Maine Revised Statutes

§658. Recording of releases or waivers of conditions

Whenever land has been lotted in accordance with section 657 and lots described therein have been conveyed by deeds of conveyance containing one or more uniform conditions which restrict the full and unqualified enjoyment of the right or estate granted, the grantor may subsequently by a writing under seal and by the grantor signed and acknowledged and recorded in the registry of deeds for the county or registry district in which the land lies, release and waive one or more of such conditions by reference to lot numbers, block numbers, section numbers or other apt description. Such release and waiver need not state a consideration and need not contain the names of the grantees or present owners of the respective parcels. Such release and waiver shall thereafter accrue to the respective individual benefit of the owners of the parcels described in such release and waiver and may be used by them as a bar to any action by the said grantor for breach of any such condition thus released and waived. Such writing shall not in any way affect or impair like conditions in respect to other deeds of lots shown on such plans and not included in such release and waiver, and such writing shall not in any way affect or impair other conditions contained in deeds of the parcels referred to in such release and waiver.