Maine Revised Statutes

§453. Expenditure for and location of art

1. Amount; gifts and donations.  A contracting agency, except a school administrative unit, shall expend out of money appropriated or allocated by the Legislature for the construction of a public building or facility, except for a correctional facility, a minimum amount of 1% of the construction portion of the appropriation or allocation, for the purpose of acquiring, transporting and installing works of art. School units that have decided to participate in the Percent for Art Program shall expend a minimum amount of 1% of the cost of the eligible school construction project or of any building or facility that is part of an eligible project or $50,000, whichever is less.
Donations and gifts to the contracting agency may be used to offset the minimum amount identified in this subsection. The value of works of art received as a donation or a gift must be determined by the commission.
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2. Location of works of art.  Works of art may be included as an integral part of the structure of the building or facility, may be attached to the structure or may be detached within or outside of the structure.
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