Maine Revised Statutes

§146. Library agreements -- Article VI

1. Library agreements.  In order to provide for any joint or cooperative undertaking pursuant to this compact, public and private library agencies may enter into library agreements. Any agreement executed pursuant to the provisions of this compact shall, as among the parties to the agreement:
A. Detail the specific nature of the services, programs, facilities, arrangements or properties to which it is applicable.
B. Provide for the allocation of costs and other financial responsibilities.
C. Specify the respective rights, duties, obligations and liabilities of the parties.
D. Set forth the terms and conditions for duration, renewal, termination, abrogation, disposal of joint or common property, if any, and all other matters which may be appropriate to the proper effectuation and performance of the agreement.
2. Prohibited powers.  No public or private library agency shall undertake to exercise itself, or jointly with any other library agency, by means of a library agreement any power prohibited to such agency by the constitution or statutes of its state.
3. Effective date of agreement.  No library agreement shall become effective until filed with the compact administrator of each state involved, and approved in accordance with Article VII of this compact.