Maine Revised Statutes

§480-G. Periodic review of delegated authority

If the board finds that a municipality has failed to satisfy one or more of the criteria listed in section 480-F, the board shall notify the municipality accordingly and make recommendations through which it may establish compliance. The municipality may then submit a modified application for approval. [1987, c. 809, §2 (NEW).]

If, at any time, the board determines that a municipality may be failing to exercise its permit- granting authority in accordance with its approval procedures or the purposes of this article, the board shall notify the municipality of the specific alleged deficiencies and shall order a public hearing of which adequate public notice shall be given to be held in the municipality to solicit public or official comment on the alleged deficiencies. Following the hearing, if the board finds such deficiencies, the board shall revoke the municipality's permit-granting authority. The municipality may reapply for authority at any time. [1987, c. 809, §2 (NEW).]

1987, c. 809, §2 (NEW).