Maine Revised Statutes

§824. Confidentiality

Any person who receives information pursuant to this chapter shall treat as confidential the names of individuals having or suspected of having a notifiable disease or condition, as well as any other information that may identify those individuals. This information may be released to the department for adult or child protection purposes in accordance with chapters 958-A and 1071, or to other public health officials, agents or agencies or to officials of a school where a child is enrolled, for public health purposes, but that release of information must be made in accordance with Title 5, chapter 501, where applicable. In the event of an actual or threatened epidemic or outbreak or public health threat or emergency, as declared by the Director of the Bureau of Health, the information may also be released to private health care providers and health and human services agencies for the purpose of carrying out public health functions as authorized by this chapter. Information not reasonably required for the purposes of this section may not be released. All information submitted pursuant to this chapter that does not name or otherwise identify individuals having or suspected of having a notifiable disease or condition may be made available to the public at the sole discretion of the department. [2005, c. 383, §19 (AMD).]

Any person receiving a disclosure of identifying information pursuant to this chapter may not further disclose this information without the consent of the infected person. [1989, c. 487, §11 (NEW).]

1989, c. 487, §11 (NEW). 2005, c. 383, §19 (AMD).