Maine Revised Statutes

§668. Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility Oversight Fund

The Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility Oversight Fund, referred to in this section as "the fund," is established as a nonlapsing fund within the radiation control program in the department. All fees paid under this subchapter are collected by the department for deposit in the fund. The Radiation Control Program shall oversee the fund and may disburse amounts in the fund to agencies or to other appropriate state funds in order to pay or contribute to the payment of costs incurred by agencies with respect to federal or state proceedings; safety, radiation and environmental monitoring; and security or other oversight-related activities related to the decommissioning of a nuclear power plant or the development or operation of an interim spent fuel storage facility in this State. The State Nuclear Safety Inspector shall keep an annual accounting of all funds received by the fund and all disbursements from the fund and shall make a report of this accounting to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over utilities and energy matters by the first Monday in February of each year. [2007, c. 539, Pt. KK, §6 (NEW).]

2007, c. 539, Pt. KK, §6 (NEW).