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LR 242
Item 1

Constitutional amendment. Resolved: Two thirds of each branch of the
Legislature concurring, that the following amendment to the
Constitution of Maine be proposed:

Constitution, Art. I, 6-B is enacted to read:

Section 6-B.__Right to health care.__All citizens have a
natural and unalienable right to health care as necessary to
achieve and maintain the maximum level of health.

; and be it

Constitutional referendum procedure; form of question; effective date. Resolved:
That the municipal officers of this State shall notify the
inhabitants of their respective cities, towns and plantations to
meet, in the manner prescribed by law for holding a statewide
election, at a statewide election, on the Tuesday following the
first Monday of November following the passage of this
resolution, to vote upon the ratification of the amendment
proposed in this resolution by voting upon the following

"Do you favor amending the Constitution of Maine to
establish health care as a constitutional right?"

The legal voters of each city, town and plantation shall vote
by ballot on this question and designate their choice by a cross
or check mark placed within the corresponding square below the
word "Yes" or "No." The ballots must be received, sorted,
counted and declared in open ward, town and plantation meetings
and returns made to the Secretary of State in the same manner as
votes for members of the Legislature. The Governor shall review
the returns and, if it appears that a majority of the legal votes
are cast in favor of the amendment, the Governor shall proclaim
that fact without delay and the amendment becomes part of the
Constitution of Maine on the date of the proclamation; and be it

Secretary of State shall prepare ballots. Resolved: That the Secretary of
State shall prepare and furnish to each city, town and plantation
all ballots, returns and copies of this resolution necessary to
carry out the purposes of this referendum.


This resolution proposes to amend the Constitution of Maine to
establish health care as a constitutional right.

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