Maine Revised Statutes

§447. Functionally water-dependent use zones

Municipalities are encouraged to give preference, when appropriate, to functionally water-dependent uses and may extend zoning controls to accomplish this. [1985, c. 794, Pt. A, §10 (NEW).]

A municipality may, within coastal shoreland areas, adopt zoning ordinances for functionally water-dependent uses. Municipalities may establish districts within these zones to give preference to commercial fishing and other maritime activities. [1985, c. 794, Pt. A, §10 (NEW).]

In creating such a zone, a municipality shall consider the demand for and availability of shorefront property for functionally water-dependent uses. [1985, c. 794, Pt. A, §10 (NEW).]

Zoning ordinances adopted or extended pursuant to this section shall be pursuant to and consistent with a comprehensive plan. [1985, c. 794, Pt. A, §10 (NEW).]

1985, c. 794, §A10 (NEW).