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State of Maine Legislature

Sponsors of LD 1210

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LD 1210 (HP 874)
"Resolve, To Direct the Commissioner of Corrections To Study Changes in Corrections Practices and Reinvestment in Corrections Resources To Reduce Recidivism and Control Correctional Facility Costs"
Sponsored by Representative Rachel Talbot Ross

Sponsors and Cosponsors
Sponsored By: Representative Rachel TALBOT ROSS of Portland
Cosponsored By: Representative Donna BAILEY of Saco
Senator Michael CARPENTER of Aroostook
Representative Janice COOPER of Yarmouth
Representative Craig HICKMAN of Winthrop
Senator Marianne MOORE of Washington
Representative Victoria MORALES of South Portland
Representative Lois RECKITT of South Portland
Senator Kimberley ROSEN of Hancock
Representative Charlotte WARREN of Hallowell

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