Maine Revised Statutes

§2. Contents; exchange

1. Library contents.  The State Librarian shall procure and keep in the State Library the following:
A. Histories of this State, its counties and its towns; [1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §185 (NEW).]
B. Histories of all countries; [1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §185 (NEW).]
C. Family histories; [1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §185 (NEW).]
D. Works on the arts and sciences, with special reference to agriculture, forestry, fishing, manufacturers, shipbuilding and road making; [1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §185 (NEW).]
E. Maps, charts, plans, manuscripts and statistical and other publications relating to the financial, social, religious and educational condition of this State and then of the world as fast as the State furnishes the necessary means; [1979, c. 571, Pt. A, §185 (NEW).]
F. Full and complete sets of all the documents printed by the State; and [1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §185 (NEW).]
G. Full and complete sets of the reports of the towns, cities and counties of this State. [1979, c. 571, Pt. A, §185 (NEW).]
[ 1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §185 (NEW) .]
2. Exchanges.  For the purpose of carrying out this section, the State Librarian shall be empowered to provide the following:
A. Conduct a system of exchanges with other libraries and institutions of learning; and [1985, c. 499, (NEW).]
B. Provide a service which will collect state and national educational research and resources to be made available to all State educators and citizens. [1985, c. 499, (NEW).]
[ 1985, c. 499, (RPR) .]
1971, c. 480, §5 (AMD). 1979, c. 541, §A185 (RPR). 1985, c. 499, (AMD).