Maine Revised Statutes

§8615. Palliative care initiatives

To the extent allowed by available resources, the council shall establish a palliative care consumer and professional information and education program to maximize the effectiveness of palliative care initiatives by ensuring that comprehensive and accurate information and education are available to the public, health care providers and health care facilities. The council shall publish and maintain on a publicly accessible website information and resources related to palliative care, including, but not limited to, links to external resources, continuing professional education opportunities, delivery of palliative care in the home and in primary, secondary and tertiary care environments, best practices for palliative care delivery and consumer educational materials and referral information for palliative care, including hospice care. The council may develop and implement other initiatives regarding palliative care services and education as it determines to be appropriate. The council may seek and accept funding to cover the costs of the Palliative Care and Quality of Life Interdisciplinary Advisory Council under section 1726. In performing its work under this section, the council shall consult with the Palliative Care and Quality of Life Interdisciplinary Advisory Council. [2015, c. 203, §3 (NEW).]

2015, c. 203, §3 (NEW).