Maine Revised Statutes

§91. Agricultural Fair Support Fund

1. Fund created.  The Treasurer of State shall establish an account to be known as "the Agricultural Fair Support Fund" and shall credit to it all money received under Title 8, section 1036, subsection 2, paragraph D. The fund is a dedicated, nonlapsing fund. All revenues deposited in the fund must be disbursed in accordance with this section, except that assessments and advances may be withdrawn in accordance with Title 8, section 267-A.
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2. Disbursement.  No later than January 31st of each year, all funds held as of the end of the previous calendar year in the Agricultural Fair Support Fund must be distributed by the Treasurer of State as follows:
A. Thirty-four percent of these funds must be distributed to all commercial tracks as defined in Title 8, section 275-A and to all fair licensees that during the previous year were licensed to and did accept pari-mutuel wagers on harness horse races. These funds must be distributed in the manner prescribed in Title 8, section 298; and [2005, c. 563, §3 (NEW).]
B. Sixty-six percent of these funds must be divided in the following manner. The commissioner may expend annually up to 13% of the funds available under this paragraph for administrative and inspection services provided under this chapter and the remaining funds must be distributed among all fair licensees that were licensed during the previous year. These funds must be distributed to licensees according to the proportions established by section 86, subsection 5 and may be used at the licensee's discretion. To receive distribution under this paragraph, a licensee holding pari-mutuel racing in the previous year must have been in compliance with section 89. [2013, c. 368, Pt. RR, §1 (AMD).]
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