Maine Revised Statutes

§4. Neglecting to remove or replace moorings

In case of the neglect or refusal of the master or owner of any boat or vessel to remove his mooring or to replace it by one of different character, when so directed by the harbor master, that harbor master shall cause the entire mooring to be removed or the buoy removed and the chain dropped to the bottom or shall make such change in the character of the mooring as required, and collect from the master or owner of that boat or vessel the sum of $100 for either of those services rendered and the necessary expenses. [1987, c. 412, §§ 4, 8 (RPR).]

Before removing a mooring or a buoy, a harbor master shall notify the master or owner, if ownership can be determined, by mail at his last known address of the action desired of him, the fact that the mooring will be removed and the fine. If the matter is not settled to his satisfaction within 2 weeks, the harbor master may take the action provided for in this section. [1987, c. 412, §§ 4, 8 (NEW).]

1987, c. 412, §§4,8 (RPR).