New Studies

Commission to End Student Hunger, PL 2015, c. 267, Part CCC

Commission to Strengthen and Align the Services Provided to Maine Veterans, Resolve 2015, c. 48

Commission to Study Difficult-to-place Patients, Resolve 2015, c. 44

Commission to Study the Public Reserved Lands Management Fund, PL 2015, c. 267, Part GGGG

Maine Health Exchange Advisory Committee, SP 533, as amended by House Amendment "A" (H-501)

Task Force on School Leadership, Resolve 2015, c. 46

Working Group to Meet the Needs of Municipal Volunteer Personnel, Resolve 2015, c. 49

Approved Committee Studies/Meetings (new)

Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services to Study the Allocations of the Fund for a Healthy Maine, Resolve 2015, c. 47

Ongoing Studies/Commissions

Citizen Trade Policy Commission, 10 MRSA, section 11

Judicial Compensation Commission, 4 MRSA, section 1701

Legislative Youth Advisory Council, 3 MRSA, section 168-B

Right to Know Advisory Committee, 1 MRSA, section 411

State Education and Employment Outcomes Task Force, 20-A MRSA, section 12901