Maine Revised Statutes

§753. Duties of states -- Article III

1. Plan.  It shall be the duty of each party state to formulate and put into effect an intrastate radiation incident plan which is compatible with the interstate radiation incident plan formulated pursuant to this compact.
[ 1967, c. 226, (NEW) .]
2. Aid.  Whenever the compact administrator of a party state requests aid from the compact administrator of any other party state pursuant to this compact, it shall be the duty of the requested state to render all possible aid to the requesting state which is consonant with the maintenance of protection of its own people. The compact administrator of a party state may delegate any or all of his authority to request aid or respond to requests for aid pursuant to this compact to one or more subordinates, in order that requests for aid and responses thereto shall not be impeded by reason of the absence of unavailability of the compact administrator. Any compact administrator making such a delegation shall inform all the other compact administrators thereof, and shall inform them of the identity of the subordinate or subordinates to whom the delegation has been made.
[ 1967, c. 226, (NEW) .]
3. Personnel and equipment.  Each party state shall maintain adequate radiation protection personnel and equipment to meet normal demands for radiation protection within its borders.
[ 1967, c. 226, (NEW) .]
1967, c. 226, (NEW).