Maine Revised Statutes

§755. Facilities, equipment and personnel -- Article V

Whenever a department, agency or officer of a party state responsible for and having control of facilities or equipment designed for or useful in radiation control, radiation research, or any other phase of a radiological health program or programs, determines that such a facility or item of equipment is not being used to its full capacity by such party state, or that temporarily it is not needed for current use by such state, a department, agency or officer may, upon request of an appropriate department, agency or officer of another party state, make such facility or item of equipment available for use by such requesting department, agency or officer. Unless otherwise required by law, the availability and use resulting therefrom may be with or without charge, at the discretion of the lending department, agency or officer. [1967, c. 226, (NEW).]

Any personal property made available pursuant to this section may be removed to the requesting state, but no such property shall be made available, except for a specified period and pursuant to written agreement. Except when necessary to meet an emergency, no supplies or materials intended to be consumed prior to return shall be made available pursuant to this section. [1967, c. 226, (NEW).]

In recognition of the mutual benefits, in addition to those resulting from Article IV, accruing to the party states from the existence and flexible use of professional or technical personnel having special skills or training related to radiation protection, such personnel may be made available to a party state by appropriate departments, agencies and officers of other party states, provided that the borrower reimburses such party state regularly employing the personnel in question for any cost of making such personnel available, including a prorated share of the salary or other compensation of the personnel involved. [1967, c. 226, (NEW).]

Nothing in this Article shall be construed to limit or to modify in any way Article IV of this compact. [1967, c. 226, (NEW).]

1967, c. 226, (NEW).