Maine Revised Statutes

§5309. Director

The bureau is administered by a director. [2007, c. 539, Pt. N, §40 (AMD).]

The director shall be a person qualified by training and experience with human services or by satisfactory experience of a comparable nature in the direction, organization and administration of public or private human services. The director shall be immediately and fully responsible to the commissioner and shall not be partially or indirectly responsible to any other official of the department. [1973, c. 793, §12 (NEW).]

The director shall serve full time in a position that is separate from and not integrated in any way with another position in the department. He shall not concurrently hold another title and shall perform duties solely germane to the powers and duties pursuant to this Part and Part 2. [1973, c. 793, §12 (NEW).]

The director shall possess full authority and responsibility for administering all the powers and duties of the bureau provided in section 5310, subject to the direction of the commissioner, and with the advice of the council pursuant to section 5316, and the advice of the Maine Committee on Aging pursuant to section 5112, subsection 3, and except as otherwise provided in section 6108. [1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §156 (AMD).]

The director shall assume and discharge all responsibilities vested in the bureau. He shall not in any case assign to another unit of the department which is not responsible to him any power or duty granted to the bureau by statute, or by rules, regulations or procedures adopted pursuant to this Part and Part 2. [1973, c. 793, §12 (NEW).]

The director may employ, subject to the Civil Service Law and within the limits of available funds, competent professional personnel and other staff necessary to carry out the purposes of this Part and Part 2. He shall prescribe the duties of the staff and assign a sufficient number of staff full time to the bureau to achieve its powers and duties. Regarding the provision of human services by the bureau directly to eligible people, the director may arrange to house staff or assign staff who are responsible to him to regional or other units of the department or State Government. Regarding the development, execution and monitoring of agreements, the director shall not house nor assign staff to any other unit of the department or State Government. Such staff shall report solely and directly to him. The director shall assign staff to the council as provided in sections 5305 and 5315. [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §97 (AMD).]

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