Maine Revised Statutes

§4312. Unorganized territory

Residents of the unorganized territory shall be eligible for general assistance in the same manner as provided in this chapter. The commissioner shall establish standards of eligibility for the unorganized territory and shall have the same responsibilities with regard to the unorganized territory as apply to overseers in a municipality. The commissioner may appoint agents to administer the general assistance program within the unorganized territory. All costs of providing general assistance in the unorganized territory shall be charged to the Unorganized Territory Education and Services Fund established under Title 36, chapter 115, except that costs which the State would reimburse under section 4311, if the unorganized territory were a municipality, shall be paid by the General Fund. [1985, c. 459, Pt. B, §1 (RPR).]

1983, c. 577, §1 (NEW). 1985, c. 459, §B1 (RPR).