Maine Revised Statutes

§555. Duties

The duties and functions of the council are limited to the following: [1989, c. 700, Pt. B, §42 (NEW).]

1. Coordination of budget requests.  To receive budget requests from each of the cultural agencies and to coordinate the budget plans for submission to the Bureau of the Budget;
[ 1989, c. 700, Pt. B, §42 (NEW) .]
2. Forum for interagency planning.  To provide a forum for interagency cooperation and planning;
[ 1989, c. 700, Pt. B, §42 (NEW) .]
3. Liaison.  To serve as the principal liaison for distribution of agency-wide notices and instructions from other governmental administrative agencies;
[ 1989, c. 700, Pt. B, §42 (NEW) .]
4. Prepare annual report.  To coordinate the preparation of an annual report and other joint planning documents of the 7 cultural agencies;
[ 1999, c. 573, §4 (AMD) .]
5. Statewide cultural planning.  To meet jointly and at least annually with the directors of the Maine State Film Commission and the State Law Library and others as considered appropriate for the purpose of exchanging information and coordinating statewide cultural planning; and
[ 1999, c. 573, §4 (AMD) .]
6. New Century Community Program Fund.  To administer the New Century Community Program Fund. The New Century Community Program Fund is established as a nonlapsing account to assist in carrying out the purposes of section 558. The Maine State Cultural Affairs Council may accept and expend money on behalf of the fund from public and private sources.
[ 2001, c. 439, Pt. DDDD, §1 (AMD) .]
1989, c. 700, §B42 (NEW). 1999, c. 573, §§4,5 (AMD). 2001, c. 439, §DDDD1 (AMD).