Maine Revised Statutes

§36. Advice to local libraries; gifts; schools of library instruction

The Maine State Library shall give advice to all school, state, institutional and public libraries, and to all communities in the State that may propose to establish libraries, as to the best means of establishing and administering the libraries, selecting and cataloging books and other details of library management, and may send its employees to aid in organizing such libraries or assist in the improvement of those already established. The Maine State Library shall formulate and present to the Legislature a plan for statewide library development and the Maine State Library is designated as the agency for the administration of the plan and is granted the authority to administer the plan on behalf of the State. The Maine State Library may receive gifts of money, books or other property that may be used or held in trust for the purpose or purposes given. The Maine State Library may establish an endowment fund. Any funds, if given as an endowment, must be invested by the Treasurer of State according to the laws governing the investment of trust funds. The Maine State Library may publish lists and circulars of information and may cooperate with the libraries and commissions of other states in the publication of documents in order to secure the most economical administration of its work. The Maine State Library may conduct courses or schools of library instruction and hold librarians' institutes in various parts of the State, and cooperate with others in those schools or institutes. The Maine State Library shall perform such other library service as the Maine State Library may consider for the best interests of the citizens of the State. [1991, c. 622, Pt. V, §1 (AMD).]

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