Maine Revised Statutes

§371. Statement of policy

The Legislature, in recognizing the importance of Maine's cultural heritage of the distant past to our understanding of Maine's people, declares that it is the policy of this State to preserve and protect archaeological sites for proper excavation and interpretation. [1981, c. 55, §2 (NEW).]

It is in the public interest to provide for the preservation and interpretation of archaeological artifacts and specimens for the benefit of the people of the State. In order to ensure proper preservation and interpretation of artifacts, specimens and materials which are found on, in or beneath state-controlled lands, it is in the public interest that a single state department be designated to hold title, as trustee for the State, to all such artifacts, specimens and materials, except as may be authorized by section 376. [1981, c. 55, §2 (RPR).]

The State Museum is best qualified to assume that trusteeship by virtue of the fact that its facilities are intended to function primarily for the purpose of preserving and interpreting artifacts, specimens and materials as defined within this subchapter. [1989, c. 700, Pt. A, §110 (AMD).]

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