Maine Revised Statutes

§1504. Salaries and compensations; oath; not to receive fees

The Governor shall determine the salary of the chief and deputy chief. The compensation of the other members of the State Police shall be determined under the Civil Service Law. [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §109 (AMD).]

Before entering upon the duties of their office they shall be sworn.

No inspector or member of the State Police shall receive any fee as a complainant or witness, in any civil violation or criminal proceeding, or for making an arrest, except that whenever members of the State Police are required by any court or prosecuting official to be in attendance in any proceeding as a complainant or a witness at times other than regular working hours, such members shall receive compensation on an hourly basis equal to their current hourly wage. Such compensation shall be made to the members from the salary account of the State Police with reimbursement to the State Police from the General Fund for appearances before the District Court and from the respective county treasurer for appearances before the Superior Court. Whenever any fines or penalties are imposed by any court other than the District Court in any proceeding in which a member of the State Police is a complainant or a witness, said court may tax costs for such complainant or witness in the usual manner. [1975, c. 770, §109 (AMD).]

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