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Rollcall Details for Senate Roll-call #324
LD 745 (HP 525)
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  Date: June 16, 2017
  Motion: ACCEPT RPT 'A' OTP-A
  Number of Yeas Required: 18 (simple majority)
  Outcome: PREVAILS
  Yeas (Y): 25
  Nays (N): 10
  Absent (X): 0
  Excused (E): 0
  Vacant: 0

Member Party Vote
  BELLOWS of Kennebec D N
  BRAKEY of Androscoggin R Y
  BREEN of Cumberland D N
  CARPENTER of Aroostook D Y
  CARSON of Cumberland D N
  CHENETTE of York D Y
  CHIPMAN of Cumberland D N
  COLLINS of York R Y
  CUSHING of Penobscot R Y
  CYRWAY of Kennebec R Y
  DAVIS of Piscataquis R Y
  DIAMOND of Cumberland D Y
  DILL of Penobscot D Y
  DION of Cumberland D N
  DOW of Lincoln R Y
  GRATWICK of Penobscot D N
  HAMPER of Oxford R Y
  HILL of York D Y
  JACKSON of Aroostook D Y
  KATZ of Kennebec R Y
  KEIM of Oxford R Y
  LANGLEY of Hancock R Y
  LIBBY of Androscoggin D N
  MAKER of Washington R Y
  MASON of Androscoggin R Y
  MILLETT of Cumberland D N
  MIRAMANT of Knox D N
  ROSEN of Hancock R Y
  SAVIELLO of Franklin R Y
  THIBODEAU of Waldo R Y
  VITELLI of Sagadahoc D N
  VOLK of Cumberland R Y
  WHITTEMORE of Somerset R Y
  WOODSOME of York R Y

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