Maine Revised Statutes

§757. Other responsibilities and activities -- Article VII

Nothing in this compact shall be construed to: [1967, c. 226, (NEW).]

1. Protection program.  Authorize or permit any party state to curtail or diminish its radiation protection program, equipment, services or facilities.
[ 1967, c. 226, (NEW) .]
2. Health protection.  Limit or restrict the powers of any state ratifying the same to provide for the radiological health protection of the public and individuals, or to prohibit the enactment or enforcement of state laws, rules or regulations intended to provide for such radiological health protection.
[ 1967, c. 226, (NEW) .]
3. Existing arrangements.  Affect any existing or future cooperative relationship or arrangement between Federal, State or local governments and a party state or states.
[ 1967, c. 226, (NEW) .]
1967, c. 226, (NEW).