Maine Revised Statutes

§2902. Statute of limitations for health care providers and health care practitioners excluding claims based on sexual acts

Except as provided in section 2902-B, actions for professional negligence must be commenced within 3 years after the cause of action accrues. For the purposes of this section, a cause of action accrues on the date of the act or omission giving rise to the injury. Notwithstanding the provisions of Title 14, section 853, relating to minority, actions for professional negligence by a minor must be commenced within 6 years after the cause of action accrues or within 3 years after the minor reaches the age of majority, whichever first occurs. This section does not apply when the cause of action is based upon the leaving of a foreign object in the body, in which case the cause of action accrues when the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered the harm. For the purposes of this section, the term "foreign object" does not include a chemical compound, prosthetic aid or object intentionally implanted or permitted to remain in the patient's body as a part of the health care or professional services. [2013, c. 329, §2 (AMD).]

If the provision in this section reducing the time allowed for a minor to bring a claim is found to be void or otherwise invalidated by a court of proper jurisdiction, the statute of limitations for professional negligence is 2 years after the cause of action accrues, except that no claim brought under the 3-year statute may be extinguished by the operation of this paragraph. [2013, c. 329, §2 (AMD).]

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