Maine Revised Statutes

35-A §3201. Definitions
35-A §3202. Retail access; deregulation
35-A §3203. Licensing of competitive electricity providers; consumer protections; enforcement
35-A §3204. Divestiture of generation
35-A §3205. Marketing; large utilities
35-A §3206. Marketing; small utilities
35-A §3206-A. Marketing; investor-owned utilities; penalties
35-A §3207. Marketing; consumer-owned utilities
35-A §3208. Stranded cost recovery
35-A §3209. Rate design
35-A §3209-A. Net energy billing
35-A §3210. Renewable resources
35-A §3210-A. Small generator aggregation
35-A §3210-B. Electric utility and conservation benefits (REPEALED)
35-A §3210-C. Capacity resource adequacy
35-A §3210-D. Resource plan
35-A §3210-E. Electric utility and conservation benefits (WHOLE SECTION TEXT EFFECTIVE UNTIL 12/31/28) (WHOLE SECTION TEXT REPEALED 12/31/28)
35-A §3210-F. Allocation of costs and benefits of long-term energy contracts
35-A §3211. Conservation programs (REPEALED)
35-A §3211-A. Conservation programs (REPEALED)
35-A §3211-B. Additional energy conservation programs (REPEALED)
35-A §3211-C. Solar and wind energy rebate program; fund (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 35-A, SECTION 3211-B) (REPEALED)
35-A §3212. Standard offer
35-A §3212-A. Green power options (WHOLE SECTION TEXT EFFECTIVE UNITL 12/31/15) (WHOLE SECTION TEXT REPEALED 12/31/15)
35-A §3213. Bill unbundling; consumer education (REPEALED)
35-A §3214. Needs-based low-income assistance
35-A §3215. Commission authority and responsibility
35-A §3216. Transition; utility employees (REPEALED)
35-A §3217. Reports