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Summary of SO 28

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SO 28
"Senate Order, Authorizing the President of the Senate To Represent the Interests of the Senate To Preserve the Integrity of the Election Process"
Sponsored by Senator Roger Katz

Status Summary
Last House Action None
Last Senate Action 4/2/2018 -  On motion by Senator KATZ of Kennebec READ.
On motion by Senator LIBBY of Androscoggin Roll Call Ordered
Motion by Senator BREEN of Cumberland Tabled until Later in Today's Session, pending PASSAGE FAILED
Roll Call Ordered Roll Call Number 573 Yeas 11 - Nays 22 - Excused 1 - Absent 1
On motion by Senator HILL of York Senate Amendment "C" (S-437) READ and ADOPTED
Roll Call Ordered Roll Call Number 574 Yeas 22 - Nays 12 - Excused 1 - Absent 0
Motion by Senator JACKSON of Aroostook Senate Amendment "A" (S-433) READ
Subsequently Senate Amendment "A" (S-433) FAILED ADOPTION
Roll Call Ordered Roll Call Number 575 Yeas 11 - Nays 23 - Excused 1 - Absent 0
PASSAGE as Amended by Senate Amendment "C" (S-437)
Roll Call Ordered Roll Call Number 576 Yeas 21 - Nays 13 - Excused 1 - Absent 0

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