Directory of Papers
LD 1200 - 1399

LD 1200, SP0388
An Act To Authorize the Department of Environmental Protection To Exclude Repeat Violators of Environmental Laws from Receiving Contracts with the Department
LD 1201, SP0389
An Act To Amend the Forfeiture and Property Seizure Laws BY REQUEST
LD 1202, SP0390
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Access to State and State Aid Highways To Permit a Traffic Safety and Rest Area Exception
LD 1203, SP0391
An Act To Amend the Laws Respecting Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors
LD 1204, SP0392
Resolve, To Impose a Moratorium on the Acceptance or Processing of an Application To Increase or Revise Licensing of New or Existing Incineration Facilities
LD 1205, SP0393
An Act To Amend the Laws Preventing the Pollution of Portland's Water Supply
LD 1206, SP0394
An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws Concerning Work Licenses
LD 1207, SP0395
An Act To Amend the Mechanics Lien Laws
LD 1208, SP0396
An Act To Create Uniformity among Certain Self-insureds
LD 1209, SP0397
An Act To License Weekly Housing Programs BY REQUEST
LD 1210, SP0398
An Act Concerning the Diagnosis, Service and Repair of Motor Vehicles
LD 1211, SP0399
An Act To Decrease the Property Tax Rate
LD 1212, SP0400
An Act To Exempt Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in Active Patient Care from Jury Service
LD 1213, SP0401
An Act To Establish Spousal Support Guidelines
LD 1214, SP0402
An Act To Improve the Competitiveness of Maine's Boat Building Industry
LD 1215, SP0403
An Act To Attract New Capital for Innovative Businesses through Equity Investment in Maine
LD 1216, SP0404
Resolve, To Establish a Study Commission To Stimulate Telecommunications Investment, Economic Development and Job Creation
LD 1217, SP0405
An Act To Improve Health Standards in Piercing Procedures
LD 1218, SP0406
An Act To Further Limit Retrospective Denials of Previously Paid Health Insurance Claims
LD 1219, SP0407
Resolve, To Study Flood Control and Water Storage
LD 1220, SP0408
An Act To Ensure Continued Education in Boatbuilding at the Marine Technology Center
LD 1221, SP0422
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Kennebunk Light and Power District
LD 1222, SP0423
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Wastewater Infrastructure on the Penobscot River and To Require Testing Relating to Publicly Owned Treatment Works
LD 1223, SP0424
An Act To Provide a Uniform Retirement Plan for Corrections Officers and Mental Health Workers
LD 1224, SP0425
An Act To Prevent Violence against Maine Families and To Provide Adequate Intervention in Cases of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
LD 1225, SP0426
An Act To Make Technical Changes to the Repeal of the Personal Property Tax on Business Equipment
LD 1226, SP0427
An Act To Protect Young Passengers of Transportation Providers
LD 1227, HP0869
An Act To Require Posting of the State's Debt
LD 1228, HP0870
An Act To Create a Certificate of Need Process for the Construction of Correctional Facilities
LD 1229, HP0871
An Act To Prohibit Sex Offenders from Areas around Schools
LD 1230, HP0872
An Act To Protect Consumers against Inadequate Health Care Coverage
LD 1231, HP0873
An Act To Serve the Best Interests of Children in Divorce
LD 1232, HP0874
An Act To Limit the Duration of the Placement of Campaign Signs
LD 1233, HP0875
An Act To Amend Requirements for Participation of Gubernatorial Candidates under the Maine Clean Election Act
LD 1234, HP0876
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection and the Public Utilities Commission To Develop a Program That Supports the Recycling of Fluorescent Lamps
LD 1235, HP0877
An Act Regarding Recreational Vehicle Excise Taxes
LD 1236, HP0878
An Act To Create the Princeton Water District
LD 1238, HP0880
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Provide 4-year Terms for Legislators
LD 1239, HP0881
Resolve, To Establish a Working Group To Study the Effectiveness and Timeliness of Early Identification and Intervention for Children with Hearing Loss in Maine
LD 1240, HP0882
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission
LD 1241, HP0883
An Act To Provide Uniform Treatment of Prior Convictions in the Maine Criminal Code
LD 1242, SP0428
An Act To Increase Relief Provided under the Homestead Property Tax Exemption BY REQUEST
LD 1243, SP0429
An Act To Allow Local Administration of the Maine Residents Property Tax Program BY REQUEST
LD 1244, SP0430
An Act To Reduce Foreclosures
LD 1245, SP0431
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Encourage Research and Development in Renewable Energy
LD 1246, SP0432
Resolve, To Improve Oral Health for Children
LD 1247, SP0433
Resolve, To Establish a Study Commission To Explore the Creation of a Department of Peace BY REQUEST
LD 1248, SP0434
An Act To Authorize Load Aggregation for Consumer-owned Electric Utilities
LD 1249, SP0435
An Act To Amend the Composition of the Maine Port Authority
LD 1250, SP0436
An Act To Implement an Oral Health Capitation System for Children on MaineCare
LD 1251, SP0437
An Act To Establish the Crime of Political Libel BY REQUEST
LD 1252, SP0438
An Act To Amend State Funding Reimbursement under the General Assistance Program
LD 1253, SP0439
An Act To Protect Consumers from Deceptive Insurance Solicitation
LD 1254, SP0440
An Act To Modify the Student Code of Conduct
LD 1255, SP0441
Resolve, To Return to J & L Discatio Corporation Money Paid by It to Maine Revenue Services
LD 1256, HP0884
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Community Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste Collection
LD 1257, HP0885
An Act Regarding the Terms of Members of the Maine State Museum Commission
LD 1258, HP0886
An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Landowner Liability
LD 1259, HP0887
An Act To Use the Date of Injury To Calculate the Average Weekly Wage in Occupational Disease Cases
LD 1260, HP0888
An Act To Create an Animal Welfare Lottery Game
LD 1261, HP0889
An Act To Clarify Intermittent Leave under the Family Medical Leave Laws
LD 1262, HP0890
An Act Regarding Property and Casualty Insurance Actuarial Opinion of Reserves
LD 1263, HP0891
Resolve, To Continue the Tribal-State Work Group
LD 1264, HP0892
An Act To Resolve Differences in the Laws Regarding Public Shade Trees
LD 1265, HP0893
An Act To Keep Private Road Maintenance Costs Affordable BY REQUEST
LD 1266, HP0894
An Act To Support County Government
LD 1267, HP0895
Resolve, To Estimate the Annual Value of Uncollected Bottle Deposits, Fraud and Total Costs under Maine's Bottle Bill
LD 1268, HP0896
An Act To Fund the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program and Fund
LD 1270, HP0898
Resolve, To Clarify the Definition of Smart Growth
LD 1271, HP0899
An Act To Establish Health Care Practitioner Immunity for Consulting Physicians in Critical Specialties or Subspecialties
LD 1272, HP0900
An Act To Repeal Certain Unemployment Benefit Disqualifications
LD 1273, HP0901
An Act To Increase Beano Revenue
LD 1274, HP0902
An Act To Allow the Discharge of Aquatic Pesticides Approved by the Department of Environmental Protection for the Control of Mosquito-borne Diseases in the Interest of Public Health and Safety
LD 1275, HP0903
An Act To Promote Workplace Safety and Certainty within the Construction Industry by Authorizing the Workers' Compensation Board To Issue Construction Contractor Certificates
LD 1276, HP0904
An Act To Promote Funding for Wildlife
LD 1277, HP0905
Resolve, To Study the Feasibility of Off-road Bike and Walking Paths along the Busiest Commuting Corridors in the State
LD 1278, HP0906
An Act To Require Licensing for Certain Mechanical Trades
LD 1279, SP0442
An Act To Terminate the Authority of the Maine Governmental Facilities Authority
LD 1280, SP0443
Resolve, Regarding the Training Curriculum and Skills of Certified Nursing Assistants
LD 1281, SP0444
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Education To Issue Rules Adopting the Northwest Evaluation Association's Assessment System as an Approved Method of Meeting Learning Results
LD 1282, SP0445
An Act To Allow Manicurists and Pedicurists To Do Nails for the Elderly
LD 1283, SP0446
An Act To Prevent Retailers from Selling Liquor below Cost
LD 1284, SP0447
Resolve, Regarding the Organization and Administration of Energy Policy Responsibilities within State Government
LD 1285, SP0448
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Appeals from Decisions Issued by the Workers' Compensation Board
LD 1286, SP0449
An Act To Impose Tighter Controls over Addictive Prescription Drugs
LD 1287, SP0450
An Act To Assist Maine Pharmacies
LD 1288, SP0451
An Act To Limit Recertification of Nursing Facility Residents to One Regulatory Organization
LD 1289, HP0907
An Act To Provide Oversight for Crematoriums
LD 1290, HP0908
An Act To Enhance Enforcement of Public Health Measures
LD 1291, HP0909
Resolve, To Create the Commission To Aid Municipalities in Consolidating Public Safety Organizations
LD 1292, HP0910
An Act To Ensure the Provision of Necessary Conditions for Effective Education Reform
LD 1293, HP0911
An Act To Enhance Protection against Rabies in Wolf Hybrids
LD 1294, HP0912
An Act To Establish a Health Care Bill of Rights
LD 1295, HP0913
An Act To Amend the Labor Laws Regarding Automobile Dealerships
LD 1296, HP0914
An Act To Amend Certain Harness Racing Laws
LD 1297, HP0915
Resolve, Regarding Measures To Ensure the Continued Health and Commercial Viability of Maine's Seacoast by Establishing Nutrient Criteria for Coastal Waters
LD 1298, HP0916
An Act To Amend the Definition of "Working Waterfront Land" To Include Land Used for Marine Trades
LD 1299, HP0917
An Act To Amend the Farm and Open Space Tax Law BY REQUEST
LD 1300, HP0918
An Act To Return a Portion of Sales, Lodging and Meals Taxes to Municipalities
LD 1301, HP0919
An Act To Require All Construction Vehicles To Have a Backup Sensor
LD 1302, HP0920
Resolve, To Preserve Maine's Electric Energy Infrastructure
LD 1303, HP0921
An Act To Establish the Columbia Falls Village Water District
LD 1304, SP0452
An Act Relative to Motor Vehicles and Floats Operated in Parades
LD 1305, SP0453
Resolve, To Create a New Hunter Safety Course
LD 1306, SP0454
An Act To Protect against Discrimination in Housing
LD 1307, SP0455
An Act To Reduce Duplication of Paperwork for Fuel Distributors
LD 1308, SP0456
Resolve, Regarding the Use of Restraints in Nursing Facilities
LD 1309, SP0457
An Act To Provide Equity in Funding for Women's Health Services
LD 1310, SP0458
An Act To Make Unemployment Compensation Law More Fair to Seniors
LD 1311, SP0459
An Act To Fight Global Warming Effects in the State
LD 1312, SP0460
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Preservation of Forest Lodge in the Town of Upton
LD 1313, SP0461
An Act To Amend the Solid Waste Management Laws
LD 1314, HP0922
An Act To Reimburse MaineCare in Certain Workers' Compensation Cases
LD 1315, HP0923
An Act To Amend the Wine License Laws
LD 1316, HP0924
An Act To Define Campaign Communications Requiring Matching Clean Election Funding
LD 1317, HP0925
An Act To Require a Minimum Number of Votes in a Primary To Continue To Qualify as a Maine Clean Election Act Candidate
LD 1318, HP0926
Resolve, To Conduct an Independent Review of the Department of Marine Resources, Public Health Division
LD 1319, HP0927
An Act Relating to Previously Approved Small Coastal Subdivisions
LD 1320, HP0928
An Act Requiring the Development of Codes of Ethics by Component Units and Other Related Organizations of State Government
LD 1321, HP0929
Resolve, To Require the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability To Provide Audit and Oversight Services Regarding Medical and Dental Services Provided in the County Jails and State Prisons
LD 1322, HP0930
An Act To Prohibit Constitutional Officers from Endorsing Candidates for the Legislature
LD 1323, HP0931
Resolve, To Require the Department of Public Safety To Determine the Requirements for Regional Firefighters Concerning Assisting Other Municipalities
LD 1324, HP0932
An Act To Restore Income as a Factor in the Determination of Fiscal Capacity in the School Funding Formula
LD 1325, HP0933
An Act To Ensure Adequate Funding for Students of Alternative Schools
LD 1326, HP0934
An Act To Increase Civil Penalties for Violations of Fire Code Laws Applicable to Fire Escape Installment and Maintenance
LD 1327, HP0935
An Act To Amend Survivors' Benefits under the Workers' Compensation Laws
LD 1328, HP0936
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Limit the Frequency with which an Issue May Appear on the Ballot as a Result of a Direct Initiative
LD 1329, HP0937
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Set Speed Limits on Certain Roads
LD 1330, HP0938
An Act To Promote School Zone Safety
LD 1331, HP0939
An Act To Encourage Community Wind Power Projects
LD 1332, HP0941
An Act Regarding Tobacco Products in Jails
LD 1333, HP0942
An Act To Develop an Equitable Funding Formula for the University of Maine System Campuses
LD 1334, HP0943
Resolve, To Establish a Task Force To Study Strategies To Promote Financial Literacy
LD 1335, HP0944
An Act To Minimize the Litigation Costs to Municipalities Associated with Property Tax Assessment Appeals
LD 1336, HP0945
An Act To Allow the Town of Kennebunk To Adjust the Definition of Original Assessed Value for the Route 1 Municipal Tax Increment Financing District
LD 1337, HP0946
Resolve, To Assist in Appropriate Notification in an Emergency
LD 1338, HP0947
An Act Concerning the Taxation of Property Owned by Certain Nonprofit Organizations
LD 1339, HP0948
Resolve, To Reduce Energy Costs for Consumers
LD 1340, HP0949
An Act To Enhance the Reliability and Competitiveness of Maine's Electricity Market
LD 1341, HP0950
An Act To Clarify Restrictions on Accepting Campaign Contributions Laws
LD 1342, HP0951
An Act To Enhance Energy Security by Requiring Greater Fuel Efficiency
LD 1343, HP0952
An Act To Encourage Vanpooling and Carpooling
LD 1344, HP0953
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Maine's Economy and Quality of Place through the New Century Community Program
LD 1345, HP0954
An Act To Simplify Standards for Determining Independent Contractor Status for Unemployment Compensation Purposes
LD 1346, HP0955
An Act To Enhance Maine's Energy Independence and Reduce Electricity Costs
LD 1347, HP0956
Resolve, Regarding Alternative Fuel Incentives To Stimulate the Production, Distribution and Use of Biofuels
LD 1348, SP0462
An Act To Amend the Maine Tort Claims Act
LD 1349, SP0463
Resolve, To Waive the Tort Claims Limitation on Damages Relative to the Traumatic Brain Injury of Lucas Tolliver
LD 1350, SP0464
Resolve, Authorizing the Director of the Bureau of Parks and Lands To Convey Interests of the State in Land in Lincolnville
LD 1351, SP0465
An Act To Promote Postsecondary Education Opportunities for Juveniles under the Care of the Department of Corrections
LD 1352, SP0466
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Maine State Housing Authority
LD 1353, SP0467
Resolve, To Provide a Comprehensive Assessment of Progress Made To Eliminate Combined Sewer Overflow into the State's Waterways
LD 1354, SP0468
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Health and Human Services To Establish a Physician Specialist Program
LD 1355, SP0469
An Act Regarding the Calculation of the Livable Wage
LD 1356, SP0470
An Act To Provide a Tax Credit for Revitalization of Historic Mill Facilities
LD 1357, SP0471
Resolve, Directing the Treasurer of State To Convene a Study Commission To Develop Recommendations To Improve the Administration of the State-Municipal Revenue Sharing
LD 1358, SP0472
Resolve, To Study the Distribution of Revenue Sharing
LD 1359, SP0473
An Act To Ensure the Availability of Existing Drinking Water Sources of Supply
LD 1360, SP0474
An Act To Permit the University of Maine System To Install Lines on Utility Facilities in Public Rights-of-way
LD 1361, SP0475
An Act Concerning Certain Flavored Cigarettes and Flavored Cigars and Hard Snuff
LD 1362, SP0476
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Municipal Elections
LD 1363, SP0477
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Access to State and State Aid Highways To Permit Traffic Safety and Rest Area Exceptions
LD 1364, SP0478
An Act To Preserve and Grow Maine Small Businesses
LD 1365, HP0957
An Act To Make Civil Process Fees on Papers Served on Behalf of the State of Maine Consistent with Fees Paid by Other Governmental Entities
LD 1366, HP0958
An Act To Limit the Loss a School Administrative Unit Could Receive under the School Funding Formula
LD 1367, HP0959
An Act To Address the Inequities of the Probationary Teacher Laws
LD 1368, HP0960
An Act To Revise the Essential Programs and Services Funding Formula To Increase Equity in School Funding
LD 1369, HP0961
Resolve, To Promote High-quality Before-school and After-school Programs
LD 1370, HP0962
An Act Requiring Public Disclosure of Health Care Prices
LD 1371, HP0963
Resolve, To Study the Impact of Social Services and Corrections Policies on Homeless People in Maine
LD 1372, HP0964
An Act To Increase Caps on Damages in Actions under the Maine Human Rights Act
LD 1373, HP0965
An Act To Authorize the Board of Trustees of the Maine State Retirement System To Provide a Cost-of-living Adjustment to Retired Employees of Participating Local Districts
LD 1374, HP0966
An Act To Require Expense Reporting by Municipalities and Counties
LD 1375, HP0967
An Act To Equalize the Taxation of Noncigarette Tobacco Products
LD 1376, HP0968
An Act To Preserve Farmland and Timberland
LD 1377, HP0969
An Act To Exempt Fuel Used by Commercial Groundfishing Boats from Sales Tax
LD 1378, HP0970
Resolve, To Provide Information to Maine Citizens Regarding Maine's Tax Laws
LD 1379, HP0971
An Act To Create an Income Tax Stabilization Program
LD 1380, HP0972
An Act To Provide Income Tax Relief to Working and Middle-class Families
LD 1381, HP0973
Resolve, To Ensure the Success of Regional Climate Change Efforts
LD 1382, HP0974
An Act To Create a Utility District in Edgecomb
LD 1383, HP0975
An Act To Enhance Availability of Emergency Telephone Services
LD 1384, HP0976
An Act To Rename and Specifically Identify Sex Crimes
LD 1385, HP0977
An Act To Strengthen Arts Education for All Maine Students
LD 1386, HP0978
An Act To Make Criminal Background Checks and Department of Health and Human Services Child Protective Substantiation Checks on Volunteers More Affordable
LD 1387, HP0979
An Act Concerning the Taking of Nuisance Animals BY REQUEST
LD 1388, HP0980
An Act To Prohibit Attorneys from Litigating Child Custody Cases in the Same District in Which They Serve as Guardians Ad Litem
LD 1389, HP0981
An Act To Provide for Prompt Resolution of Insurance Claims
LD 1390, HP0982
An Act Related to Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicles
LD 1391, HP0984
An Act To Focus the Use of the Sex Offender Registry Website on the Most Dangerous Offenders
LD 1392, SP0479
An Act To Update the Dioxin Monitoring Program
LD 1393, SP0481
An Act Regarding Grassroots Lobbying
LD 1394, SP0482
An Act Regarding Campaign Finance Disclosure by Political Action Committees
LD 1395, SP0483
An Act To Protect Maine Rivers and To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue
LD 1396, SP0484
Resolve, To Provide for an Independent Evaluation of the Procedures and Programs of the Department of Health and Human Services for Promoting Permanency and Safety for Children
LD 1397, SP0485
An Act To Allow Nonprofit Organizations and Indian Tribes To Sponsor Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments
LD 1398, SP0486
An Act To Enable Restaurants To Allow Dogs In Outdoor Portions of Those Establishments
LD 1399, SP0487
Resolve, To Ensure the Safety of Roads with High Volumes of Traffic

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