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129th Maine Legislature, Second Special Session

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SP 536
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An Act To Include Additional Corrections Officers and Mental Health Workers under the 1998 Special Plan for Retirement and To Amend the Laws Governing Retirement Benefits for Capitol Police Officers

Documents and DispositionLD 1659, SP 536Text
LD 1659
SP 536
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Fiscal Status
Not Yet Determined

Final DispositionDied Upon Conclusion of the 129th Legislature, Nov 16, 2020

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Amendments to LD 1659C-A (S-475)
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Fiscal Impact
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Labor and Housing on Apr 30, 2019.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Aug 6, 2020, OTP-AM/ONTP
Latest Committee Report: Aug 6, 2020; LBHS, MAJ: Ought To Pass As Amended; LBHS, MIN: Ought Not To Pass


Committee Docket
May 13, 2019Work Session HeldTABLED
May 20, 2019Work Session HeldTABLED
May 22, 2019Work Session HeldTABLED
Jun 3, 2019Carry Over Requested 
Jun 4, 2019Carry Over Approved 
Jan 22, 2020Work Session HeldTABLED
Mar 4, 2020Work Session Held 
Mar 4, 2020VotedDivided Report
Mar 17, 2020Carry Over Approved 
Aug 6, 2020Reported OutOTP-AM/ONTP

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Divided Reports
ReportReport Signer
MAJ - Ought To Pass As AmendedSenator Shenna Bellows of Kennebec, Chair
 Representative Mike Sylvester of Portland, Chair
 Representative Anne Carney of Cape Elizabeth
 Representative Scott Cuddy of Winterport
 Representative Donna Doore of Augusta
 Senator Mark Lawrence of York
 Representative Deane Rykerson of Kittery
 Representative Ralph Tucker of Brunswick
MIN - Ought Not To PassRepresentative Susan Austin of Gray
 Representative Dick Bradstreet of Vassalboro
 Senator Stacey Guerin of Penobscot
 Representative Lawrence Lockman of Bradley
 Representative Joshua Morris of Turner
Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
51785111 AMD null
517851-A1N NEW null
517851-A2 AMD null
517851-A1K AMD null
517712-A  AMD null
517851-A1L AMD null
51785210 AMD null
517851-A5 AMD null
517851-A1E AMD null
517851-A3A AMD null
517851-A4A AMD null
517712-B  AMD null
517851-A4E AMD null
517851-A1M AMD null
517851-A4D AMD null
517712  AMD null
51785210 AMD null
517851-A5 AMD null
517851-A4EAMD null
517851-A4DAMD null
517851-A4AAMD null
517851-A3AAMD null
517851-A2 AMD null
517851-A1NNEW null
517851-A1MAMD null
517851-A1LAMD null
517851-A1KAMD null
517851-A1EAMD null
51785111 AMD null
517712-B  AMD null
517712-A  AMD null
517712  AMD null