Maine Revised Statutes

§63. Vacancies during other times

When no choice is effected or a vacancy happens in the office of county commissioner by death, resignation, removal from the county, permanent incapacity or for any other reason, the Governor shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy. That person shall hold office until the first day of January following the next biennial election at which a person is elected to fill the office. [1995, c. 683, §4 (AMD).]

In the case of a vacancy in the term of a commissioner who was nominated by primary election before the general election, the commissioner appointed by the Governor must be enrolled in the same political party as the commissioner whose term is vacant. In making the appointment, the Governor shall choose from any recommendations submitted by the county committee of the political party from which the appointment is to be made. [1995, c. 245, §3 (AMD).]

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