Maine Revised Statutes

§253. Military or naval service; substitutes

Whenever a district attorney during the district attorney's term of office in time of war, contemplated war or emergency, enlists, enrolls, is called or drafted into the military service of the United States, that district attorney is not deemed to have thereby resigned from or abandoned the office; nor is the district attorney removable from that office during military service except that the term of office may not be held to have been lengthened because of this section. From the time of induction into service, the district attorney is regarded as on leave of absence without pay from the office and the Governor shall appoint a competent attorney, a resident of the same prosecutorial district, to fill the office while the district attorney is in the federal service, but not for a longer period than the remaining portion of the district attorney's term. During the period of military or naval service, the Treasurer of State shall pay to the substitute attorney a salary at the same rate as the rate of pay of the district attorney and amounts so paid shall be deducted from the salary of the district attorney. The attorney so appointed to fill the temporary vacancy has the title of "substitute district attorney" and possesses all the rights and powers and is subject to all the duties and obligations of the district attorney. [1987, c. 737, Pt. A, §2 (NEW); 1987, c. 737, Pt. C, §106 (NEW); 1989, c. 6, (AMD); 1989, c. 9, §2 (AMD); 1989, c. 104, Pt. C, §§8, 10 (AMD).]

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