Maine Revised Statutes

§143. Interstate library districts -- Article III

1. Interstate library districts.  Any one or more public library agencies in a party state in cooperation with any public library agency or agencies in one or more other party states may establish and maintain an interstate library district. Subject to this compact and any other laws of the party states which pursuant hereto remain applicable, such district may establish, maintain and operate some or all of the library facilities and services for the area concerned in accordance with the terms of a library agreement therefor. Any private library agency or agencies within an interstate library district may cooperate therewith, assume duties, responsibilities and obligations thereto, and receive benefits therefrom as provided in any library agreement to which such agency or agencies become party.
2. Joint undertakings.  Within an interstate library district, and as provided by a library agreement, the performance of library functions may be undertaken on a joint or cooperative basis or may be undertaken by means of one or more arrangements between or among public or private library agencies for the extension of library privileges to the use of facilities or services operated or rendered by one or more of the individual library agencies.
3. Powers.  If a library agreement provides for joint establishment, maintenance or operation of library facilities or services by an interstate library district, such district shall have power to do any one or more of the following in accordance with such library agreement:
A. Undertake, administer and participate in programs or arrangements for securing, lending or servicing of books and other publications, any other materials suitable to be kept or made available by libraries, library equipment or for the dissemination of information about libraries, the value and significance of particular items therein, and the use thereof.
B. Accept for any of its purposes under this compact any and all donations, and grants of money, equipment, supplies, materials, and services, conditional or otherwise, from any state or the United States or any subdivision or agency thereof, or interstate agency, or from any institution, person, firm or corporation, and receive, utilize and dispose of the same.
C. Operate mobile library units or equipment for the purpose of rendering bookmobile service within the district.
D. Employ professional, technical, clerical and other personnel and fix terms of employment, compensation and other appropriate benefits; and where desirable, provide for the in-service training of such personnel.
E. Sue and be sued in any court of competent jurisdiction.
F. Acquire, hold and dispose of any real or personal property or any interest or interests therein as may be appropriate to the rendering of library service.
G. Construct, maintain and operate a library, including any appropriate branches thereof.
H. Do such other things as may be incidental to or appropriate for the carrying out of any of the foregoing powers.