Maine Revised Statutes

§4015. Privileged or confidential communications

The husband-wife and physician and psychotherapist-patient privileges under the Maine Rules of Evidence and the confidential quality of communication under Title 16, section 53-B; Title 20-A, sections 4008 and 6001, to the extent allowed by applicable federal law; Title 24-A, section 4224; Title 32, sections 7005 and 18393; and Title 34-B, section 1207, are abrogated in relation to required reporting, cooperating with the department or a guardian ad litem in an investigation or other child protective activity or giving evidence in a child protection proceeding. Information released to the department pursuant to this section must be kept confidential and may not be disclosed by the department except as provided in section 4008. [2015, c. 429, §7 (AMD).]

Statements made to a licensed mental health professional in the course of counseling, therapy or evaluation where the privilege is abrogated under this section may not be used against the client in a criminal proceeding. Nothing in this section may limit any responsibilities of the professional pursuant to this Act. [2001, c. 696, §22 (AMD).]

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