Directory of Papers
LD 1000 - 1199

LD 1000, SP0317
An Act To Increase Firearm Safety on College Campuses
LD 1001, SP0318
An Act To Eliminate the Property Tax on Business Equipment Owned by Small Retailers
LD 1002, SP0319
An Act To Improve Access to and Awareness of the Circuitbreaker Program
LD 1003, SP0320
An Act To Amend the Tax Credit for Biofuel Production
LD 1004, SP0321
An Act To Repeal the Laws That Establish a Deposit for Bottles and Cans
LD 1005, SP0322
An Act To Amend the Tax Laws Concerning Certain Motor Vehicle Dealership Transactions
LD 1006, SP0323
An Act To Ensure Fairness for Maine Businesses
LD 1007, SP0324
An Act To Promote County-based Economic and Community Development
LD 1008, SP0325
Resolve, Directing the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices To Provide Historical Data Regarding the Receipt and Resolution of Complaints Pertaining to Legislative Ethics Violations
LD 1009, SP0326
An Act To Provide Firearms Safety Instruction for Adolescents
LD 1010, SP0327
An Act To Ensure That Military Services Members Receive Deferment of Their Property Tax Obligations
LD 1011, SP0328
An Act To Enhance Child Support Collections in Maine
LD 1012, SP0329
Resolve, To Require the Emergency Services Communication Bureau To Send E-9-1-1 Changes of Address Information to State Licensing Agencies
LD 1013, SP0330
An Act To Offer Tuition Waivers for State Higher Education Facilities to Eligible Veterans
LD 1014, SP0331
An Act To Ensure Reasonable and Equitable Land Use Opportunities near Shorebird, Wading Bird and Waterfowl Habitat
LD 1015, SP0332
An Act To Amend the Unemployment Laws
LD 1016, SP0333
An Act Regarding Residential Care Facilities for Children
LD 1017, SP0334
An Act To Protect Citizens' Privacy
LD 1018, SP0335
An Act To Require That a State Road Be in Good Condition before Being Turned over to a Municipality
LD 1019, SP0336
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Replenish the School Revolving Renovation Fund
LD 1020, SP0337
An Act To Renew the Promise of Higher Education
LD 1021, SP0338
Resolve, To Lower the Cost of State Government
LD 1022, SP0339
An Act To Amend the Laws Pertaining to the Removal of Submerged Vehicles
LD 1023, SP0340
An Act To Designate Special Funds To Help Support Maine Military Families
LD 1024, SP0341
An Act To Address Labor Practices with On-call Workers
LD 1025, SP0342
An Act To Reform Essential Programs and Services
LD 1026, SP0343
An Act To Reduce Inspections and Operating Costs for Elevators
LD 1027, SP0344
An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Physical or Mental Disability" in the Maine Human Rights Act
LD 1028, SP0345
An Act To Reform Dirigo Health
LD 1029, SP0346
An Act To Create the Maine Spyware Prevention Act
LD 1030, SP0347
An Act To Encourage Cogeneration
LD 1031, SP0348
An Act To Amend the Fingerprinting Law
LD 1032, SP0349
An Act To Improve Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in Maine
LD 1033, SP0350
An Act Regarding Involuntary Treatment of Mental Health Patients
LD 1034, HP0752
Resolve, To Preserve the Saco River
LD 1035, HP0753
An Act To Increase Wheelchair Van Services Reimbursement Rates
LD 1036, HP0754
An Act To Appropriate Funds To Restore Clam Flats in Stockton Harbor BY REQUEST
LD 1037, HP0755
An Act To Exempt Maintenance Workers from Licensure for General Electrical Maintenance
LD 1038, HP0756
Resolve, Directing the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation To Study the Issue of Residential Contractor Licensing
LD 1039, HP0757
Resolve, Directing the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Board of Trustees To Develop and Implement Law Enforcement Training Regarding the Determination of the Predominant Aggressor in Domestic Violence Situations
LD 1040, HP0758
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Encourage School Administrative Units To Encourage Secondary School Students To Apply to College
LD 1041, HP0759
An Act To Improve the Essential Programs and Services Funding Formula
LD 1042, HP0760
An Act To Establish Uniformity in School Building Construction BY REQUEST
LD 1043, HP0761
An Act Regarding Requirements for the Issuance and Renewal of Teaching Certificates
LD 1044, HP0762
An Act To Address Eating Disorders in Maine
LD 1045, HP0763
An Act To Extend the Coyote Night Hunting Season
LD 1046, HP0764
An Act To Make Changes to Maine's Homeowner Property Insurance Laws
LD 1047, HP0765
An Act To Lower the Cost of Health Insurance
LD 1048, HP0766
An Act To Provide Greater Permanency for Children in Child Protection Proceedings
LD 1049, HP0767
An Act To Require Wholesale Distributors of Alcoholic Beverages To Report the Quantity of Liquor Sold to Individual Licensees
LD 1050, HP0768
An Act To Prohibit Payment for the Gathering of Petition Signatures
LD 1051, HP0769
An Act To Provide Information to the Public Regarding Lobbying and Lobbyists
LD 1052, HP0770
An Act To Extend Eligibility for the Trade-in Credit to All Trailers
LD 1053, HP0771
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Placement of an On-premises Sign
LD 1054, HP0772
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Repair Underground Pipes on Main Street and Church Street in Stockton Springs BY REQUEST
LD 1055, HP0773
Resolve, To Establish a Working Group To Study the Prevalence and Cost of Hearing Loss and the Use of Hearing Aids and Other Devices in Maine's Elderly Population
LD 1056, HP0774
An Act To Change Building Requirements for County Buildings and Land
LD 1057, HP0775
An Act Concerning the Economic and Business Climate
LD 1058, HP0776
An Act To Require the Reporting of Executive Branch Lobbying
LD 1059, HP0777
An Act To Ban Payment-per-signature for Initiative and Referenda Petition Circulators
LD 1060, HP0778
Resolve, To Study the State's Career Center Network and Create a Sustainable System
LD 1061, HP0779
An Act To Accept the Determination of Public Opinion on Municipal Projects BY REQUEST
LD 1062, HP0780
An Act To Provide Tax-exempt Status to Service Dog Trainers
LD 1063, HP0781
An Act Regarding Cable Television Service Outages
LD 1064, HP0782
An Act To Increase Funding To Support Research and Development in the University of Maine System
LD 1065, HP0783
Resolve, To Enhance the Education Opportunities for Maine's Early Childhood Workers
LD 1066, HP0784
An Act To Protect Consumers in the Insurance Industry
LD 1067, HP0785
An Act To Require the Payment of Property Taxes before a Refund May Be Issued under the Circuitbreaker Program
LD 1068, HP0786
An Act To Enhance Maine's Energy Independence and Security
LD 1069, HP0787
An Act To Provide a Property Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Technology Centers
LD 1070, HP0788
An Act To Create the Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Council
LD 1071, HP0789
An Act Regarding Energy-generating Facilities
LD 1072, HP0790
Resolve, To Conduct an Updated Study of the Feasibility of Establishing a Single-payor Health Care System in the State
LD 1073, HP0791
Resolve, To Study the Promotion, Expansion and Regulation of the Harness Racing Industry
LD 1074, HP0792
An Act To Amend the Maine Commercial Fertilizer Law
LD 1075, HP0793
Resolve, To Assist Maine Local Land Trusts
LD 1076, HP0794
An Act To Encourage Expansion and Development of Maine Tourism
LD 1077, HP0795
An Act To Create a Seasonal Vendor Sales Tax Revolving Loan Fund
LD 1078, HP0796
An Act To Amend the OUI Laws Regarding the Use of Immunoassays
LD 1079, HP0797
Resolve, Establishing the Commission To Study Biofuel Use in School Districts
LD 1080, HP0798
An Act To Increase Public Participation in the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund Board
LD 1081, HP0799
An Act To Protect Wild Trout from Exotic Species
LD 1082, HP0800
An Act To Create a Maine-based Independent Nonprofit Health Insurance Company
LD 1083, HP0801
An Act To Clarify the Use of Insurance Scores
LD 1084, HP0802
An Act To Provide Adult Adoptees Access to Their Original Birth Certificates
LD 1085, HP0803
An Act To Improve the Laws Concerning the Management by Law Enforcement Agencies of Unclaimed, Lost or Stolen Personal Property
LD 1086, HP0804
An Act To Clarify Worker Payment for Clothing and Equipment
LD 1087, HP0805
An Act To Facilitate Debarment of State Contractors with Serious or Repeated Labor Violations
LD 1088, HP0806
An Act To Amend Various Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management Laws
LD 1089, HP0807
An Act To Create the Maine Natural Resource and Environment Efficiency Commission BY REQUEST
LD 1090, HP0808
An Act To Authorize the State's Participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
LD 1091, HP0809
Resolve, To Establish the Maine Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission
LD 1092, HP0810
An Act To Exempt from the Excise Tax Fuel Used in Certain Farm Trucks
LD 1093, HP0811
An Act To Exempt Dyed Fuel from the Sales Tax
LD 1094, HP0812
An Act To Exempt from the Sales Tax Water Used in Agricultural Production
LD 1095, HP0813
An Act To Enhance the Maine Residents Property Tax Program
LD 1096, HP0814
An Act To Make Circuitbreaker Program Benefits Proportional If a Resident Moves
LD 1097, HP0815
An Act Relating to Safe and Effective Use of Casco Bay Bridge
LD 1098, HP0816
An Act To Promote Electricity Transmission Independence
LD 1099, SP0351
An Act To Encourage Wind Energy Development
LD 1100, SP0352
Resolve, Directing the Bureau of Revenue Services To Provide Guidance Regarding the Valuation of Certain Affordable Housing Property
LD 1101, SP0353
An Act To Establish a Complimentary Moose Permit Drawing for 100% Disabled Veterans
LD 1102, SP0354
An Act To Lower Mandatory Group Participation Rates to 60%
LD 1103, SP0355
Resolve, To Determine the Impact of Funding for State Higher Education on the Distribution of Higher Education Costs among Families, Taxpayers and Publicly Supported Institutions of Higher Education
LD 1104, SP0356
An Act To Amend Certain Provisions of Fish and Wildlife Law
LD 1105, SP0357
An Act To Strengthen Maine's Craft Brewers
LD 1106, SP0358
An Act To Recapitalize the Municipal Investment Trust Fund
LD 1107, SP0359
An Act To Promote Compliance with the Workers' Compensation Laws
LD 1108, SP0360
An Act To Change the Calculation of the Municipal Rate of Growth Ordinance Limit
LD 1109, SP0361
Resolve, To Establish a Study Commission To Reform Taxes and Spending in Maine
LD 1110, SP0362
An Act To Create the Maine Council on Poverty and Economic Security
LD 1111, SP0363
An Act To Protect Children by Requiring Trigger Locks on Handguns
LD 1112, SP0364
An Act To Exempt from Maine Taxes Wine Shipped to Other States
LD 1113, SP0365
An Act To Prevent Workplace Bullying
LD 1114, SP0366
An Act To Appropriate Funds for the School Breakfast Program
LD 1115, SP0367
An Act Concerning Licensure as a Master Well Driller or a Master Pump Installer
LD 1116, SP0368
An Act To Create a State-sponsored Mutual Liability Company To Underwrite Risk for Snowmobile and ATV Clubs
LD 1117, SP0369
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Somerset Woods Trustees
LD 1118, SP0370
An Act To Provide Certain Requirements for Rules Related to Rate Setting for Mental Retardation Services
LD 1119, SP0371
An Act To Permit Mental Health Professionals To Disclose Risks to People Likely To Be Harmed by a Patient
LD 1120, SP0372
An Act To Amend MaineCare Benefits as Allowed by the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
LD 1121, SP0373
An Act To Provide That Lottery Proceeds Be Devoted to Public or Charitable Uses
LD 1122, SP0374
An Act To Prohibit a Person from Serving as Both Municipal Tax Collector and Treasurer
LD 1123, SP0375
Resolve, Relating to the Wells-Ogunquit Community School District
LD 1124, HP0817
An Act To Create an Ownership Interest in Agency Liquor Store Licenses
LD 1125, HP0818
An Act To Amend the Maine Liquor Liability Act
LD 1126, HP0819
An Act To Clarify the Status of Subsidy Payments to Guardians
LD 1127, HP0820
An Act To Decriminalize Certain Actions BY REQUEST
LD 1128, HP0821
An Act To Require Electronic Monitoring of Secondary Sales Transactions
LD 1129, HP0822
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation To Conduct a Sunrise Review of Oral Health Care Issues
LD 1130, HP0823
Resolve, To Increase Fairness in Medical Payments
LD 1131, HP0824
An Act To Establish a Sales Tax Rebate for Certain Vehicles
LD 1132, HP0825
An Act To Make Technical Changes to the Maine Municipal Bond Bank Laws
LD 1133, HP0826
Resolve, To Establish the William Silliker Memorial Wildlife Watching Area
LD 1134, HP0827
An Act To Ensure Access to the Community College for Students in Maine
LD 1135, HP0828
An Act To Allow Municipal Cost Sharing for County Services
LD 1136, HP0829
An Act To Amend the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices' Appointment Process
LD 1137, HP0830
An Act To Provide Payment for Homeless Respite Care Services through the MaineCare Program
LD 1138, HP0831
An Act To Prohibit Maine from Participating in the Federal REAL ID Act of 2005
LD 1139, HP0832
An Act Regarding Returnable Containers
LD 1140, HP0833
An Act To Improve Efficiency in the Courts
LD 1141, HP0834
An Act To Ensure Basic Rights of Judicial Employees
LD 1142, HP0835
An Act To Enhance the Newborn Hearing Program
LD 1143, HP0836
An Act To Prevent the Public Utilities Commission from Disclosing Private Information to the Federal Government
LD 1144, HP0837
An Act To Provide Information to Property Tax Payers
LD 1145, HP0838
An Act To Impose a Real Estate Transfer Tax Based on the Value of the Property
LD 1146, HP0839
An Act To Promote Healthy Practices for MaineCare Members
LD 1147, HP0840
An Act To Impose a Modified Hiring Freeze in State Government
LD 1148, HP0841
An Act To Protect Electric Ratepayers
LD 1149, HP0842
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Improve Child Care Facilities in Maine
LD 1150, HP0843
An Act To Establish Random Audits of Voting Machines
LD 1151, HP0844
An Act To Streamline the Review of Minor Tariff Filings of Consumer-owned Water Utilities
LD 1152, HP0845
An Act To Improve Public Education in Maine
LD 1153, HP0846
An Act To Allow Affordable Housing Discretionary Water and Sewer Fee Waivers
LD 1154, HP0847
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Expend Funds for Fisheries and Waterfront Initiatives
LD 1155, HP0848
An Act To Include Fuel Economy when Calculating the Excise Tax on Motor Vehicles
LD 1156, HP0849
An Act To Protect Owners and Occupiers of Homes from Civil Liability
LD 1157, HP0850
Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources To Establish Rules Concerning Certified Organic Seed
LD 1158, HP0851
An Act To Increase the Per Diem for Members of the State Board of Arbitration and Conciliation
LD 1159, HP0852
Resolve, To Encourage Increased Use of Biofuel in Maine
LD 1160, HP0853
Resolve, To Encourage the Development of Water Power To Provide for Maine's Energy Needs
LD 1161, SP0409
An Act To Make Certain Changes to the Board of Licensure in Medicine
LD 1162, SP0410
An Act To Remove Disparities in the Administration of Emergency Aid
LD 1163, SP0411
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability Regarding Economic Development in Maine
LD 1164, SP0412
An Act To Sustain Island Communities
LD 1165, SP0413
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Development of 2 Educational Facilities for Spurwink
LD 1166, SP0414
An Act To Reduce the OUI Limit to .06
LD 1167, SP0415
An Act To Permit a Local Option Sales Tax in Towns Adjacent to a National Park
LD 1168, SP0416
An Act To Amend New Motor Vehicle Laws Regarding Emission Standards
LD 1169, SP0417
An Act Relating to Uncollectible Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes
LD 1170, SP0418
An Act To Exempt Nationally Accredited Child Welfare and Behavioral Health Care Organizations from State Licensing Requirements
LD 1171, SP0419
An Act To Modernize the Laws Pertaining to the Sport of Skiing and Use of Ski Areas
LD 1172, SP0420
An Act To Regulate Fire Alarm Contractors
LD 1173, HP0854
An Act To Clarify the Application of the Definition of "Tract or Parcel of Land" under the State Subdivision Laws
LD 1174, HP0855
Resolve, To Stabilize the Naples Waterfront
LD 1175, HP0856
An Act To Apply Municipal Nepotism Policies to Municipal School Units
LD 1176, HP0857
An Act Regarding MaineCare Prescription Drug and Tobacco Sales BY REQUEST
LD 1177, HP0858
Resolve, To Establish the Commission on Retirement Policy Funding and Reform
LD 1178, HP0859
An Act To Update and Clarify Laws Relating to Maine's Community Colleges
LD 1179, HP0860
An Act To Provide Regional Coordination and Planning for Public Health Programs and Activities
LD 1180, HP0861
An Act To Promote Transportation Planning, Increase Efficiency and Reduce Sprawl
LD 1181, HP0862
An Act To Reclassify Certain Tobacco Products
LD 1182, HP0863
An Act To Enable the Creation of Tax Increment Financing Districts for Arts Districts
LD 1183, HP0864
An Act To Clarify Public Safety Laws Regarding the Disclosure of Information and the Storage of Evidence, To Reauthorize the United States Secret Service To Enforce Certain State Laws and To Allow Designees To Serve on the Maine Communications System Policy Board
LD 1184, HP0865
Resolve, To Establish a Commission To Study the Possibility of Implementing the Proposed Healthy Americans Act
LD 1185, HP0866
An Act To Protect Dogs Tied Outside
LD 1186, HP0867
An Act To Establish Educational Excellence for the Towns of Corinna, Etna, Dixmont, Hartland, Newport, Palmyra, Plymouth and St. Albans
LD 1187, HP0868
An Act To Recoup Health Care Funds through the Maine False Claims Act
LD 1188, SP0376
An Act Regarding Local Plumbing Inspectors
LD 1189, SP0377
An Act To Expand the Maine Residents Property Tax Program
LD 1190, SP0378
An Act To Promote Economic Growth through Education for Androscoggin County
LD 1191, SP0379
An Act To Authorize a Local Bond Issue for Solid Waste, Storm and Drainage Issues and Transfer Stations
LD 1192, SP0380
An Act To Adjust Revenue Sharing Proportions for Education
LD 1193, SP0381
An Act Regarding the Taxation of Income Derived from Out-of-state Trusts
LD 1194, SP0382
An Act Concerning the Practice of a Deceased or Incapacitated Dentist
LD 1195, SP0383
An Act To Establish a Uniform Chart of Municipal Accounts
LD 1196, SP0384
An Act To Protect Host Communities' Sovereign Rights
LD 1197, SP0385
Resolve, To Prepare for any Statewide or Regional Emergency
LD 1198, SP0386
Resolve, Regarding the Provision of Over-the-counter Medications in the MaineCare Program
LD 1199, SP0387
An Act To Resolve Unfunded State Mandates

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