Act To Improve the Retirement Benefit Plan for Children's Services Caseworkers
LD 1407, HP0990
Resolve, To Address Issues Concerning the Employment of Senior Citizens
LD 1408, HP0991
An Act Concerning Harness Racing Association Funding
LD 1409, HP0992
An Act To Make Technical Changes to Maine's Aquaculture Statutes
LD 1410, HP0993
Resolve, To Name the Gray Connector
LD 1411, HP0994
An Act To Amend the Auto Impoundment and Forfeiture Laws
LD 1412, HP0995
RESOLUTION, To Amend the Constitution of Maine To Protect Senior Property Owners
LD 1413, HP0996
Resolve, To Review the Law Governing Municipal Service Charges for Tax-exempt Property
LD 1414, HP0997
An Act To Support Farms and Limit Sprawl
LD 1415, SP0493
An Act Regarding the Right of a Person To Appeal from the Action of a State Agency
LD 1416, SP0494
An Act To Create a Workers' Compensation Board Appeals Process
LD 1417, SP0495
An Act To Assist in the Cleanup of Waste Motor Oil Disposal Sites
LD 1418, SP0496
An Act To Provide Patients with Their Medication
LD 1419, SP0497
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway Working Group
LD 1420, SP0498
An Act To Make Technical Changes to the Definition of “Coastal Area” and To Aid the Implementation of the Taunton Bay Resource Management Plan
LD 1421, SP0499
Resolve, Regarding Tobacco Cessation and Treatment
LD 1422, SP0500
An Act To Provide Exceptions to the Games of Chance Laws for Children's Games'
LD 1423, SP0501
An Act To Allocate Punitive Damage Awards in Civil Cases To Include an Amount To Ensure Access to Justice for Maine Citizens
LD 1424, HP0998
An Act Requiring Long-range Budget Planning
LD 1425, HP0999
An Act To Facilitate the Reporting of the Crime of Acquiring Drugs by Deception
LD 1426, HP1000
An Act To Enhance the Prekindergarten Experience for Maine Children
LD 1427, HP1001
Resolve, To Evaluate Parenting Education and To Develop Parenting Resources in Maine High Schools
LD 1428, HP1002
An Act To Facilitate Reporting by Maine Financial Institutions of Elder Financial Exploitation
LD 1429, HP1003
An Act To Require Insurance Coverage for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
LD 1430, HP1004
An Act To Compensate Property Owners for Property Designated as a Significant Wildlife Habitat
LD 1431, HP1005
An Act To Provide for the Protection of Communities That Host a Solid Waste Disposal Facility
LD 1432, HP1006
An Act To Create a Voluntary Checkoff for the Income Tax Form for Forest Disease Prevention and Control
LD 1433, HP1007
An Act Providing Senior Citizens with an Optional Deferred Payment Plan for the Payment of Property Taxes
LD 1434, HP1008
An Act To Lower Maine Income Tax Rates
LD 1435, SP0502
An Act To Adopt a Regional Cost Differential for State Salaries, School Funding and Contracted Services
LD 1436, SP0503
Resolve, To Reduce the Level of Unfunded Liability for Health Benefits Owed to Retired State Employees
LD 1437, SP0504
An Act To Review Prescription Drug Prior Authorization under MaineCare
LD 1438, SP0505
An Act To Reverse the Effects of the Grant Case on Workers' Compensation BY REQUEST
LD 1439, SP0506
An Act To Enhance the Workers' Compensation Board Advocate Program
LD 1440, HP1009
An Act To Prohibit the Sale or Distribution of Software That Contains Inappropriate Advertising of Prescription Drugs
LD 1441, HP1010
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish the Maine State Endowment Trust
LD 1442, HP1011
Resolve, To Increase Physical Education for Elementary School Students
LD 1443, HP1012
Resolve, To Study the Funding Formula of Cumberland County To More Equitably Apportion the Taxes Paid to County Government
LD 1444, HP1013
An Act To Index the Veterans' Property Tax Exemptions to the Cost of Living
LD 1445, HP1014
An Act To Define “Livable Wage”
LD 1446, HP1015
An Act To Protect Children from Mercury and Thimerosal Toxicity in Immunizing Agents
LD 1447, HP1016
Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources To Study Invasive Terrestrial Plant Species
LD 1448, HP1017
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Wastewater Treatment Facilities and Water Supply Facilities
LD 1449, HP1019
An Act To Provide Outreach and Training on Dementia-related Protocols for Law Enforcement Officers
LD 1450, HP1020
An Act To Create Equity in Hospital Charges
LD 1451, HP1021
An Act To Promote the Health and Safety of Maine Consumers
LD 1452, HP1022
An Act To Protect a Borrower's Right To Use the Borrower's Chosen Accounting Service
LD 1453, HP1023
Resolve, Regarding the Privacy of Social Security Numbers
LD 1454, HP1024
An Act To Care for Working Families
LD 1455, HP1025
An Act Concerning the Duties of Employers in the Case of Mass Employee Termination
LD 1456, HP1026
Resolve, Establishing a Blue Ribbon Commission To Study the Operations of State Government
LD 1457, HP1027
An Act To Preserve Home Ownership in the State by Reducing the Property Tax Burden
LD 1458, HP1028
An Act To Reduce the Income Tax Burden on Maine Residents
LD 1459, HP1029
An Act Concerning Spending Caps
LD 1460, SP0508
An Act To Allow Maine Residents To More Fully Depreciate Their Motor Vehicles
LD 1461, SP0509
An Act To Allow a Tax Credit for Tuition Paid to Private Schools
LD 1462, SP0510
Resolve, Regarding the Department of Audit's Municipal Internal Control Observation Program
LD 1463, SP0511
An Act To Prevent Elder Prescription Drug Abuse
LD 1464, SP0512
An Act To Expand the Duties of the State Planning Office To Provide Additional Services to Municipalities
LD 1465, SP0513
Resolve, To Establish a Pilot Program for a Trimester Schedule at the University of Maine at Presque Isle
LD 1466, SP0514
An Act To Address Issues Related to Chiropractic Licensure
LD 1467, SP0515
Resolve, To Create Improved Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
LD 1468, HP1030
An Act To Adjust the Milk Handling Fee
LD 1469, HP1031
Resolve, To Enhance Accountability in Tax Increment Financing
LD 1470, HP1032
An Act To Clarify the Laws Regarding Physicians
LD 1471, HP1033
An Act To Ensure That Publicly Funded Programs Do Not Jeopardize Existing Industry
LD 1472, HP1034
An Act To Provide for the Regulation of Denturists by the Board of Complementary Health Care Providers
LD 1473, HP1035
An Act To Provide State Support for State-approved School Construction Projects in Certain Municipalities
LD 1474, HP1036
An Act To Increase the Minimum Medical Payments Coverage in Automobile Insurance
LD 1475, HP1037
An Act To Assist Maine Property Owners of Land near State-owned Railroads
LD 1476, HP1038
An Act Relating to Bad Check Enforcement Programs Operated by Private Entities
LD 1477, HP1039
An Act Concerning the Natural Resources Protection Laws and Related Provisions
LD 1478, HP1040
An Act To Reduce County Tax on Certain Municipalities
LD 1479, HP1041
An Act To Clarify Responsibility for the Collection of Rental Taxes
LD 1480, HP1042
An Act To Provide an Income Tax Credit for Donations to Maine Public Schools
LD 1481, HP1043
An Act To Provide Tax Relief to Middle-income Residents through the Maine Residents Property Tax Program
LD 1482, HP1044
An Act To Assist Recipients of Tax-exempt Income
LD 1483, HP1045
An Act To Exempt a Portion of Rental Income from Taxation
LD 1484, HP1046
An Act To Fund Community Health Centers
LD 1485, HP1047
An Act Relating to Automotive Core Parts
LD 1486, HP1048
An Act To Clarify the Property Tax Exemption for Family Burial Grounds
LD 1487, HP1049
An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Automotive Reflective and Tinted Glass
LD 1488, HP1050
An Act To Reduce Contamination in the Home from the Release of Brominated Flame Retardants
LD 1489, SP0516
An Act To Enhance Fairness in Arbitration
LD 1490, SP0517
An Act To Reduce the Amount of Good Time That May Be Awarded to Certain Offenders
LD 1491, SP0518
An Act To Prohibit Unauthorized Contact of Persons Convicted of Sex Offenses against Persons under 14 Years of Age with Persons under 14 Years of Age
LD 1492, SP0519
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Prohibit Incurring Any New Unfunded Liabilities for Retiree Health Benefits and To Require a 20-year Amortization of Public Retiree Benefits
LD 1493, SP0520
An Act To Authorize the Employer To Adjust Workers' Compensation Benefits When the Employee Returns To Work for Another Employer
LD 1494, SP0521
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Reform Property Taxes by Limiting Increases
LD 1495, SP0522
An Act To Reduce Additional State Fees for Consumer-owned Electric Utility Customers
LD 1496, SP0523
An Act To Restrict the Time during Which an Airmobile May Be Operated
LD 1497, SP0524
An Act To Improve Local Control over Bars
LD 1498, SP0525
An Act To Prohibit Out-of-state Corporations from Contributing to State and County Elections
LD 1499, SP0526
An Act To Improve the Maine Clean Election Act
LD 1500, SP0527
An Act To Allow the Department of Environmental Protection To Charge Interest for Late Payment of Fees
LD 1501, HP1051
An Act To Set Standards for Interviewing Children Who Are Subjects of a Child Protective Intervention
LD 1502, HP1052
An Act To Clarify and Update the Laws Related to Property and Casualty Insurance
LD 1503, HP1053
An Act To Clarify and Update the Laws Related to Health Insurance
LD 1504, HP1054
An Act To Make Minor Substantive Changes to the Tax Laws
LD 1505, SP0528
An Act To Adopt the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
LD 1506, SP0529
An Act To Reform Maine's School Funding
LD 1507, SP0530
An Act Regarding Political Activities of Corporations
LD 1508, SP0531
An Act To Protect the Scenic Value of the Kennebec River
LD 1509, SP0532
Resolve, To Protect Nursing Facilities
LD 1510, SP0533
An Act To Provide an Income Tax Deduction for Health Insurance Premiums
LD 1511, SP0534
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Dispose of Unfunded Liabilities in State Retiree Health Care Plans
LD 1512, SP0535
An Act To Change the Statute of Limitations for Gross Sexual Assault by a Juvenile
LD 1513, SP0536
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
LD 1514, SP0537
An Act To Require Health Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids
LD 1515, SP0538
An Act To Require That Notaries Public Keep Records of Notarial Acts
LD 1516, SP0539
An Act To Permit Certain Health Care Practices
LD 1517, SP0540
An Act To Allow Maine Consumers To Purchase Health Insurance from Out-of-State Insurers
LD 1518, SP0541
An Act To Establish a Renewable Energy Tax Credit
LD 1519, SP0542
An Act To Amend the Membership and Reporting Requirements for the Citizen Trade Policy Commission
LD 1520, SP0543
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Biorefineries
LD 1521, SP0544
Resolve, To Provide Education Concerning and Insurance Coverage for Lyme Disease
LD 1522, SP0545
An Act To Modify the Citizen Initiative Process
LD 1523, SP0546
An Act Requiring Heavy Metal-free Immunizing Agents
LD 1524, SP0547
An Act To Increase Judicial Salaries
LD 1525, SP0548
An Act To Promote Compassion in Schoolchildren
LD 1526, SP0549
An Act To Enhance Family Development Accounts
LD 1527, SP0550
An Act To Set Maximum Allowable Television Viewing Hours for State-licensed Child Care Facilities
LD 1528, SP0551
Resolve, To Require State Agencies with Jurisdiction over Dams To Review and Update Plans for the Passage of Native Diadromous Fish
LD 1529, SP0552
An Act To Create a Scholarship Grant Organization Tax Credit
LD 1530, SP0553
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Reduce the Size of the Legislature to 140 Members
LD 1531, HP1056
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Land for Maine's Future Program
LD 1532, HP1057
An Act To Create a Service Model for Delivering Career and Technical Education
LD 1533, HP1058
An Act Regarding the Violation of Bail
LD 1534, HP1059
An Act To Examine the Types of Sex Offenses That Require an Offender To Register with the State
LD 1535, HP1060
Resolve, To Study the Certificate of Need Program
LD 1536, HP1061
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Reform Maine's Noncategorical Medicaid Program
LD 1537, HP1062
Resolve, To Review Remote Access Medicine, Hospice and Home Health Care under MaineCare
LD 1538, HP1063
Resolve, To Further the Collection of Hospital Quality Data Regarding Nurse Staffing
LD 1539, HP1064
An Act To Implement a Single-Payor Health Care System
LD 1540, HP1065
An Act To Guarantee Free Speech in Privately Owned Public Gathering Places
LD 1541, HP1066
An Act To Improve Child Support Services
LD 1542, HP1067
An Act To Limit the Liability of Organized Clubs
LD 1543, HP1068
An Act To Clarify the Use of Tips in Payment of Service Employees
LD 1544, HP1069
An Act To Enact the Home Care Consumer and Worker Protection Act
LD 1545, HP1070
An Act To Protect Workers from Political or Religious Intimidation
LD 1546, HP1071
An Act To Require Employees Injured at Work To Report Those Injuries within 24 Hours
LD 1547, HP1072
An Act To Prohibit a Maine Clean Election Act Candidate from Recruiting a Primary Opponent
LD 1548, HP1073
An Act Concerning Nonprofit Political Action Committees
LD 1549, HP1074
An Act Concerning Voter Registration
LD 1550, HP1075
An Act To Amend the Term Limitation Laws for State Legislators
LD 1551, HP1076
An Act To Establish a Seasonal Ban on the Operation of Outdoor Wood Boilers
LD 1552, HP1077
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Provide for the Reduction in the Size of the Legislature
LD 1553, HP1078
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Increase the Length of Legislative Terms to 4
LD 1554, HP1079
An Act To Assist Snowmobile Clubs with Local Property Taxes
LD 1555, HP1080
An Act To Remove the Tax-exempt Status on Land Purchased by Nonprofit Groups for Conservation
LD 1556, HP1081
An Act To Recouple Maine Estate Tax with Federal Estate Tax
LD 1557, HP1082
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Cap the Property Tax on the Primary Residence of a Person 65 Years of Age or Older
LD 1558, HP1083
An Act To Improve the Process for Adjustment for Sudden and Severe Disruption of Valuation
LD 1559, HP1084
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Freeze Property Tax Bills for Certain Residents 65 Years of Age or Older
LD 1560, HP1085
An Act To Rebalance Maine's Tax Code
LD 1561, HP1086
An Act To Eliminate the Placement of Campaign Signs on Public Property
LD 1562, HP1087
An Act To Restrict the Placement of Political Signs by Requiring Permission
LD 1563, HP1088
Resolve, To Name 3 Bridges in Honor of Medal of Honor Recipients
LD 1564, HP1089
Resolve, To Encourage Financial Education of Children from Kindergarten to Grade 12
LD 1565, HP1090
Resolve, To Expand Access to Early Childhood Education to All Children 4 Years of Age and Older
LD 1566, HP1091
An Act To Allow the State Timely Opportunity To Participate in Settlement Negotiations for MaineCare Benefits
LD 1567, HP1092
Resolve, To Continue the Work of Preventing the Onset of Severe Mental Illness in Youth
LD 1568, HP1093
Resolve, To Explore the Feasibility of Enrolling the Legislature as an Employer Group in Dirigo Health
LD 1569, HP1094
An Act To Allow Certain Veterans Who Did Not Previously Qualify To Buy Maine State Retirement System Time at a Subsidized Rate
LD 1570, HP1095
An Act To Support Commercial Groundfishing
LD 1571, HP1096
An Act To Clarify the Tax Credit for Pollution-reducing Boilers
LD 1572, HP1097
An Act To Encourage Community-oriented Campaigns for Appropriate Sign Laws
LD 1573, HP1098
An Act To Encourage and Facilitate Regional Utility Districts
LD 1574, HP1099
Resolve, To Address Drug Abuse and Addiction
LD 1575, HP1100
An Act To Authorize the Maine Board of Pharmacy To Establish a Pharmacist Health Program
LD 1576, HP1101
An Act To Establish the Leaseholders' Bill of Rights
LD 1577, HP1102
An Act To Address the Pervasive Effect of Substance Abuse in Maine
LD 1578, HP1103
An Act To Encourage Municipal Cooperation
LD 1579, HP1104
An Act To Increase Fairness in Municipal Spending Caps
LD 1580, HP1105
An Act To Allow Tree Growth Land Transfer to Family Members
LD 1581, HP1106
An Act To Promote Economic Recovery in Maine
LD 1582, HP1107
An Act Reduce Maine's Tax Burden over a 10-year Period
LD 1583, SP0554
An Act To Provide Retirement Equity to Forest Ranger Supervisory Personnel Whose Retirement Plans Were Changed after Initial Date of Hire
LD 1584, SP0555
An Act To Authorize Arbitration of Property Tax Valuation Disputes
LD 1585, SP0556
An Act To Assist the Independent Medical Examiner Program for Workers' Compensation
LD 1586, SP0557
Resolve, Directing the Department of Labor To Examine Policy and Programmatic Alternatives for the Establishment of a Wage Loss Insurance System To Provide Wage Security in the Event of Loss of Earnings
LD 1587, SP0559
An Act To Strengthen Maine's Distracted-driving Penalties
LD 1588, HP1110
An Act To Enact the 2007 Tax Reform and Tax Relief Act
LD 1589, HP1111
An Act To Prohibit the Use of Opposite-gender Bathrooms, Changing Rooms and Locker Rooms
LD 1590, HP1112
An Act To Clarify the Method of Education Cost Sharing among Certain Municipalities
LD 1591, HP1113
An Act To Provide Educational Opportunities for Dependents of Maine Military Personnel
LD 1592, HP1114
An Act To Protect Small Businesses and Individual Health Insurance Consumers
LD 1593, HP1115
An Act To Require the Consent of Union Members To Have Dues Used for Political Purposes
LD 1594, HP1116
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Closed Periods for the Hauling of Lobster Traps
LD 1595, HP1117
An Act To Ensure the Proper Management of the Sea Urchin Industry
LD 1596, HP1118
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Study Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling
LD 1597, HP1119
An Act Regarding the Service Provider Tax
LD 1598, HP1120
An Act To Grant Supervisory Privileges to Supervising Nurse Practitioners
LD 1599, HP1121
An Act To Allow Service Credit for Teachers in the Retirement System for Certain Educational Development

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