Maine Revised Statutes

§1319-D. Maine Hazardous Waste Fund

The Maine Hazardous Waste Fund is established to be used by the department as a nonlapsing, revolving fund for carrying out the department's responsibilities under this subchapter and subchapter III. All fees, penalties, interest and other charges under this subchapter must be credited to this fund. This fund must be charged with the expenses of the department related to this subchapter and subchapter III, including costs of removal or abatement of discharges and costs of the inspection or supervision of hazardous waste activities and hazardous waste handlers. [2001, c. 212, §6 (AMD).]

Money in the fund not currently needed to meet the obligations of the department in the exercise of its responsibilities for hazardous waste management shall be deposited with the Treasurer of State to the credit of the fund and may be invested as provided by statute. Interest received on that investment shall be credited to the fund. [1981, c. 478, §7 (NEW).]

The commissioner shall submit budget recommendations for disbursements from the fund in accordance with section 1319-E, subsection 1, paragraphs C and E for each biennium. The budget must be submitted as part of the unified current services budget legislation in accordance with Title 5, sections 1663 to 1666. The State Controller shall authorize expenditures therefrom as approved by the commissioner. Expenditures pursuant to section 1319-E, subsection 1, paragraphs A and D may be made as authorized by the State Controller following approval by the commissioner. [1997, c. 424, Pt. B, §10 (AMD).]

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