Maine Revised Statutes

§6206-A. Nominations

Prior to taking an action to designate land for negotiation for acquisition, the board shall send by certified mail or otherwise deliver a notice of this intention to the owner or owners of land within the area proposed by the board for acquisition, as the identity and address of such owner or owners is shown on the tax maps or other tax records of the municipality in which the land is located. If the land is located within the unorganized territory, notice must be sent to the owner or owners as shown on the tax maps or other tax records of the State Tax Assessor. After the completion of negotiations, the board shall publish a notice of its intent to designate land for acquisition in a newspaper or newspapers of general circulation that identifies the land proposed by the board for acquisition and that notifies the residents of the area that the board will accept public comments on the proposed acquisition. [1993, c. 728, §9 (AMD).]

Any owner of land that has been nominated for acquisition and is subject to the notice requirements of this section may submit a properly sworn affidavit to the board indicating the owner's unwillingness to sell. The affidavit is notice to the board that continued evaluation of that land is inappropriate and, unless the board intends to acquire an interest in the land through the use of eminent domain pursuant to section 6207-A, the board may not consider that land for acquisition. [1993, c. 728, §9 (AMD).]

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