Maine Revised Statutes

§220. Investigation of violations

1. Discretionary investigations.  In addition to examinations and investigations expressly authorized, the superintendent may conduct investigations of insurance matters as the superintendent considers proper upon reasonable cause to determine whether any person has violated any provision of this Title or to secure information useful in the lawful administration of any such provision. The cost of these investigations must be borne by the State.
[ 1991, c. 26, (NEW) .]
2. Response to inquiries.  All insurers and other persons required to be licensed pursuant to this Title shall respond to all lawful inquiries of the superintendent that relate to resolution of consumer complaints involving the licensee within 14 days of receipt of the inquiry and to all other lawful inquiries of the superintendent within 30 days of receipt. If a substantive response can not in good faith be provided within the time period, the person required to respond shall so advise the superintendent and provide the reason for the inability to respond.
[ 1991, c. 26, (NEW) .]
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