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Rollcall Details for House Roll-call #389
LD 2283 (SP 908)
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  Date: April 11, 2008
  Motion: Enactment - Emer
  Number of Yeas Required: 101 (2/3 of membership)
  Outcome: PREVAILS
  Yeas (Y): 139
  Nays (N): 0
  Absent (X): 12
  Excused (E): 0

Member Party Vote
  ADAMS of Portland D Y
  ANNIS of Dover-Foxcroft R Y
  AUSTIN of Gray R Y
  AYOTTE of Caswell R Y
  BABBIDGE of Kennebunk D Y
  BARSTOW of Gorham D Y
  BEAUDETTE of Biddeford D Y
  BEAUDOIN of Biddeford D Y
  BEAULIEU of Auburn R Y
  BERRY of Bowdoinham D Y
  BERUBE of Lisbon R Y
  BLANCHARD of Old Town D Y
  BLANCHETTE of Bangor D Y
  BLISS of Cumberland D Y
  BOLAND of Sanford D Y
  BRAUTIGAM of Falmouth D Y
  BRIGGS of Mexico D Y
  BROWNE of Vassalboro R Y
  BRYANT of Windham D Y
  BURNS of Berwick D Y
  CAIN of Orono D Y
  CAMPBELL of Newfield I Y
  CANAVAN of Waterville D Y
  CAREY of Lewiston D Y
  CARTER of Bethel D Y
  CASAVANT of Biddeford D Y
  CEBRA of Naples R Y
  CHASE of Wells R Y
  CLARK of Millinocket D Y
  CLEARY of Houlton D Y
  CONNOR of Kennebunk D X
  CONOVER of Oakland D X
  COTTA of China R Y
  CRAVEN of Androscoggin D Y
  CRAY of Palmyra R Y
  CROCKETT of Augusta D Y
  CROSTHWAITE of Ellsworth R Y
  CUMMINGS of Portland D Y
  CURTIS of Madison R Y
  DILL of Cape Elizabeth D Y
  DRISCOLL of Westbrook D Y
  DUCHESNE of Hudson D Y
  DUNN of Bangor D Y
  DUPREY of Hampden R Y
  EATON of Sullivan D Y
  EBERLE of South Portland D Y
  EDGECOMB of Caribou R Y
  EMERY of Cutler R Y
  FAIRCLOTH of Bangor D Y
  FARRINGTON of Gorham D Y
  FINCH of Fairfield D Y
  FINLEY of Skowhegan R Y
  FISCHER of Presque Isle D Y
  FISHER of Brewer D X
  FITTS of Pittsfield R Y
  FLETCHER of Winslow R Y
  FLOOD of Winthrop R Y
  GERZOFSKY of Cumberland D Y
  GIFFORD of Lincoln R Y
  GILES of Belfast R Y
  GOULD of South Berwick R Y
  GREELEY of Levant R Y
  GROSE of Woolwich D Y
  HAMPER of Oxford R Y
  HANLEY of Gardiner D Y
  HARLOW of Portland D Y
  HASKELL of Portland D Y
  HAYES of Buckfield D Y
  HILL of York D Y
  HINCK of Portland D Y
  HOGAN of Old Orchard Beach D Y
  JACKSON of Aroostook D Y
  JACOBSEN of Waterboro R Y
  JOHNSON of Greenville R Y
  JONES of Mount Vernon D Y
  JOY of Crystal R Y
  KAENRATH of South Portland D Y
  KNIGHT of Livermore Falls R Y
  KOFFMAN of Bar Harbor D Y
  LANSLEY of Sabattus R Y
  LEWIN of Eliot R X
  LUNDEEN of Mars Hill D Y
  MacDONALD of Boothbay D Y
  MAKAS of Lewiston D Y
  MAREAN of Hollis I Y
  MARLEY of Portland D Y
  MAZUREK of Rockland D Y
  McDONOUGH of Scarborough R Y
  McFADDEN of Dennysville R Y
  McKANE of Newcastle R Y
  McLEOD of Lee R Y
  MILLER of Somerville D Y
  MILLETT of Waterford R Y
  MILLS of Farmington D Y
  MIRAMANT of Camden D Y
  MOORE of Standish R X
  MUSE of Fryeburg R X
  NASS of Acton R Y
  NORTON of Bangor D Y
  PATRICK of Rumford D Y
  PENDLETON of Scarborough D Y
  PEOPLES of Westbrook D Y
  PERCY of Phippsburg D Y
  PERRY of Calais D Y
  PIEH of Bremen D Y
  PILON of Saco D Y
  PINEAU of Jay D X
  PINGREE of North Haven D Y
  PINKHAM of Lexington Township R Y
  PIOTTI of Unity D Y
  PLUMMER of Windham R Y
  PRATT of Eddington D X
  PRESCOTT of Topsham R Y
  PRIEST of Brunswick D Y
  RAND of Portland D Y
  RECTOR of Knox R Y
  RICHARDSON of Carmel R Y
  RICHARDSON of Warren R Y
  RINES of Wiscasset D Y
  ROBINSON of Raymond R Y
  ROSEN of Bucksport R X
  SAMSON of Auburn D Y
  SARTY of Denmark R Y
  SAVAGE of Falmouth R Y
  SAVIELLO of Wilton U Y
  SCHATZ of Blue Hill D Y
  SILSBY of Augusta D Y
  SIMPSON of Androscoggin D Y
  SIROIS of Turner D Y
  SMITH of Monmouth D Y
  STRANG BURGESS of Cumberland R Y
  SUTHERLAND of Chapman D Y
  SYKES of Harrison R X
  TARDY of Newport R Y
  THERIAULT of Madawaska D Y
  THIBODEAU of Winterport R X
  THOMAS of Ripley R Y
  TIBBETTS of Columbia R Y
  TREAT of Hallowell D Y
  TRINWARD of Waterville D Y
  TUTTLE of Sanford D Y
  VAUGHAN of Durham R Y
  WAGNER of Lewiston D Y
  WALKER of Lincolnville R Y
  WATSON of Bath D Y
  WEAVER of York R Y
  WEBSTER of Freeport D Y
  WEDDELL of Frankfort D Y
  WHEELER of Kittery D Y
  WOODBURY of Yarmouth U X

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