Maine Revised Statutes

25 §2801. Maine Criminal Justice Academy; purpose
25 §2801-A. Definitions
25 §2801-B. Application of chapter; exemption
25 §2802. Board of trustees
25 §2803. Powers and duties (REPEALED)
25 §2803-A. Powers and duties of the board of trustees
25 §2803-B. Requirements of law enforcement agencies
25 §2803-C. Penalty
25 §2803-D. Certificate admissible
25 §2804. Meetings
25 §2804-A. Director; appointment; powers and duties
25 §2804-B. Preservice law enforcement training
25 §2804-C. Basic law enforcement training; core curriculum requirements
25 §2804-D. Basic corrections training
25 §2804-E. In-service law enforcement training
25 §2804-F. In-service corrections training
25 §2804-G. Qualifications
25 §2804-H. Continuing certification
25 §2804-I. Law enforcement training for harbor masters and municipal shellfish conservation wardens
25 §2804-J. Law enforcement training for police officers of the Bureau of Capitol Police
25 §2804-K. Law enforcement training for judicial marshals
25 §2805. Qualifications (REPEALED)
25 §2805-A. Standards for reserve and other part-time law enforcement officers (REPEALED)
25 §2805-B. Employment and training records
25 §2805-C. Complaint review committee
25 §2806. Enforcement provision (REPEALED)
25 §2806-A. Disciplinary sanctions
25 §2807. Reports of conviction or misconduct by certificate holder
25 §2808. Sharing of training costs
25 §2808-A. Sharing of training costs for corrections officers
25 §2809. Report to Legislature