Maine Revised Statutes

§807. Control of communicable diseases

The department may establish procedures for agents of the department to use in the detection, contacting, education, counseling and treatment of individuals having or reasonably believed to have a communicable disease. The procedures shall be adopted in accordance with the requirements of this chapter and with the rules adopted under section 802. [1989, c. 487, §11 (NEW).]

For purposes of carrying out this chapter, the department may designate facilities and private homes for the confinement and treatment of infected persons posing a public health threat. The department may designate any such facility in any hospital or other public or private institution, other than a jail or correctional facility. Designated institutions must have necessary clinic, hospital or confinement facilities as may be required by the department. The department may enter into arrangements for the conduct of these facilities with public officials or persons, associations or corporations in charge of or maintaining and operating these institutions. [2005, c. 383, §11 (AMD).]

1989, c. 487, §11 (NEW). 2005, c. 383, §11 (AMD).