Maine Revised Statutes

§2923-A. Requirements of municipalities

Each municipality that does not have a public safety answering point shall contract with an entity that does have a public safety answering point, which may be the department, for receiving 9-1-1 calls and, as appropriate, directly dispatching emergency services or, through transfer routing or relay routing, passing 9-1-1 calls to public or private safety agencies that dispatch emergency services. If a municipality without a public safety answering point does not enter into such an agreement, the department shall serve as the public safety answering point for that municipality and the municipality shall pay the department for the provision of those services. Fees received by the department pursuant to this section must be deposited in the Consolidated Emergency Communications Fund established in section 1534. If a fee assessed to a municipality for services provided pursuant to an agreement under this section or by the department is based in whole or in part on population, the population of the municipality may not include persons held at a correctional facility, as defined in Title 34-A, section 1001, subsection 6, within the municipality. [2011, c. 505, §3 (AMD).]

2007, c. 622, §2 (NEW). 2011, c. 505, §3 (AMD).