Maine Revised Statutes

§7311. Program established

By July 1, 2010, the department shall establish a coordinated program, referred to in this chapter as "the program," of in-home and community support services that are available under state-funded and MaineCare-funded programs for adults with long-term care needs who are eligible for services from qualified providers pursuant to this subtitle. The program must have a unified system for intake and eligibility determination for all consumers, regardless of diagnosis, type of disability or demographic factors, including age, using the multidisciplinary teams pursuant to section 7323, consumer assessment and the development of plans of care that take into consideration the consumer's living arrangement, informal supports and services provided by other public or private funding sources to ensure nonduplication of services for consumers. [2009, c. 279, §4 (NEW).]

2009, c. 279, §4 (NEW).