Maine Revised Statutes

§2351-A. Building official; compensation; deputy

In every town and city of more than 2,000 inhabitants, and in every town of 2,000 inhabitants or less, if such a town so votes at a town meeting, and in each village corporation, if such a corporation so votes at the annual meeting of the corporation, the municipal officers shall annually in the month of April appoint a building official and shall determine the building official's compensation. If a building official is appointed by a municipality that has adopted or is enforcing the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code or a portion of the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code pursuant to Title 10, section 9724, that building official must be certified in building standards pursuant to Title 30-A, section 4451, subsection 2-A, paragraph E. Whenever the building official becomes incapacitated, the municipal officers may appoint or authorize the building official to appoint a deputy building official, who shall serve until removed by the municipal officers, but in no event beyond the term for which the building official was appointed. The deputy building official shall perform such duties as may be required of the deputy building official by the building official. The compensation of the deputy building official is determined by the municipal officers. [2011, c. 582, §3 (AMD).]

2009, c. 261, Pt. B, §2 (NEW). 2011, c. 582, §3 (AMD).