Maine Revised Statutes

§72. Annual appropriation


An annual appropriation shall be made for the conservation and preservation of historically significant Maine State Library research material. [2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL).]

1. Annual grants.  Annual grants may be made to libraries and agencies for the purpose of conservation or preservation of unique library research materials. Projects proposals shall be evaluated based upon factors, including, but not limited to:
A. Institution commitment to development of a coordinated approach to conservation and preservation of research materials important to the State; [2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL).]
B. Research value of the materials; [2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL).]
C. Appropriateness of conservation and preservation methods; [2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL).]
D. Institutional capacity for successful maintenance of research materials, including facilities, experience and technical expertise; [2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL).]
E. Availability of staff with appropriate training and expertise; [2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL).]
F. Volume of interlibrary lending and accessibility of collections to the public; and [RR 2015, c. 1, §32 (COR).]
G. Contribution of the institution to the grant project in matching funds. [2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL).]
[ RR 2015, c. 1, §32 (COR) .]
2. Approval of grants.  The Maine Library Commission shall approve grants with the advice of the State Librarian.
[ 2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL) .]
3. Proposals.  Agencies and libraries applying for grants shall submit project proposals in a form prescribed by the Maine State Library.
[ 2003, c. 688, Pt. A, §30 (RAL) .]
2003, c. 688, §A30 (RAL). RR 2015, c. 1, §32 (COR).